Alliance and Suicide Prevention Lab

Thesis & Dissertation Projects

Maureen Monahan, M.A. (Incoming Class of 2014)
Thesis: Understanding Therapists—Work with Suicidal Patients: An Examination of Qualitative Data | Abstract
Dissertation: Title To Be Determined | Abstract

Renee Brown Hangartner, M.A. (Incoming Class of 2009)
Thesis: The Association between Sexual Harassment and Suicidality Among College Women | Abstract
Dissertation: Examining the Effect of Context on Responses to Social Interactions (In Progress)| Abstract

Lindsey Steding, M.A. (Incoming Class of 2009)
Dissertation: The Relationship of Attributions and Parental Characteristics with Parent’s Problem Recognition | Abstract

Jason Chen, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2009)
Thesis: The influence of campus culture on mental health help-seeking intentions | Abstract
Dissertation: The Role of Threat-based Beliefs in Mental Health Help-Seeking Processes | Abstract

Brittany Jordan-Arthur, M.A. (Incoming Class of 2010)
Thesis: Equifinality and multifinality in pyschopathology: Can cognitive and emotional processes differentiate internalizing, externalizing, and co-occurring psychopathology | Abstract
Dissertation: The Role of Fathers in Behavioral Parent Training: an Exploration of Parent-Related Factors in Parent and Child Treatment Outcomes| Abstract

Alex De Nadai, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2009)
Thesis: Alliance and Medication Adherence in Pediatric Psychiatric Practice | Abstract
Dissertation: Psychosocial Mechanisms of Outcome in Pediatric Psychiatry | Abstract

Christa D. Labouliere, Ph.D (Incoming Class of 2006)
Thesis: The spectrum of self-harm in college undergraduates: the intersection of maladaptive coping and emotion disregulation | Abstract
Dissertation: The role of acquired capability as a differentially-specific risk factor for disordered eating and problematic alcohol use in female college students: A measure development and validation study | Abstract

Meredith Elzy, Ph.D (Incoming Class of 2006)
Thesis: Exploring the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and borderline personality features using social support as a moderating factor | Abstract
Dissertation: Emotional Invalidation: An investigation into its definition, measurement, and effects | Abstract

Sarah J. Tarquini, Ph. D (Incoming Class of 2004)
Dissertation: Predictions of Peer Referral Intentions for Individuals at Risk for Suicide Related Behavior: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior | Abstract

Nicole Caporino, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2003)
Thesis: The acceptability of treatments for adolescent depression to a multi-ethnic sample of girls | Abstract
Dissertation: A Structural Equation Analysis of Family Accommodation in Pediatric Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Abstract

Jessica Handelsman, Ph.D (Incoming Class of 2002)
Thesis: Linking pretreatment therapist characteristics to the therapeutic alliance in youth treatment : an examination of professional burnout, counseling self-efficacy and gender role orientation | Abstract
Dissertation: The relationships between individual characteristics, work factors, and emotional labor strategies in the prediction of burnout among mental health service providers | Abstract

Sherecce Fields, Ph. D (Incoming Class of 2001)
Thesis: Assessor effects on the evaluation of the WISC-III | Abstract
Dissertation: The role of the theory of planned behavior in therapists' involvement of parents in youth treatment | Abstract

Christine M. W. Totura, Ph. D (Incoming Class of 2000)
Thesis: Bullying and victimization in middle school: The role of individual characteristics, family functioning, and school contexts | Abstract
Dissertation: Victimization and academic achievement at school: the role of psychosocial mediators and moderators | Abstract

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Projects

Ryan Lerch (Graduating Class of 2017)
Thesis: Predicting Hopelessness: How Thinking About Our Future Impacts Our Present | Abstract

Gabriela Romero, B.A. and Anabelle Ornelas, B.A. (Graduating Class of 2012)
Thesis: Distinguishing types of knowledge and the relationship to behavioral intentions in a student gatekeeper suicide prevention program | Abstract

Deborah Ojeda, B.A. (Graduating Class of 2011)
Thesis How Culturally Congruent Mental Health Services Relate to Subjective Norms and Help Seeking Intentions for Latino Older Adults | Abstract

Laurie Dempsey, B.A. (Graduating Class of 2009)
Thesis: Self-perceived Burden as a Mediator of Depressive Symptoms among Individuals Living with a Movement Disorder | Abstract

Moira Riley, B.A. (Graduating Class of 2006)
Thesis: Therapist Empathy and its Relationship to the Formation of the Therapeutic Alliance with Youth Clients | Abstract