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Wankel Rotary Engine

by Maira Agudelo


Submitted : Fall 2015

It is named after Felix Wankel, who developed the fundamental principles in the nineteen fifties and is an alternative to conventional piston engine in cars. Many manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Citroen and Ford, have experienced the cone, but by far its full implementation has been achieved in Mazda vehicles, whose model is the rotary engine RX-7.

Although there are many possible designs for a rotary motor, the most common consists of two lobes with a cavity containing a rotor with three sides. Rotor size, on the cavity, is critical in determining the compression factor and thus the engine efficiency.



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Advisors :
Kanakadurga Nallamshetty, Mathematics and Statistics
Jonathan Burns, Mathematics and Statistics
Bjor Trivino, B.M.E
Suggested By :
Bjor Trivino