Alliance and Suicide Prevention Lab

Suicide Prevention Initiatives

Lethal Means Training

This aim focuses on studying current methods of means restriction for at-risk individuals and seeks to provide necessary, evidence-based training to ensure a mental health professional is able to appropriately restrict access to potentially lethal means.

    Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM)

    A two-hour online, Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)-recommended training designed to enhance a mental health professional's ability to reduce an at-risk client's access to lethal means, including firearms, medications, and toxic chemicals, as a part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure safety.

    LINC to Life Safety Planning (LSP) Training

    A two and a half hour, face-to-face workshop designed to teach clinicians how to collaboratively develop a safety plan with clients using a comprehensive tool (wellness toolkit) that focuses on strategies to reduce stressors and triggers and tactics to enhance coping, strengths, and reasons for living.