Work Locus of Control Scale, WLCS Translations

Thank you to everyone who sent me their translations so that others could use them for their research.

Chinese version translated by Oi Ling Siu, Lingnan University 2012.

German version translated by Anna Stockinger, 2007.

Lithuanian version translated by Ustina Fedkovic and Inesa Sakova, 2012.

Romanian version translated by Ioana Adam 2013.

Spanish version translated by Ernesto Rosario-Hernadez and Lillian V. Rovira Millan, 2004.

Thai version translated by Sanyapoing Khantong, Assumption University, Thailand, 2011.

Urdu version translated by Artash Rana 2011.


Note: The WLCS is a copyrighted scale in all its translations. It can be used free of charge for noncommercial educational and research purposes, in return for the sharing of results. See the "Sharing of results" page above for instructions. The WLCS is copyright © 1988, Paul E. Spector, All rights reserved. All reproductions of the scale should include this copyright notice.

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