A message from the PI to Prospective students

My main research is to study cognition of non-human animals and its underlying neural mechanisms using diverse techniques and expertise. I also have interdisciplinary collaborative projects with researchers in the Neurosurgery and Biology at USF, as well as researchers in Canada and Japan.

As a result, students in my lab will be able to learn techniques and knowledge in several different fields, including neuroanatomy, behavioral analysis, and evolutionary psychology and biology.

Since my lab was first established in 1992 at USF, I have taught and trained over 50 students, including USF undergraduate and graduate students, and visiting students from other universities in the U.S., Germany, and Japan.

What I can do for you

During your time here at USF and beyond, I will do my best to:
  1. Provide funding for both research and stipend (not guaranteed)
  2. Provide advice and contacts towards the advancement of your career
  3. Help with the development and execution of research projects
  4. Critique grant proposals and manuscripts
  5. Schedule meetings to discuss your progress
  6. Hold roundtables often to discuss current literature and critique manuscripts

What will be expected of you

To help you to become a successful scientist, you must:
  1. Be in the lab and/or accessible for discussions/interactions with me and other lab members
  2. Think and work independently, generate your own questions, communicate literature relevant to our work
  3. Make presentations at national meetings
  4. Write manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  5. Write grant proposals (even if small) to fund part of your research
  6. Help fellow lab mates and learn from them in return
  7. Take proper care of research animals and equipment
  8. Be responsible for your own paperwork and deadlines
  9. Maintain academic and professional honesty and appreciate that you are an emissary of USF
  10. Be honest with yourself and with me