Alliance and Suicide Prevention Lab


Marc and his son Kirin

 Marc Karver, Ph.D.

 Associate Professor at the University of South Florida

 Office Location: PCD 4107

  Phone: (813)974-7443


Kim Gryglewicz

Kim Gryglewicz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida

  Phone: (407) 823-2954


Graduate Students

Alex De Nadai

 Alex De Nadai, M.A.

 Graduate Student, Class of 2009


Renee Brown

 Renee Brown-Hangartner, M.A.

 Graduate Student, Class of 2011


Maureen Monahan

 Maureen Monahan, M.A.

 Graduate Student, Class of 2014


Amanda Peterson

 Amanda Peterson, B.S.

 Graduate Student, Class of 2016


Ansley Bender

 Ansley Bender, B.S.

 Graduate Student, Class of 2017


Lab Managers

Melanie Rosler

 Melanie Rosler, B.A.

 Project Manager of Evaluation

 Office Location: PCD 1129

  Phone: (813)974-6594


Brianna Berkevich

 Brianna Berkevich, B.A., B.S.

 Data Manager


Miranda Courteaux

 Miranda Courteaux, B.A.

 Research Assistant Manager


Current Research Assistants

Noor Aldelamy

Daniela Bigott

Stephanie Boettcher

Kayla Dodds

Kadie Eastridge

Jessica Jimenez

Ryan Lerch

Jessica Mager

Eddie Orlowski

Yusma Sadiq

Jenny Salach

Benjamin Sullivan

Ashley Wilson

Graduate Student Emeritus

Brittany Jordan-Arthur, M.A. (Incoming Class of 2010)

Internship in Child Family Therapy/Peds Consult at Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins University

LaDonna Gleason, B.A.

Graduate Student at University of South Carolina, Class of 2016

Jason Chen, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2010)

Post-doctoral position at Portland, Oregon Veterans Affairs

Lindsey Steding, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2011)

Post-doctoral position at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Christa Labouliere, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2006)

Research Administrator and Suicide Prevention Specialist for Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute

Meredith Elzy, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2006)

Internship in Clinical Psychology at the James A. Haley VA

Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina, Aiken

Christine M. W. Totura, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2000)

Internship in Clinical Psychology at the MENTA Group

Post-doctoral position at the University of South Florida

Assistant Professor at Auburn University

Sherecce Fields, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2001)

Associate Professor at Texas A&M University

Sarah J. Tarquini, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2004)

Internship in Clinical Psychology at Yale University

Post-doctoral position at Yale University

Post-doctoral position at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Instructor in Psychology at the Harvard Department of Psychiatry

Nicole Caporino, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2003)

Assistant Professor at American University

Jessica Handelsman, Ph.D. (Incoming Class of 2002)

Staff position at Johns Hopkins University


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