Job-related Affective Well-being Scale, JAWS

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The Job-related Affective Well-being Scale (JAWS) is a scale designed to assess people's emotional reactions to their job. It asks them to indicate for each of 30 emotions (20 emotions in the short form) how often they have experienced them in the past 30 days.

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JAWS 30-item version

JAWS 20-item version The one we usually use.

JAWS 20-item Finnish version. From questionnaire with other scales.

JAWS 20-item German version. From questionnaire with other scales.

JAWS 20-item and 30-item Polish version translated by Kinga Kulczycka, 2017.

JAWS 30-item Portuguese version.

JAWS 20-item Romanian version.

JAWS 20-item Serbian version 2017, translated by Vesna Pavlicevic Kukoleca.

JAWS 30-item Spanish version.

JAWS 20-item Urdu version. Translated by Saadiya Abbasi and Dr. Anila Kamal 2015


Note: The JAWS can be used free of charge for noncommercial educational and research purposes in return for sharing results (See Sharing JAWS results page). The JAWS is copyright © 1999, Paul T. Van Katwyk, Suzy Fox, Paul E. Spector, and E. Kevin Kelloway, All rights reserved.

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