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History of Philosophy Generally

"Some reflections on method in the history of philosophy" (revised and expanded 2008: Web-only)


"Two Aspects of Platonic Recollection" (2002)

Medieval Philosophy Generally

"Will and Intellect" (2018)
"Atonement" (2017)
Review of Thomas M. Osborne Jr., Human Action in Thomas Aquinas, John Duns Scotus & William of Ockham (2014)
"Describing God" (2010)
"Transmission and Translation" (2003)
Review of A. S. McGrade et al., Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts: Volume 2, Ethics and Political Philosophy (2003)


"What Dorothy Sayers Taught Me About Translating Augustine's Confessions" (2015: Web-only)
"Hermeneutics and Reading Scripture" (2014)
Review of Brian Dobell, Augustine's Intellectual Conversion (2011)
Review of James J. O'Donnell, Augustine: A New Biography (2007)
"Augustine and the Platonists" (2003: Web-only)
"Augustine vs Plotinus: The Uniqueness of the Vision at Ostia" (2002)
"Biblical Interpretation" (2001)
"Recent Work on Saint Augustine" (2000)


"Anselm on Evil" (2018)
"Anselm on Free Choice and Character Formation" (2017)
"Anselm's Quiet Radicalism" (2016)
An "Untimely Review" of Anselm's Proslogion (2016)
"Credo ut mirer: Anselm on Sacred Beauty" (2012)
Review of Katherin Rogers, Anselm on Freedom (2009)
"God Who Sows the Seed and Gives the Growth: Anselm on the Holy Spirit" (2007)
"Unruly Wills and Affections: Anselm as Moral Theorist and Moral Adviser" (2006: video)
"Anselm on Truth" (2004)
Introduction to Three Philosophical Dialogues (2002)
"Anselm's Account of Freedom" (2001)
"Saint Anselm" (2000)
Introduction to Monologion and Proslogion (1996)

11th-century philosophy

Review essay on Toivo J. Holopainen, Dialectic and Theology in the Eleventh Century (1997)


"Sin, Grace, and Redemption in Abelard" (2004)

Thomas Aquinas

"Aquinas on the Sources of Wrongdoing: Themes from McCluskey" (2019)
"Human Freedom and Agency" (2011)
Review essay on Eleonore Stump's Aquinas (2005)
"Aquinas and the Ethics of Virtue" (2005)

John Duns Scotus

"Complexity without Composition: Duns Scotus on Divine Simplicity" (2019)
Review of John Llewelyn, Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Spell of John Duns Scotus (2016)
"The Problem with the Vatican Edition of Ordinatio III.26-40" (2014: Web-only)
"The Franciscans"(2013)
"Scotus on Action" (2010)
"The Divine Nature and Scotus's Libertarianism: A Reply to Mary Beth Ingham" (2009: Web-only)
"Radical Orthodoxy, Univocity, and the New Apophaticism" (2006: Web-only)
"The Doctrine of Univocity Is True and Salutary" (2005)
"Notes on the critical edition of Scotus's Quaestiones in librum Porphyrii Isagoge" (2004: Web-only)
Review of Giorgio Pini, Categories and Logic in Duns Scotus (2003)
"From Metaethics to Action Theory" (2003)
"The Life and Works of John Duns the Scot" (2003)
"John Duns Scotus" (2001)
"A Most Methodical Lover? On Scotus's Arbitrary Creator" (2000)
Review of Allan B. Wolter and Daniel A. Frank, Duns Scotus: Metaphysician (1998)
"The Unmitigated Scotus" (1998)
"The Libertarian Foundations of Scotus's Moral Philosophy" (1998)
"Reason, Morality, and Voluntarism in Duns Scotus: A Pseudo-Problem Dissolved" (1997)
"How Scotus Separates Morality from Happiness" (1995)


"Some of My Best Friends Teach at Calvin College: Religious Identity and Sexual-Orientation Discrimination" (2009)
"Moral Vice, Cognitive Virtue: Jane Austen on Jealousy and Envy" (2003)
Review of John Hare, God's Call (2002)
"Lying, Deception, and the Virtue of Truthfulness: A Reply to Garcia" (2000)
"A Reply to the Ramsey Colloquium" (1997)

Philosophy of Religion

Review of Ralph McInerny, Characters in Search of their Author (2002)