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Fall 2008 - Present

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Student Name Project Title Semester
1.   Antoine, Branden Cooling of the Oceanic Lithosphere Spring 2017
2.   Bland, Justin Numerical and Graphical Differentiation in a Shoulder Abduction Range of Motion Task Spring 2017
3.   Bryant, Joseph Test Pool for Boat Engine Performance Diagnostics Spring 2017
4.   Burgess, Jo-Anne Application of Discrete Random Variables to Real Life Problems Spring 2017
5.   Callahan, Trent Fresnel Integrals and Euler Spirals in the Construction of Track Transition Curves Spring 2017
6.   Casasata, Cody Calculus in video games Spring 2017
7.   Colvard, Jack Calculating Cardiac Output by Use of the Dye Dilution Method Spring 2017
8.   Cruz, Jonathan Blood Glucose Level function Spring 2017
9.   Cullen, John Diagnosing Breast Cancer with a Neural Network Spring 2017
11.   Davis, Jacob Bee Population in the United States Spring 2017
12.   DeCamillis, Raymond The Integrated Rate Law Spring 2017
13.   Diaz, Shawn Finding the Area of a Backyard with an Irregularly Shaped Pool Spring 2017
14.   Evans, Derek SOUND PROOFING A MUSIC STUDIO Spring 2017
15.   Frey, Eric The Solow Model and Standard of Living Spring 2017
16.   Fuller, Nicole Determining the Proper Dosage Amount of Magnesium in order to Dissolve Kidney Stones Spring 2017
17.   Garcia, Adan Death In the United States Spring 2017
18.   Gines, Eduardo Optimization of a Fuel Cell Spring 2017
19.   Graves, Preston Modeling of Lionfish Population Growth Spring 2017
20.   Han, Kyu Yeon Customers’ choice by Monty Hall problem Spring 2017
21.   Hill, Davin Calculating Fill for I-75 Ramp Expansions Spring 2017
22.   Hill, Michael Suspension Bridge Cable Volume Determination Spring 2017
23.   Huynh, Tuan Calculus in Chemical Kinetics Spring 2017
24.   Jaward, Foday Time and Growth Spring 2017
25.   Jones, Kiemon WiFi and Fourier Series Spring 2017
26.   Judson, Natalee Related Rates of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Spring 2017
27.   Kitada, Sayuri Radiation Effect on Human by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Spring 2017
28.   Kreuzer, Marcel Alternative Typing Learning Curves Spring 2017
29.   Lee, Ye Jin Study of Psychological Tests Spring 2017
30.   Leto, Cody Model of Radiation Leak from Fukushima Spring 2017
31.   Macasaet, Timothy Hibachi Table Optimization Spring 2017
32.   Matero, Danielle Utilizing Free Space Within a Dining Room Spring 2017
33.   McAleenan, Nicholas de Laval nozzles Spring 2017
34.   Miller, Marlee Evaluation of the Average American’s Consumption of the Food Dyes Spring 2017
35.   Norman, Marcus Knowing the dam force Spring 2017
36.   Osorio, Nicolas Critical Render of A Web page Spring 2017
37.   Park, KunYoung ODE simulation Spring 2017
38.   Parker, Jessica Blood Velocity in Arteries Spring 2017
39.   Pendharkar, Vikrant 21st Century Population Growth Spring 2017
40.   Polen, Amy Analysis of Rainfall in Tampa During the 2016 Calendar Year Spring 2017
41.   Powers, Samantha Using Calculus To Model Fish Growth Spring 2017
42.   Raymond, Kai Application of Simple Harmonics modeling a shock Spring 2017
43.   Rochlitz, Daphne Air Trips and Calculus Spring 2017
44.   Rubel, Cody Optimization of Volume Spring 2017
45.   Sales, Leonardo Calculating the Volume of Water Necessary in a Hydroelectric Power Plant Spring 2017
46.   Saroka, Bryana Dog Crates in a Fixed Area Spring 2017
47.   Scholpp, Jesse Appling Calculus to Calculate the Temperature of Mineral Formation in Magma Spring 2017
48.   Seiden, Nicole Determining the Volume of a Volcano Spring 2017
49.   Sidhu, Manveer Effects of Exercise on Blood Vessel Compliance Spring 2017
50.   Silva Pereira, Luiz Calculating the Dimensions and Volume to Create a Small Container Spring 2017
51.   Spielvogel, Daniel Age Distribution at Countryside Recreation Center Spring 2017
52.   Till, Daniel Oil Tank Optimization Spring 2017
53.   Tonova, Skylar Appointment Scheduling for Healthcare Spring 2017
54.   Underwood, Richard Gyroscopes and the nature of precession Spring 2017
55.   Volenec, Ross Multirotor Flight Leveling via PID Control Loops Spring 2017
56.   Vongsavanh, Nuntawatt Let's optimize Spring 2017
57.   Ware, Emily Fast Fourier Transforms Spring 2017
58.   Washington-Moore, Kijon Using First- & Second-order Differential Equations to denote different types of systems Spring 2017
59.   Wetsch, Evan NASS University Panel Surface Area Spring 2017
60.   Williams, Crystal Go Green! Spring 2017
61.   Zanzig, Glenn Is the Vase Volume Big Enough? Spring 2017
62.   Al Sawafi, Alazhar Pulse Wave Propagation in Arterial System Fall 2017
63.   Albuloushi, Ali Optimization of a water gas shift reaction Fall 2017
64.   Alkhamali, Abdullah Lime Scale Deposits Along Piping Systems Fall 2017
65.   Alkhathami, Omar Hydraulic Analysis Programs Fall 2017
66.   Allhim, Fahad The Electric Field Due to a Charged Rod Fall 2017
67.   Allmark, Annie Function of Women's 1500 meter World Record Improvements over Time Fall 2017
68.   Almazrua, Tamim Determination of the volume of a revolutionary surface such as the spacecraft or rocket Fall 2017
69.   Alothman, Turki Estimate the length of a given string of digital data, as the length is approximate Fall 2017
70.   Alqahtani, Mohammad Bridge Capacity Fall 2017
71.   Alshammari, Jaber Surface Area of Fluctuating Lipid Leaflets Fall 2017
72.   Alshamsi, Rashed The Solow Model and Why Some Countries Are Much Richer Than Others? Fall 2017
73.   Batat, Adam Calculus in building rollercoasters Fall 2017
74.   Behunek, Matthew Calculus Applications in the Photolithographic Manufacture of Microelectronics. Fall 2017
75.   Bendik, Kirsten Power Needed to Generate Lift Fall 2017
76.   Breitenstein, Austin Optimization of a Chemical Reactor Train Fall 2017
77.   Burress, Diane How the Number of Dimples Affect Air Resistance on a Golf Ball Fall 2017
78.   Carlson, Matthew De Laval Nozzles for the Use of Rocket Propulsion Fall 2017
79.   Constantino, Chandler Future World Population Fall 2017
80.   Cook, Jennifer Countering the Rapid Growth Rate of Water Lettuce in a Wetland with Pesticides Fall 2017
81.   Davis, Aaron Predicting disease spread through population growth Fall 2017
82.   Doi, Kazuo Volume of Irregular Shaped Gas Tank Fall 2017
83.   Doyle, Jacob The Application of Calculus in Tumor Growth Fall 2017
84.   Dunn, Rebecca Determining the Geothermal Energy Potential of Bulgaria Fall 2017
85.   Dyjak, Mckenna Calculating the Amount of Chlorine Present in Drinking Water as a Function of Time Fall 2017
86.   Escobio, Christopher Salt Water Tanks Fall 2017
87.   Ewers, Nathaniel Braking Force Investigation Fall 2017
88.   Garcia, Sebastian Applied Mathematics in Super Smash Bros. Fall 2017
