Sharing of Results for Researchers Who Use My Scales

All of my scales are copyrighted. I allow free use under two conditions.

1. The use is for noncommercial educational or research purposes. This means no one is charging anyone a fee. If you are using any of my scales for consulting purposes, there is a fee.

2. You agree to share results with me. This is how I continue to update the norms and bibliography.

What Results Do I Need?

1. Means per subscale and total score

2. Sample size

3. Brief description of sample, e.g., 220 hospital nurses. I don't need to know the organization name if it is sensitive.

4. Name of country where collected, and if outside of the U.S., the language used. I am especially interested in nonAmerican samples.

5. Standard deviations per subscale and total score (optional)

6. Coefficient alpha per subscale and total score (optional)

I would love to see copies of research reports (thesis, dissertation, conference paper, journal article, etc.) in which you used the JSS. Summaries are fine for long documents (e.g., dissertation), and e-mailed documents are preferred (saves copy and mail costs). Be sure to indicate how you want the work cited in the bibliography.

You can send the material to me via e-mail: pspector [at sign goes here] or via regular mail: Paul Spector, Department of Psychology, PCD 4118, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620 USA.

Last modified January 7, 2011.