Nurses Research on Exposure To Stress (N-RES)




What Is N-RES?


The Nurses Research on Exposure to Stress is a collaborative research effort to better understand stressful working conditions for nurses, and their connection to workplace injury and workplace violence. The project involves researchers at multiple universities, including Portland State University and University of South Florida. N-RES began in 2004 with research concerning how hospital policies and procedures might contribute to nursesí being exposed to both physical and nonphysical violence at work, and on the potential stress effects of that exposure. The research has expanded from the initial focus on violence to include injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.


Who We Are


Paul Spector, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of South Florida, Director of the USF Occupational Health Psychology Program that is part of the Sunshine Education and Research Center. The Sunshine ERC is funded by NIOSH to promote workplace health and safety and has funded some N-RES research.

Liu-Qin Yang, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Portland State University


Derek Hutchinson, Doctoral Student in I/O Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of South Florida


Zhiqing Zhou, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Florida Technological University.


N-RES Newsletters Provide An Update of Our Research Progress


Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 2

Volume 3 Issue 1


Bibliography of Nursing Research


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