89.   Griffin, Savannah Using the Entropy Rate Balance to Determine the Heat Ttransfer and Work in a Flow Process Fall 2017
90.   Hagins, Ashley Tends in Incoming Mail at USF Fall 2017
91.   Hegenbarth, Fritz Temperature setting in an inverter air conditioner Fall 2017
92.   Holm, Heather Cantilever Beam Model for Wind-Induced Vibration in a High-Rise Building Fall 2017
93.   Horn, William Determining the easy and hard axes of magnetization of a material using the Stoner-Wohlfarth Model Fall 2017
94.   Jainarain, Emily Total Sediment Accumulation on Fire Island After Hurricane Sandy Fall 2017
95.   Johnson, Amanda Mathematical Analysis of Impact Ankle Brace Overuse Fall 2017
96.   Kean, Pierce Carrying Capacity Usage Fall 2017
97.   Knobel, Shelby Sustainable Harvesting Fall 2017
98.   Ledo, Hunter Home Run Fall 2017
99.   Long, Anthony Dough stretching Fall 2017
100.   Maldonado, Ryan Vehicle Alignment Recommendation for Mercedes Benz Vehicles Model Year 2017 Fall 2017
101.   Meneses, Jacob Determining the Amount of Friction Needed to Maintain Traction on a Turn Fall 2017
102.   Moure, Mitchell Assessing Climate Change Probability Using Calculus Fall 2017
103.   Muzaffar, Syed Building the Perfect Racecar Fall 2017
104.   Oktenli, Burak A Mathematical Model for Pertussis Transmission Rate in Florida Fall 2017
105.   Pena-Salvador, Blanca Liquid Cooling (Computer System) Fall 2017
106.   Pennino, Samantha Tsunami Waves Fall 2017
107.   Robbins, Haley Bartender's Guide to Calculus Fall 2017
108.   Sanchez, Anthony Comparing two flywheel-piston linkages Fall 2017
109.   Scheuermann, Peter The Effects of Yaw Rates on Torque Vectoring Systems Fall 2017
110.   Seidl, Kimberly Noise Levels From an Atlas V Rocket Along Launch Azimuth Fall 2017
111.   Shepard, Andrew High Volume Coffee Calculator Fall 2017
112.   Simoncelli, Dylan Maximizing Profit for a Concert Fall 2017
113.   Smith, Levi Rainfall Management Systems in Trinidad and Tobago Fall 2017
114.   Stanley, Sara Longleaf Pine Tree Populations in Florida State Parks Fall 2017
115.   Tagliaferre, Kasey Calculus of a Pirouette Fall 2017
116.   Wallen, Romar Mathematics in Soccer Fall 2017
117.   Westphal, Kendal Assessing the rate of change of ant lion metapopulation Fall 2017
118.   Williams, Marcia Correlation between Stress and Resting Heart Rate Fall 2017
119.   Winton, Adam The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Fall 2017
120.   Abdelkarim, Moath Tracking a Solar Panel to Increase Efficiency Spring 2016
121.   Ansari, Bilal Patient Call Overflow Rate Spring 2016
122.   Barkley, Austin Utilization of Taylor Series and Polynomials in Civil Engineering Spring 2016
123.   Biega, Bradley Organic Agricultural Analysis—Efficiency of Common Practices Spring 2016
124.   Borgerding, Laura Using Calculus to Model the Growth of the Tree Liquidambar Styrsciflua (American Sweetqum) Spring 2016
125.   Cooper, Patrick Controlled Release of Drugs Spring 2016
126.   Cordero, Katie Analysis of Tumor Growth Spring 2016
127.   Dakwale, Abhimanyu Tennis Ball in Motion Spring 2016
128.   Ellis, Collin Smart Phone Obsolescence Spring 2016
129.   Esteppe, Zachary Calculus in Farms Spring 2016
130.   Fuentes, Michael Computer Security Threat Detection Spring 2016
131.   Gajjar, Arjun Numerical Solutions for Partial Differential Equations Spring 2016
132.   Garbett, Courtney The Ideal Speed for the Turning Gear of a Rotor Spring 2016
133.   Garner, Grant Evaluating the Deflection of a Concrete Canoe Spring 2016
134.   Gifford, Ryland Optimization of a Fuel Cell Electrode Spring 2016
135.   Gile, Michael Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Air Conditioner Use Spring 2016
136.   Glushakov, Andriy The varying distribution in respiratory droplet size for the purposes of diagnostics in medicine Spring 2016
137.   Hand, Max Calculus Calculator Spring 2016
138.   Hasbini, Abdul Volume of Asphalt Required to Construct a Speed Hump Compliant with State Regulations Spring 2016
139.   Haught, Courtnee The Number of Dump Trucks Needed to Excavate Soil from a Site Spring 2016
140.   Hussain, Sanwal Open Channel Flow Spring 2016
141.   Jackson, Drew Modeling the Disruption and Displacement of Stabilized Flight Using a Multi Variable Function Spring 2016
142.   Kennedy, Michael Acceleration of a Projectile Spring 2016
143.   Khin, Juu Standardization of rock salt in a brine solution Spring 2016
144.   Khoo, Win Sheng A Rolling Square Spring 2016
145.   Kidd, Nicole Atherina boyeri Fish Growth Rate and Probability Density Spring 2016
146.   Kirchein, Adam Calculating a Function for Chlorine Residual for the University of South Florida’s Public Water Syst Spring 2016
147.   Kiszkiel, Benjamin Infectious Diseases: Modeling theoretical Disease infection and Vaccination programs Spring 2016
148.   Lavrov, Ivan Temperature of the CPU Spring 2016
149.   Ma, Cha Finding an Equation Between the Pouring Angle and Volume Regarding to the Coffee Pot Spring 2016
150.   MacNeill, Bryan Variance and covariance of ecological effect sizes that share a common control. Spring 2016
151.   Mbuya, Christina Acceptable ranges of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient levels in Hillsborough County Spring 2016
152.   McClendon, James Optimal Heat Transfer From An Extended Surface Spring 2016
153.   Napoli, Chatham Using the Mean Value Theorem To Issue A Traffic Ticket- Political Science Spring 2016
154.   Nelson, Kaleigh Modeling Albatross Chick Growth with Two Competing Models Spring 2016
155.   Nguyen, Andrew Creating an Ideal Roller Coaster Spring 2016
156.   Noble, William Analyzing calculus to find section modulus for a beam Spring 2016
157.   Parsons, James Crime Mapping with Calculus Spring 2016
158.   Perez, Anthony Interstellar Travel by Means of Solar Sail Spring 2016
159.   Perez, Daniela Proving the Clearance Equation Spring 2016
160.   Pezet, Channing Scoring on a Soccer Goal from Different Positions Spring 2016
161.   Rissman, Emma Model of Accumulation of Lead in Water over Time Spring 2016
162.   Schumaker, Robert Determining the Amount of Salt in a Tank Spring 2016
163.   Searles, Kimberly Deflection of Beams Spring 2016
164.   Shah, Shrinand Naphthalene oxidation in a plug flow reactor Spring 2016
165.   Siefken, Alexander Morphine Dosage in Victims of Traumatic Accidents Spring 2016
166.   Soto, Alondra 302. Analysis of an adiabatic batch reactor Spring 2016
167.   Sparrow, Eric Determining the Position and motion of a virtual object Spring 2016
168.   Traore, Ouleymatou Electronic Waste Generation from 2000 to 2012 Spring 2016
169.   Vu, Thien Fluid Behavior in a Pipe Spring 2016
170.   Ware, Derik Geometric Gradients and Series Spring 2016
171.   Williams, Bianca Effects of Acid Rain on Plant Growth Spring 2016
