Postdocs and Students

  • Emanuele Zappala(Ph. D. Thesis, Title: Non-Associative Algebraic Structures in Knot Theory - 2019)
  • Amine Abdeljelil(Ph. D. Thesis, Title: Generalized Derivations of Ternary Lie Algebras and n-BiHom-Lie Algebras - 2019)
  • Matt Green(Ph. D. Thesis, Title: Generalizations of Quandles and their Cohomologies - 2018)
  • Indu Rasika Churchill(Ph.D. Thesis, Title: Contributions to Quandle Theory: A study of f-quandles, extensions and cohomology - 2017)
  • Jeremy Kerr(Masters Thesis, Title: Coloring of Knots and the minimum number - 2016)
  • Jennifer MacQuarrie(Masters Thesis, Title: Automorphism Groups of Quandles - 2011)
  • Grant Conine(Honors Thesis, Title: Braid Group Cryptography - 2011)
  • Justin Doromal(Honors Thesis, Title: Knot Theory via Quandle Structures - 2011)
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