For Graduate Students

These documents are intended to help graduate students to get some ideas on which courses to take, and how to make a plan towards M.A. or Ph.D. degrees. These are not intended to list every detail of requirements, time limitations, etc., and are not official documents of our program. For such documents, refer the department web site for our graduate program. My goal here is to give more informal but informative descriptions. I would appreciate any suggestions/corrections on these documents. This page is for pure and applied math concentration. For statistics concentration, please consult with the of statistics graduate advisor, Dr. Rao. Students: Come see me if you have any questions.

Teaching and Travel Awards

Updated Graduate Course Descrptions

This is a draft of new version of Graduate Course Descrptions, and is not yet an official document (needs final approval from the College and USF). This is posted here to let students know new policies and our plans. The updated information is given at the end of each course description with different fonts, if the status is not final. Please send me questions or suggestions.

Suggested Course Programs

List of Program Requirements

Flowchart of Graduate Courses

Future Graduate Course Offerings

Temporary Advisors

We make an assignment of a temporary advisor for every graduate student. The list is posted here (click on the above title).

What do temporary advisors do? I heard that they temporarily advise.

Probably students can go see the advisors at least once or twice each semester, and talk about their progress in their classes, or any difficulties if any, reseach interests, and courses to take next semester. When you discuss courses to take, please take the program requirements into considerations. (Click on the above item ``Updated Graduate Catalog.'') As students develop, they will find more specific research interests, and we'll make changes of assignment accordingly.

Please let me know if students' research interests become clear or change and it becomes better or necessary to change temporary advisors accordingly. The list also includes permanent (Ph.D.) advisors. Students who are in statistics concentration, please see Statistics Graduate Advisor.

Computing Needs

Arriving and Living in Tampa


For MAT 6908 Independent Study, MAT 6939 Graduate Seminar, and MAT 6911/7912 Directed Research.

Application form for the department travel award.

LaTeX template for dissertation

A few versions are available below.

I would like to thank them for making these files available to other students.

Personal Advice on Job Search