172.   Yassin, Mohamed Perpetuity Calculator Spring 2016
173.   Yun, Jong Cancer Types by Stages and Survival Rate Spring 2016
174.   Zupancic, Sanda Determining Human Population Spring 2016
175.   Alex, Cesil Infrared Stimulation of Auditory Neurons Fall 2016
176.   Allan, Ashley Overfishing of Atlantic Cod Fall 2016
177.   Altamruq Alshehhi, Khalifa Elliptic Paraboloid Fall 2016
178.   Anderson, Keagan Restaurant Cost Efficiency with Realtion to Labor Costs Fall 2016
179.   Baldwin, David Monitoring the Water Table Aquifer Below the USF Forest Preserve Fall 2016
181.   Bernheim, Erik Modeling Audio Visual Equipment Checkout Rates Fall 2016
182.   Bof, Felipe Calculating the Dimensions and Volume to Create a Beer Glass Fall 2016
183.   Brockus, Matthew Work and Conservation of Energy with Vector Calculus Fall 2016
184.   Carbonell, Isabella Indonesian Deforestation Rate Fall 2016
185.   Cosio, Jimmy Calculating the Area of a Rotary engine Fall 2016
186.   Cruz, Rodrigo The Capacity of Curb and Gutter Cross Section Areas Fall 2016
187.   Cuellar, Ladisleidys Efficiency of Nebulizer Machine Fall 2016
188.   Darnell, Paul Applying Partial Derivatives to Organ Efficiency with Concern to Body Surface Area Fall 2016
189.   Davis, Alexandra Environmental Engineering Project Fall 2016
190.   Di, Yuntong Mathematic-Chemistry project Fall 2016
191.   Duran, Johanssen Voltage and Electrical currents for fully electric cars Fall 2016
192.   Edmiston, Hannah Climate Change Related Sea Level Rise Fall 2016
193.   Elliott, Mary Finding the energy lost due to Kinetic friction on a steel roller coaster Fall 2016
194.   Elton, Martin Analyzation of the RLC circuit Fall 2016
195.   Evans, Kaitlyn Steak Calculus Fall 2016
197.   Freeman, Doran Brushing to Maintain Oral Health Fall 2016
198.   Gonzalez, Hector Distance Traveled by Bird Fall 2016
199.   Guell Bernardi , Felipe Finding the Maximum Volume of a Reservoir and Total Potential Power a Dam in a Small River Can Gener Fall 2016
200.   Hagood, Brent Calculating Sustainable Renewable Resources Fall 2016
201.   Harvey, Joshua Determining Mass of Fuel for a Mission to Europa Fall 2016
202.   Hashad, Mohamed Abdalla Golf Ball Trajectory Fall 2016
203.   Hughes, Jordan Alligator Growth can Correlate to Age Fall 2016
204.   Hymes, Sophia Maximum Efficiency of a Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell Fall 2016
205.   Jahlna , Salim Optimization of a paint mixer Fall 2016
206.   Johnson, Jabreea Approximating the Volume of a Lake Fall 2016
208.   Karpenko, Dmitrii Beam Deflection Under The Snow In Florida Fall 2016
209.   Keller, Myles Analysis of Automated Emergency Braking Systems in Automotive Applications Fall 2016
210.   Kim, Tae Non-Uniform Deceleration of a Vehicle Fall 2016
211.   Kipi, Adam Volume of Crater Lake Fall 2016
212.   Lin, Wei One Dimension Free Fall Fall 2016
213.   Magro, Francisco Roller Coaster Thrill Ride Fall 2016
214.   Martinez, Jesus Ballistic Pendulum: How to Measure the Speed and Strength of a Bullet when Fired. Fall 2016
215.   McClendon, James Vector Applications in Engineering: Determining Static Equilibrium Fall 2016
216.   Mellon, Chris Paraboloid Speaker Intensity Fall 2016
217.   Moore, Robert Smoothing of Contour Lines Derived from LiDAR Point Cloud Data Fall 2016
218.   Morrison, Pricella Analysis of the Maximum Size of A NCAA Regulation Fall 2016
219.   Nguyen, Vivien Big O Notation Applications Fall 2016
220.   Olapade, Raheem Sustaining Engines Fall 2016
221.   Patel, Jaynil Max Power of a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Module Fall 2016
222.   Patel, Krishna Modeling Average Age of Residents at an Assisted Living Facility Fall 2016
223.   Peacock, Kristin Rabies Population Dynamics in Feral Canines of Florida Fall 2016
224.   Piwowarczyk, Dariusz Hemodynamics and its approach to calculus Fall 2016
225.   Rees, Rachel Hydraulic fracturing effects on local populations in the Bakken region of North Dakota Fall 2016
226.   Remington, Joshua Basic Calclus in Introductory Physics Fall 2016
227.   Rios-Guzman, Nasha Rudimentary Model of Glucose Response to Stress Fall 2016
228.   Rodriguez, Daniel Internal Horse Power Fall 2016
229.   Roehm, Charles Optimization of Length of Conductor Material in Power Lines Fall 2016
230.   Said, Ines Monte Carlo Integration Fall 2016
231.   Smith, Hannah Predicting Spotted Knapweed Growth Fall 2016
232.   Sossous, Winchell Flying angry bird’s trajectory Fall 2016
233.   Stewart, Zachary Accurate Counting System Fall 2016
234.   Tarriela, Joseph Optimization of Temperature in Fermentation to Maximize Ethanol Production Fall 2016
235.   Tarro, Christine Analysis of an Aquarium Pump Fall 2016
236.   Thetford, Dylan Complete elliptical integral of the first kind Fall 2016
237.   Tolon, Fernando Cluttered Desk Fall 2016
238.   Tomassi, Sebastian An approach to the use of stack structures to reduce temperatures in living spaces Fall 2016
239.   Truong, Andy Calculus in Nail Salons Fall 2016
240.   Ustaszewski, Jordan Sending A Rocket to the Moon Fall 2016
242.   Vongsavanh, Nuntawatt Overflow? Oh no! Fall 2016
243.   Walker, Alexander Aerodynamics: How do Airplanes Fly? Fall 2016
244.   Wilson, Isaiah Analyzation of Heatsink Performance by Least Squares Method and Linear Regression Fall 2016
245.   Win, Thet Diabetes Prevalence & Length of Residence (US immigrants) Fall 2016
246.   Zhong, Peishan How Fast Is the Land Disappearing? Fall 2016
247.   Aguilar, Jessica Determining Past Climate from Isotopic Analysis of Speleothems Spring 2015
248.   Aguirre, Alexander Converting Three VCG Component Signals Spring 2015
249.   Avila, Jovanie This Isn't Rocket Science Spring 2015
250.   Barrientos, Daniel Applications of Calculus in Computer Science Spring 2015
251.   Bedjovski, Filip Optimizing postal networks using Fibonacci heap method Spring 2015
252.   Burwell, Kyle Audio Wave Analyzation Spring 2015
253.   Cabrera, Pablo Optimizing Area of Fields for a Farm Spring 2015
254.   Cairns, Johnnie Electrical Efficiency of a Solar Cell Spring 2015
255.   Campara, Adnan Fitness and Calculus Spring 2015
256.   Chavez, Joseluis Applications of Calculus in Regards to C Programming and Graphical Rendering Spring 2015
257.   Cherepanova, Sofiya Calculations on Coffee Cups Spring 2015
258.   Chiwuzor, Blessing The Effects of Ammonium Nitrate in the Inoculation of Fern Spore Cultures Spring 2015
259.   Cline, Courtney Thermally Modeling a Four-Parameter Servomoter Spring 2015
260.   Conboy, Steffan Naphthalene Oxidation in a Plug Flow Reactor Spring 2015
261.   Conn, James Plastic Waste: The Environmental Cost on the World’s Oceans Spring 2015
262.   Davids, Elizabeth Determining Which Depth the 60% Depth Rule for Mean Stream Velocity Refers To Spring 2015
