Small Connected Quandles and Their Knot Colorings

This website contains computational results on small connected quandles and their knot colorings
obtained by W. Edwin Clark and Timothy Yeatman.


Go to Quandle Cocycle Knot Invariants for backgound material on quandles and their knot colorings.

Applications of these computational results can be found at the website Quandle Colorings and Invariants of Knots in the Table.

The paper Quandle Colorings and of Knots and Applications is based on computations posted in this and the above mentioned websites.


Computer programs used: Web sites and data used:

Small connected quandles and their properties

The following characterizations and various properties of the rig quandles were obtained by W. Edwin Clark.

Other families of connected quandles

The following are some families of quandles that contain larger quandles obtained by W. Edwin Clark.

Knot coloring matrices

The following are coloring matrices obtained by W. Edwin Clark and Timothy Yeatman.

Computer programs

The following are C, GAP and Maple programs for quandles and knot colorings written by by W. Edwin Clark and Timothy Yeatman.


We are grateful to Michael Kinyon for helping us with Mace4.
Thanks to David Stanovsky for useful discussions on these matters.
We are grateful to James McCarron for his help with the Magma package in Maple 15.
This webpage is posted at Masahico Saito's website.