Advice for Job Search

Some advices are available at the site of the American Mathematical Society. For example, this article.

In this page I write my personal advice (which does not necessarily reflect views of the university nor department).

For job search at Community Colleges, my understanding is that many colleges post job openings at the ``Chronicle of Higher Education,'' and otherwise checking the home pages of colleges is probably the only way to find openings. Sometimes advisors may know coming openings from their friends of friends. The Florida Department of Education has a list of community colleges in Florida (I thank Matt Williamson for telling me this site).

This page is still under construction. I plan to update this page occasionally.

Application Packet

Recommendation Letters

Usually three letters, one of which adresses your teaching. Consult your advisor about from whom you ask letters. This choice is probably most important.

Contact People

Ask your advisor who you can e-mail to. You can probabbly attach a copy of your preprint or abstract but a whole dissertation would be too big to send.

Go To Conferences

Ask your advisor which conferences you could go. AMS special sessions would be good, and they always have contributed paper section where you can give a presentation.

Talk to people in your research area.

Make Your Own Web Site