263.   Decker, David Creating a Three Dimensional Supercoiled DNA model with Two Dimensional Layers Spring 2015
264.   Dominguez, Luis Stock Market Data Analysis Using Moving Averages Spring 2015
265.   Erhart, Andrew Cubic Mean Load Spring 2015
266.   Fajardo, Raymond Equilibrium Tuition price for equal University competition Spring 2015
267.   Fan, Yijian Demonstrate the Importance of Chinese New Population Policy Spring 2015
268.   Figueroa, Christian Optimization of a water gas shift reaction Spring 2015
269.   Fries, Ryan Maxwell's Equations - Laws and Theory of Electromagnetics Spring 2015
270.   Garcia, Genesis The Sheikra Spring 2015
271.   Garrett, David Investment Success in Real Estate Spring 2015
272.   Gonzales, Cyndi E.coli Growth Curve Spring 2015
273.   Griffin, Lindsey Statistical Understanding of Over The Phone Surveys Spring 2015
274.   Harmouche, Ibrahim Is The Smart Car’s Rigid Frame Design Actually Safe? Let’s Ask Calculus. Spring 2015
275.   Harring, Kathryn How the presence of Nitrogen in the water affects cell size of Karenia brevis and how it alters its Spring 2015
276.   Hartwick, Tim Spread of Gene through a Population Spring 2015
277.   Hospedales, Roneil Optimizing the Basketball Shot Spring 2015
278.   Hudgens, Chelsea Calculating the moment of inertia of a flywheel Spring 2015
279.   Huffman, Jesse Increasing SAFE Team Efficiency Spring 2015
280.   Imtiaz, Muhammad Exponential growth in dairy farms Spring 2015
281.   Jaishanker, Manikandan Understanding of Inductors Spring 2015
282.   Joseph, Odelmo A Mathematical Model of Pore Diffusion in an Ion Exchange Material Spring 2015
283.   Joseph, Shawn Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Cryptography on the Real Number Plane (R) Spring 2015
284.   Ketrow, Danielle Samarium-Neodymium Dating Method Spring 2015
285.   Kuivila, Lucas Mathematics of a Nonlinear Spring Model Spring 2015
286.   Kurtic, Azra Finding Ideal Order Size to Minimize Cost Spring 2015
287.   Leonardi, Nicholas The Effect of Phosphorus on Floridian Osprey Populations Spring 2015
288.   Matiash, Kateryna Neptunium Cascade Kinetics Spring 2015
289.   Medo, Lukas Evapotranspiration Rates of Crews Lake Spring 2015
290.   Mertens, Louisa The Chronological Sequence of A Blood Alcohol Concentration Spring 2015
291.   Miller, Ryan Bertrand Price Beverages Spring 2015
292.   Mohammed, Jenelle Evaporation of Benzene from Basins in Series Spring 2015
293.   Morina, Amy May 2010 United States Poverty Rate Spring 2015
294.   Paulin, Christine Speed of a Meteor Spring 2015
295.   Perez, Alberto Length of Electric Pipe in HDD Spring 2015
296.   Rainey, Andrew Domestic Dog Population Estimate for Hillsborough County, FL. Spring 2015
297.   Ramponneau, Sonel telephone signal Spring 2015
298.   Ribickas, Austin Finding the Volume Held by a Champagne Glass Spring 2015
299.   Rivera, Hansel Power Generated by a Compression-Ignition Engine Spring 2015
300.   Robinson, Anthony One Drop at a Time Spring 2015
301.   Ross, Joshua Optimal Pairing of Driver to District Spring 2015
302.   Sadeghinia, Ali Power of a Bullet Spring 2015
303.   Santana-Viera , Gabriel Calculus in Auto Racing Spring 2015
304.   Shah, Lindsey Is Speeding Really Faster? Spring 2015
305.   Shevardnadze, Davit Rocket model in space Spring 2015
306.   Simpson, Zahra The Density and Mass of Our Planet Spring 2015
307.   Speed, Josiah Calculating the Trajectory of a Plane Landing Spring 2015
308.   Su, Weiwei Optimize Gear Ratio for a 2014 Honda Accord Sedan Spring 2015
309.   Timmins, Gregory Bridging the Gap: Total Tensile Strength In A Suspension Bridge Spring 2015
310.   Tobar, Robert Estimating the maximum capillary spacing (RL) for which anoxic regions will not form Spring 2015
311.   Ulmer, Dakota Loop of Death Spring 2015
312.   Valdez, Richard Calculus in Industry Spring 2015
313.   Vascimini, Michael Wood Materials Used for Construction of a Hardwood Dining Table Spring 2015
314.   Vickery, Barry Total Volume Of Air Inhaled At Rest Vs. After Exercise Spring 2015
315.   Walker, Josh Stopping Distance Spring 2015
316.   Wang, Linqi Finding the Volume of a Hourglass Shaped Swimming Pool Spring 2015
317.   Westervelt, Hannah The Integration of World Population Growth and Calculus Spring 2015
318.   Whitcomb, Daniel Predicting Future Trends in Malicious Server Attacks Spring 2015
319.   Williamson, Christina The Dangers of Projectile Motion Spring 2015
320.   Winfield, Caleb Parking Perfection Spring 2015
321.   Adams, John Project Europa Fall 2015
322.   Agudelo, Maira Wankel Rotary Engine Fall 2015
323.   Akhras, Amr Regression Analysis: Examining the Rate of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Fall 2015
324.   Al Habsi, Younis Derivation of Lateral Deflection Equation of the Cantilever Wall Fall 2015
325.   Al Shibani, Sundus Analysis- Roller Coaster Loops Fall 2015
326.   Arnold, Christopher Finding the area under the curve on a blood pressure versus time graph Fall 2015
327.   Austin, Justin Land Assessment Fall 2015
328.   Ballard, Dustin Storm Water Pond Drawdown Analysis Fall 2015
329.   Bess, Brandon Implementing Calculus on the Track Fall 2015
330.   Bolan, Josh Calculus with Constant Acceleration - Airplane Runways Fall 2015
331.   Bosso, Marisa Designing a Hanging Cable Fall 2015
332.   Brady, Caleb Projectile Motion of a Bullet Fall 2015
333.   Breitner, Elias Using the Logistic Growth Equation to Determine Maximum Population Growth Rate Fall 2015
334.   Canela, Emanuel Shock Absorbers Fall 2015
335.   Carter, Vincent Potassium – Argon dating of volcanic minerals Fall 2015
336.   Curbelo, Demi The Growth Of Delta Gamma Fall 2015
337.   Davis, Timothy Specification of a caliper disc brake Fall 2015
338.   Diaz, Ismael Water Quality Analysis Fall 2015
339.   Dixon, Elizabeth Profitability through Peak Sales Season Fall 2015
340.   Durrett, Cody Hydrostatic Pressure of a Large Dam Fall 2015
341.   Elliott, Steven Tank Leaking Fall 2015
342.   Erickson, Lucas Creating a Catenary Lightning Protection System Fall 2015
343.   Feliciano, Steven Radio Frequency in Telecommunications Fall 2015
344.   Foltz, Zachary Oxygen Depletion in Streams Fall 2015
345.   Friedman, Michael Material Markup & Exponential Growth Fall 2015
346.   Gajjar, Arjun Finding The Zeros of Transcendental Equations Using a Fixed Point Iteration Method Fall 2015
347.   Hansen, Jacob Using Series and Sequences to Study Algorithm and Time Complexities Fall 2015
348.   Hathcock, Kendall The Rise of the Mexican Petunia Fall 2015
349.   Hauschildt, Brett Calculating Torque of a Turbine Engine Fall 2015
350.   Herbert, Sean Shortest Path of a Robot using Interpolation Fall 2015
351.   Hernandez, John Calculus in Civil Engineering (Max Beam Load) Fall 2015
352.   Heyen, Taylor Projectile Motion of an Arrow: The Ideal Shot Fall 2015
353.   Hochadel, Briana Guest Services Fall 2015
354.   James, Shawn Capturing the Speed of Light Fall 2015
355.   Jensen, Kyle Drawdown of a Well Fall 2015
356.   Kelly, Logan Frequency Analysis Using Discrete Fourier Transformations Fall 2015
357.   Koster, Victoria U.S. Agricultural Land and Brazil Growth Trends Fall 2015
358.   Labnongsang, Jasmine Study of the Ebola Outbreaks of 2014-2015 Fall 2015
359.   Nguyen, My The Geometric Failure Mode of Column Buckling Fall 2015
360.   Norton, Amanda Analysis of Tonal Qualities within the Voice for Parkinson’s Solutions Fall 2015
361.   Phidarat, Rocket Airline Efficiency Dilemma Fall 2015
362.   Pierre, Jacques Finding the Transfer of Heat Fall 2015
363.   Rahman, Sanim Determining Size and Concentration of Gold Nanoparticles via Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer Fall 2015
364.   Ringley, Cory Traumatic Brain Injury - Are Concussions On the Rise? Fall 2015
365.   Schlandt, Jack Signal Analysis and Audio Filtering Using Fast Fourier Transform Fall 2015
366.   Sherman, Ryan Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Blood Loss Fall 2015
367.   Siddiqui, Ahnaf Approximating Average Surface Area of Fluctuating Lipid Leaflets Using Weighted Grid Tessellation Fall 2015
368.   Stukbauer, Kelly The Forces Affecting a Sailboat Fall 2015
369.   Taneja, Kamil The Relationship Between the Length of Chinook Parr and the Temperature of the Water in the Muskegon Fall 2015
370.   Tiedge, Christopher Analysis of a Cantilever Beam Fall 2015
371.   Tran, Huy Betta Fish Growth Equation Fall 2015
372.   Veira, Kyora How the Heat Rate of a Gas Turbine Affects its Efficiency Fall 2015
373.   Velez, Luis Speed or Launch Angle? Fall 2015
374.   Villarreal, Jorge Applications of Fractals in Computer Graphics Fall 2015
375.   Wallace, Cameron The Properties of a Vase Fall 2015
376.   Waugh, Brett Assimilation of Cyber-security Metrics Fall 2015
377.   Williams, Carter Blood Flux Through Integration Fall 2015
378.   Wilson, Jeremy The Effect of the Olympics on Registration Levels for Developmental Gymnastics Fall 2015
379.   Winters, Erika Radioactivity: Internal Radiation Fall 2015
380.   Wodrich, Sean Creating a Drainage Basin Fall 2015
381.   Zylis, Matthew Temperature of Compressed Gas in an Automobile Engine Fall 2015
382.   Aal Shahabi, Shahab Projectile Motion Spring 2014
383.   Abreu, Jeremy Regression Analysis of Campus Tours Spring 2014
384.   Al-Rawahi, Mohammed Oman Oil Production Spring 2014
385.   Alam, Tasfiq Effect of Air Resistance on a Soccer Ball Spring 2014
386.   Alkhal, Ibrahim Building Strong Dam Across the River Spring 2014
387.   Alonso, Helen Applications of Calculus to Cancerous Cell Growth Spring 2014
388.   Anneaud, Meles Age of the Universe Spring 2014
389.   Aquino, Christopher Optimization of a Chemical Reactor Train Spring 2014
390.   Austin, Jared Modeling the Effects of the Invasive Burmese Python on Bobcat and Panther Populations in the Florida Spring 2014
391.   Bagdadi, Munazzah Genome Evolution Spring 2014
392.   Bastien, Thomas Moon Cycles and Menstrual Cycles Spring 2014
393.   Bayne, Timothy Fill Needed for a Highway Exit Ramp Spring 2014
394.   Beharry, Aryan Exploring the SIS Epidemic model in relation to the common cold Spring 2014
395.   Black, Kimberly Air Traffic Control Spring 2014
396.   Blackwood, Marisa Maximum Efficiency of a Wind Turbine Spring 2014
397.   Bowen, Taylor Model For Facial Cooling Spring 2014
398.   Carlson, Austin AC Transients in a RC Circuit Spring 2014
399.   Chaudhry, Muhammad Asim Calculus in Electrical Engineering Spring 2014
400.   Coraci, Veronica Hydrolysis of Acetic Anhydride in a CSTR Spring 2014
401.   Core, Robert Using Integrals to Identify Chemical Formulas Spring 2014
402.   Courant, Vincent SIR epidemiology model and cholera epidemic prevention Spring 2014
403.   Cureton, Joshua Diving Dilemma Spring 2014
404.   Curtis, Richard Diffusion of Sodium into Silicon dioxide Spring 2014
405.   Daniel, Aaron Programming a Basketball Spring 2014
406.   Davila, Erik Pressure, Volume, and Work Done in an Internal Combustion Engine Spring 2014
407.   Delgado, Christopher Energy Produced from a Solar Panel Spring 2014
408.   Dornbusch, Samuel Optimization of Pine Tree Farming Spring 2014
409.   Dorri, Ali Pendulum Spring 2014
410.   Evans, Jessica How to Determine Length Medicine Stays in Human Body Spring 2014
411.   Feldmann, Timothy Analysis of a Turbojet Engine Spring 2014
412.   Feola, Stephanie Stochastic Modeling of Drug Aggregation Spring 2014
413.   Fischer, Lynn Analysis of Radioactive Decay of Uranium 238 Spring 2014
414.   Fountain, Evan Finding the Centroid of an Airfoil Spring 2014
415.   French, Thomas Space Travel Spring 2014
416.   Gibney, Daniel Minimizing Reservoir Costs Spring 2014
417.   Gignon Jadoul, Valentine Blood Alcohol Levels Spring 2014
418.   Gilbert, Jay Flint River Flow Spring 2014
419.   Gjonaj, Erald Analysis of Adiabatic Batch Reactor Spring 2014
420.   Goldhagen, David Schwerer Gustav Cannon Trajectory, II Spring 2014
421.   Hilsabeck, Timothy Applicaions of Bezier Curves in Computer Graphics Spring 2014
422.   Hurley, Monique Calculating times of yellow light intervals for intersections on inclines Spring 2014
423.   Jean Philippe, Gefthe Optimizing a Fuel Cell Spring 2014
424.   Jimenez, Yamil Uranium-Lead Radiometric Dating Spring 2014
425.   Jones, Austin Performance Comparison of a CVT and a Manual Transmission Spring 2014
426.   Kam, Stacy Shape of a Roller Coaster for the Minimum Time of Travel Spring 2014
427.   Karanxha, Kris Finding the Centroid and Center of Mass Spring 2014
428.   Karunas, Kowit Big O Notation and Program Run-Time Spring 2014
429.   Kaushal, Apoorv Stock Prices Spring 2014
430.   Keith, James Decoding Surround Sound Spring 2014
431.   Kenworthy, Elizabeth Flow Rate of a Cylindrical Tank Spring 2014
432.   Kim, Alexander Speed of Standing Wave of Breaking Guitar String Spring 2014
433.   Klein, Gregory Optimizing Engine Efficiency with the Rotational Inertia of a Flywheel Spring 2014
434.   Kowaleski, Adam Interdependent Modeling: Aquaculture and Cuniculture Spring 2014
435.   Lipps, David Development of Analytic Tools for Green Florescent Protein (GFP) Health Span Curves of Caenorhabditi Spring 2014
436.   Loughry, Courtney Robotics: Robotic Motion Spring 2014
437.   Lozano, Diego Splenic Expression of CD-36 in a Rat Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Spring 2014
438.   Luu, Minh Study about Hawaii’s Volcano’s Activities by Using Radioactive Decay Formula. Spring 2014
439.   Maher, Stephen Analysis of a Free Kick Spring 2014
440.   Marschall, Kyle Applying Calculus to Calculate Probability of a Paint Hiding in One Coat Spring 2014
441.   McAdams, Nicholas Ball and Socket Joint Spring 2014
442.   McDaniel, Robert Radiometric Dating of Igneous Rocks Spring 2014
443.   Meyers, David Determining Volume of Tanks in a plug Flow Reactor Spring 2014
444.   Miller, Samara Power from a Geothermal Source Using a Brayton Cycle Spring 2014
445.   Munnia, Patrick Optimization of n stage compressor Spring 2014
446.   Nan, Ja Seng Light Measurements in West Florida Shelf Waters Spring 2014
447.   Parkinson, Scott Optimum Gear Ratios for an Electric Vehicle Spring 2014
448.   Patel, Jeshica Anthropogenic Impact on Panda Populations Spring 2014
449.   Perdomo, Alberto Optimization and Cooling Performance of Racing Radiators Spring 2014
450.   Petersen, Kevin Gompertz Equation: Quantifying Growth Rates of Tumors Spring 2014
451.   Pikalov, Roman Inversion Line for Carbon Dioxide Gas Spring 2014
452.   Rajaram, Kiran Piston Inertia of a Reciprocating Engine Spring 2014
453.   Rattanachane, Katherine Analysis of Escherichia coli growth and Phage-Infected Escherichia coli Growth Spring 2014
454.   Rhoades, Matthew Determining Past Environmental Conditions through Examination of Stalagmites Spring 2014
455.   Sarasola, Sarah Variables in Life Expectancy Spring 2014
456.   Schekorra, Frederick Area of Concrete Needed for the Sides of an Exit Ramp Spring 2014
457.   Seed, Michael Usage Value of Jeep Wranglers Spring 2014
458.   Shakoor, Adnan Investigating the Nature of the Natural Logarithmic Function by Means of Comparison with the Integra Spring 2014
459.   Sivitz, Kiefer Optimization of Shed Construction Spring 2014
460.   Soler, Alexander Global Positioning System and the Least-Squares Solution Spring 2014
461.   Stange, Sean Physics Engines and Video Game Development Spring 2014
462.   Stevens, Andrew Optimization of an Irrigation Channel Spring 2014
463.   Suarez, David Bridge Design Spring 2014
464.   Sullivan, Christian Estimating the Most Fuel-Cost Efficient Route Spring 2014
465.   Surbaugh, Kerri Modeling Methane Emissions by Ruminants Spring 2014
466.   Swantek, Jessica Transition To Color Television Spring 2014
467.   Torres, Jose Alta, Wyoming Groundwater Flow Spring 2014
468.   Toth, Elizabeth Optimum Location of an Oil Storage Facility with Different Supply Rates Spring 2014
469.   Truong, Kristen Fourier Transform: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spring 2014
470.   Watkins, Michael Growth Rate of the U.S. Population Spring 2014
471.   Wattanavijit, Poomipong How To Play a Better Golf Spring 2014
472.   Wood, Daniel Volume and Total Erupted Mass of Volcanic Ash Deposit Spring 2014
473.   Wormsley, Patrick The Gravitational Force of a Hollow Mass Spring 2014
474.   Zambito, Zachary Analyzing Solar Farm Production Spring 2014
475.   Agudelo, Maira The Mathematics of Rainbows Fall 2014
476.   Al lawati, Ahmed Using calculus to show the Oman crude oil production for the last decade Fall 2014
477.   Alangari, Nasser Predicting Certain Aspects of a Cars Performance from Engine and Drivetrein Data Fall 2014
478.   Albakr, Meshari Using Numerical Integrations to find out the area of The Marco Polo Bridge Fall 2014
479.   Alers, Alyssa Global Warming Impact on Alligator Population Fall 2014
480.   Apugliese, Dominic Colored Television Made Possible due to Mathematics through the use of Fourier Series Fall 2014
481.   Arden, Jared Essentials for building a CD Drive Fall 2014
482.   Borne, Adam Hexokinase Volume to Surface Area Ratio Change during Phosphorylation of β-Glucose Fall 2014
483.   Boykin, Ashley Calculus and X-Rays Fall 2014
484.   Burke, Caelen Uptime of Proc Per Minute vs. Internal Cool Down Fall 2014
485.   Burwell, Kyle Spring Harmonic Motion Fall 2014
486.   Cox, Jeffrey Accurate Depiction of Mannochloris oculata Growth Curve Fall 2014
487.   Crawford, Patrick The Advanced Mathematics Behind Kicking a Soccer Ball Fall 2014
488.   Dewantoro, Nikita Approximation of Landfill Waste in 2014 Fall 2014
489.   Edwards, Hannah United States Population Growth Fall 2014
490.   Fadel, Muaath Drug Sensitivity Fall 2014
491.   Feldmann, Timothy Implications of Fourier Series for the Manipulation of Analog Television Signals Fall 2014
492.   Geller, Frederick Estimating Future Population Numbers for Whooping Cranes Using the Logistic Equation Fall 2014
493.   Gillespie, George EFFECT OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS ON BLOOD FLOW Fall 2014
494.   Gioiosa, Steven Neautralizing a target Fall 2014
495.   Godwin, Brianna Concentration of Phosphorus in the Everglades Fall 2014
496.   Golisch, Michael Using Calculus to Fill Potholes Fall 2014
497.   Gomez, Delmis Thermodynamics in a coke can Fall 2014
498.   Gomogda, Jonathan Calculation of VAPOL Phosphoric Acid’s Open Region Fall 2014
499.   Griffin, Darrell Horsepower of an Diesel Engine Fall 2014
500.   Harry, Collin Java Program Algorithm for Pi (Monte Carlo Technique) Fall 2014
501.   Hector, Jon-Christopher Probability of Bacterial Infection per Patient Fall 2014
502.   Hemsley, Kyle Analysis of Polynomials Via Newton's Method Fall 2014
503.   Hussamy, Samer Dosage Rates Fall 2014
504.   Indawala, Shana A Mathematical Approach to Calculating the U.S. Population Fall 2014
505.   Isaac, Marc Calculation of Centroids in Irregular Shaped Objects Fall 2014
506.   Jean Philippe, Gefthe Finding Time of Death Fall 2014
507.   Kenworthy, Elizabeth Sizing of a Storage Tank Outlet Fall 2014
508.   Kesler, Brianna Assessing the Impact of Humans on Nature's Biodiversity Fall 2014
509.   Kirkham, John Radioactive Decay: St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant Fall 2014
510.   Kowaleski, Adam Methods for Plotting Streamlines for Potential Fluid Flow Fall 2014
511.   Kuivila, Lucas The Lagrangian and the Double Pendulum Fall 2014
512.   Kulow, Alyssa Importance of Proper Dosage Calculations Fall 2014
513.   Loudermilk, Kurt Using An Algorithm To Solve Definite Integrals Fall 2014
514.   Malestein, Gabriel Finding Principal Stresses of a Stress Tensor Fall 2014
515.   Malley, Brandon Induced Drag Reduction Fall 2014
516.   Mandell, Alec Tower of Hanoi Fall 2014
517.   Marlowe, Joseph Optimizing Sound Levels Fall 2014
518.   Martin, Michael Submarine V. Surface Ship—Related Rates Fall 2014
519.   Martinez, Rafael Calculus in Space Fall 2014
520.   Matias, Josshuae Calculating Rates of Heat Transfer Fall 2014
521.   MCCarthy, Kevin Practical Use and Application of the Mean Value Theorem Fall 2014
522.   Miller, Gregory Cable Tension and Shape on a Suspension Bridge Fall 2014
523.   Mull, Jonathan Pipeline Problems Fall 2014
524.   Musto, Sarafina Estimation of Population Size Using the Mark-Recapture Method Fall 2014
525.   Nazar, Jordan Nozzle Fall 2014
526.   Paoli, Renato Thrust of a Rocket Fall 2014
527.   Patel, Sujal Calculating the Speed of a Space Shuttle Fall 2014
528.   Perry, Winston Pole vault analysis Fall 2014
529.   Pilz, John Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Fall 2014
530.   Pinkston, Rachel Using Calculus to Model the 2014 Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa Fall 2014
531.   Pope, Matthew Net Work Produced by a Closed Simple Piston Fall 2014
532.   Rehberg, Danielle Analysis of Forces Experienced by an Uke due to Three Different Judo Throws Fall 2014
533.   Reynolds, Anne Analysis and Forecast of Acidic Concentration in Tampa Bay Fall 2014
534.   Roqueplot, Daniel Rocket car simulation Fall 2014
535.   Roux, Blake Potassium-Argon Radiometric Dating Fall 2014
536.   Sadek, Mark Rate of Displacement between Porsche 918 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Fall 2014
537.   Sanchez, Amanda Dosage Calculation and Drug Concentration over Time Fall 2014
538.   Sanders, Caitlin Observing Survival Rates of the Quarantine Process in Aquarium Fish Fall 2014
539.   Scott, Willard Electrical Efficiency of a Solar Cell Fall 2014
540.   Smith, Grayce Finding and Comparing the Diversity of Two Areas within an Ecosystem Fall 2014
541.   Spampinato, Sara Impact of Shear Stress on Endothelial Permeability Fall 2014
542.   Stanton, Kyle The Use of Big O Notation in Runtime Analysis. Fall 2014
543.   Stinson, Maxwell Optimize the Aspect Ratio for Vertical Wind Turbine Fall 2014
544.   Sweetman, Samuel Studying Deer Harvest Restrictions Fall 2014
545.   Syzonenko, Steven Trapezoidal Rule Fall 2014
546.   Szydlowski, Adam Formula Creation for Finding the Mass in a Vibration Isolation System Fall 2014
547.   Tamasy, Andrew Water Tower Specifications Fall 2014
548.   Tanner, Marissa RCW Population Fall 2014
549.   Tran, Tam Optimization of Cardiac Disease Preventions Through Diet Fall 2014
550.   Untiveros, Daniel Runtime Analysis of an Algorithm Fall 2014
551.   Upchurch, James Don't Fret It Fall 2014
552.   Wagner, Paul The Calculus of Skydiving - Terminal Speed Fall 2014
553.   Waller, Natalie Work Done with Increasing Coefficient of Friction Fall 2014
554.   Waters, Jamie Rocket Flight Path Fall 2014
555.   White, Logan Modeling Rocket Flight in the Low-Friction Approximation Fall 2014
556.   Wilson, Tranise Growth of Healthcare Spending Fall 2014
557.   Wodrich, Sean Analysis of Precipitation Data Fall 2014
558.   Wood, Gregory Sea Level Rise Acceleration Fall 2014
559.   Woodyard, Heather Smart Headphones Fall 2014
560.   Zamora , Maria Current Amount Fall 2014
561.   Zamudio, Frank Cortical Brain Volume Affected by Reactive Astrogliosis in the rTg4510 Mouse Model Fall 2014
562.   Zarobinski, Robert Calculus in Computer Science Fall 2014
563.   Arnstein, Andrea Optimizing A Vessel Spring 2013
564.   Atteridge, Chris Predicting Outcomes of a Drug Overdose Spring 2013
565.   Ballester, Milva Groundwater Remediation through Air Stripping Spring 2013
566.   Bazzigaluppi, Giorgio Mathematical analysis of FCIT website hits Spring 2013
567.   Brett, Patrick Familial Alzheimer Spring 2013
568.   Byram, Matthew The volume of water in a biosand filter Spring 2013
569.   Carlson, Matthew Euler-Bernoulli's Beam Bending Spring 2013
570.   Cimino, Victor Optimum Thickness of Furnace Insulation Spring 2013
571.   Claiborne, Giovanna Oxygen Depletion in a River Spring 2013
572.   Clift, Brittany Electrical Efficiency of a CuInGaSe2 Solar Panel Spring 2013
573.   Correa, John Evaporation of Volatile Organics from Basins in Series Spring 2013
574.   Cruz, Paul Solomon Energy in a Battery Spring 2013
575.   Curtis, Richard Optimum compression ratio for an Otto cycle engine Spring 2013
576.   Dahl, John Water Level Prediction Spring 2013
577.   De La Rosa, Gary Finding the Volume of a Material Inside a Silo Spring 2013
578.   Egg, Jordan Optimization of a Geothermal Turbine Spring 2013
579.   Eisenmann, Justin Analysis of an Adiabatic Plug Flow Reactor Spring 2013
580.   Erickson, Nathaniel Battery Consumption and Efficiency Spring 2013
581.   Finn, Leah Modeling HIV/AIDS Dynamics Assuming a Vaccine is Found Spring 2013
582.   Fisher, Adrian Suspension Bridge Spring 2013
583.   Fisher, Perry Roller Coaster Jerk Spring 2013
584.   Frederic, Ernide Ridership of the C-route Spring 2013
585.   Gallardo, Pavel Foam Walls ”Cost” Spring 2013
586.   Gibson, Mathew Dive Profiles: The Varying Permeability Model Spring 2013
587.   Gittens, Ryan Average Temperature in a Steel Bearing During Quenching Spring 2013
588.   Gordeev, Maxim Ballast Required for a Buoy Spring 2013
589.   Grant, Lauren Using BOD for Safe Activated Sludge Disposal in a Stream Spring 2013
590.   Gutierrez, Riccardo Embedded Systems Spring 2013
591.   Harris, Brooke Temperature Distribution in a Cylindrical Bar Spring 2013
592.   Hernandez, Lucas Growth Rate of the Invasive Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades Spring 2013
593.   Hilsabeck, Timothy Converting File Types Using Bezier Curves Spring 2013
594.   Hivatal, Gyozo Taping Machines at IPG Spring 2013
595.   Holloway, Brian Determining the Optimum Number of Ordering Cycles Spring 2013
596.   Jean-Philippe, Tite Reaction Forces on a Beam with a Distributed Load Spring 2013
597.   Jimenez, Juan Finding Maximum Dimension for an Object to go through an Irregular Confined Space Spring 2013
598.   Jones, Jonathan Weight and Surface Area of a Prosthetic Limb Spring 2013
599.   Keith, James Applying Calculus in Computer Science Spring 2013
600.   Kirchner, Patrick Borrow Our Bikes: What's the Trend Spring 2013
601.   Landes, Maxwell S.S NEMO - Undersea Lab Shell Volume Spring 2013
602.   Lawrence, Candace Silver Nanoparticle Saturation of Clay Pot Water Filters Spring 2013
603.   Lawrence, Sarah Sizing a Dragster Parachute Spring 2013
604.   Lee, Elizabeth Work From A Stirling Cycle Spring 2013
605.   Leonarczyk, Zoe Controlled Release of a Drug Spring 2013
606.   Li, Suzanne Using Integration to make a Mathematical Model of Deflection for Single Linear Polymers Spring 2013
607.   Lostroscio, Kaitlin A Retrospective Analysis of a Vibration Problem in NASA Spring 2013
608.   Lotito, Erin The Endangerment of Tigers Spring 2013
609.   Lucas, Despina Modeling of Intraperitoneal Volume Spring 2013
610.   Ludwig, Michael The Human Cannon Spring 2013
611.   Mahabir, Dale Using Accelerometers to Find Velocity and Position Values Spring 2013
612.   Malhan, Sarita Inventory Management for Multiple Products Spring 2013
613.   Marquez, Odelkys Behavior of a Pedestrian Bridge Under Uniform Loading Spring 2013
614.   Marrero Disla, Marcos Air Traffic Control Spring 2013
615.   Marshalsea, Maddison Capillary Density Spring 2013
616.   Marzano, Jeremy Discharging of Capacitors in Parallel Spring 2013
617.   McColgan, Timothy Calculating Imidacloprid Concentrations in Soils Spring 2013
618.   McHale, Caitlin Fill Needed for a Highway Entrance Ramp Spring 2013
619.   Merino, Oscar Finding parameters for General Logistic Growth equation in Mammalian Cells Spring 2013
620.   Miller, Tiffany A Mathematical Approach to the Growth Rate of Solid Breast Cancer Tumors Spring 2013
621.   Mills, Mike Ballast Required for a Buoy Spring 2013
622.   Mireles, Shelby Future of America‘s Electricity Use Spring 2013
623.   Montesi, Jonathan Calculation of the Riemann Integral Through Java Spring 2013
624.   Muschamp, Robert Weight of a Prosthetic Leg Spring 2013
625.   Nallamshetty, Deepya Bicycle Speed through Different Gears with Drag Spring 2013
626.   Nomikos, Nikolas Fill Needed for a Highway Overpass Spring 2013
627.   Novikov, Timofei Optimum Gear Ratios for an Electric Vehicle Spring 2013
628.   Pate, Wesley Optimization of an Extraction-Evaporation Process Spring 2013
629.   Patel, Adit Removal of Atmospheric Ammonia During a Rain Event Spring 2013
630.   Peguero, Luz Optimal Manufacturing Strategy for Three Products Spring 2013
631.   Perez, Gabriel Calculating Reaction Time to Intercept a Missile Spring 2013
632.   Petrovich, Aidan Investigation of the Particle Flux of Seed Disperial Spring 2013
633.   Powell, Charles Embedded Systems - Tank Artillery Alignment Spring 2013
634.   Qablawi, Jeanette Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis Spring 2013
635.   Raabe, Kjersti The Effect of Air Resistance on a Cannon Ball Spring 2013
636.   Reddy, Sanil Prevalence of Asthma Throughout Life Span Spring 2013
637.   Rivera, Danny Necessity of an Immune System via Viral Replication Model Spring 2013
638.   Rosario, Ariane Calculating the Solar Energy of a Flat Plate Collector Spring 2013
639.   Scarpinato, Scott Concrete Needed for the Sides of an Exit Ramp Spring 2013
640.   Schmidt, Connor Fishig Reel Drag Mechanism Spring 2013
641.   Scott, Cameo Study of Dieldrin in Coralville Reservoir Spring 2013
642.   Seed, Michael Man-Weeks at a Construction Site Spring 2013
643.   Sewell, Ashlie Medicare Enrollment on the Rise Spring 2013
644.   Sferrazza, Salvatore Temperature Profiles in Keowee Reservoir Spring 2013
645.   Shatzer, Andrew Obtaining the Age of the Universe Spring 2013
646.   Shumate, Jessica Swainson's Hawks Migration Area Spring 2013
647.   Simoes, Peter Leslie Matrix Predicting Lizard Populations Spring 2013
648.   Skelton, Donnie Predicting Future Trends in Florida Transportation Spring 2013
649.   Sklyar, Andrey Energy output from a solar panel Spring 2013
650.   Sloop, Garrett Electromagnetic Wave Relation to Temperature Spring 2013
651.   Stewart-Frantz, Kyle Controlled Release of a Drug Spring 2013
652.   Stone, Joshua Simulation of Model Rocket Flight Spring 2013
653.   Tavarez, Samantha Estimating Lava Flow Volume: Applications in Volcanic Hazard Assessment Spring 2013
654.   Terk, Alexander AC Transients in an RC Circuit Spring 2013
655.   Thomas, Gregory Average Daily Flow of a Sewer Pump Station Spring 2013
656.   Traina, Vincent Executing Orbital Maneuvers Spring 2013
657.   Varner, Emily Diffusion of TCE into Soil Spring 2013
658.   Villamizar, Silvana Power for a Micro-Engine Spring 2013
659.   Weber, August Modeling the Volume and Temperature of a Rocket Engine Tank Spring 2013
660.   Wedebrock, Matthew Ballistics with Air Resistance Spring 2013
661.   West, Stacy The Impact Cogongrass has on Biodiversity at Circle B Bar Reserve Spring 2013
662.   Wilcox, Janelle Specification of Shape of a Bridge Spring 2013
663.   Willis, Kristopher Circuit Noise Spring 2013
664.   Wilson, Ethan 2005 Honda TRX450r Performance Testing Spring 2013
665.   Witherspoon, Nelson Analyzing Vehicle Rental Volume Spring 2013
666.   Yocum, Lydia Volume of Refractory Material Spring 2013
667.   Zalmanoff, Max Simulation of an RC Circuit Spring 2013
668.   Zambito, Zachary America Substation Load Evaluation Spring 2013
669.   Zapata, David On the Analysis of Growth curve of L plantarum bacteria using Richardson Spring 2013
670.   Aboulhosn, Rihana Optimal Operation of an Evaporator Fall 2013
671.   Ali, Wesam Road up a mountain Fall 2013
672.   Alishahedani, Mohammadali Stochastic Approach in the Field of Neuroscience Fall 2013
673.   Allemang, Christopher Computation Fluid Dynamics Investigation of Nanoparticles in Injector Fall 2013
674.   Annibali, Anthony Rainfall Storage Capacity of a Phosphogypsum Stack Fall 2013
675.   Antonov, Vanko River Erosion and Deposition Fall 2013
676.   Arnstein, Andrea Optimal Manufacturing Strategy for Three Products Fall 2013
677.   Baldeweg-Rau, Maximilian Oblate Cloud of Gas Analysis and Calculation Fall 2013
678.   Barringer, Coyt Analysis and Application of PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) Control Loops on the Inverted Pen Fall 2013
679.   Barthle, Ruth Removal of CO2 by Sea Floor Subduction Fall 2013
680.   Battistini, Vincent The Fourier Transform: A Preview of One of the Fundamental Equations Involved in the Integrated Fiel Fall 2013
681.   Bazemore, Amanda Bakery Sales Fall 2013
682.   Bernstein, Jessica Radiation Levels Fall 2013
683.   Bojar, Jonathan Radiometric Dating Project Fall 2013
684.   Boshers, Aaron Paper Vs. Digital Fall 2013
685.   Brown, Rikki Analysis of Three Different Types of Closed-Head Injuries Fall 2013
686.   Bryant-Rider, Kylie Memory Formation and Retention in the Neurons of the Brain over Time Fall 2013
687.   Bunn, Anthony Radar (Speed) Gun Physics Fall 2013
688.   Burton, Krystal Modeling Blood Alcohol Content Fall 2013
689.   Cannon, Jeramy Using Integrals to Find Automotive Braking Time and Distance Fall 2013
690.   Cardona, Brian Effects of Variable Injection Rates on Thermodilution Cardiac Output Fall 2013
691.   Carlson, Austin Oscillation of a Cable Fall 2013
692.   Casiano, Jonathan Effects of Air Resistance Fall 2013
693.   Chen, Sharon Growth of Tumors Fall 2013
694.   Cochran, Joseph Relative Pressure Change Caused by Depth Fall 2013
695.   Coelho, Brian Compressor Optimization Fall 2013
696.   DePagter, Paige A Comparison Between Wild-Type and Mutated Bacteria Population Sizes Fall 2013
697.   Do, Hung The Use of Pi in Mechanical Engineering Fall 2013
698.   Elkins, Michael Distribution of Graduation Applications in the College of Business Fall 2013
699.   Engelberger, Eric Fuel Economy of a Hummer H2 at Highway Speeds Fall 2013
700.   Flores, Kristy When Growth of Staphylococcus Aureus Begins After Being Introduced to Propofol and Thiopentone Fall 2013
701.   Foster, Jeffrey Using Programming To Simplify Derivation Fall 2013
702.   Franklin, Dominique Volatilization of Tetrachloroethene Fall 2013
703.   Fulmore, Lareisa Embedded Systems: Missile Detection/Interception Fall 2013
704.   Gaetano, Nicholas Flight Path of Arrow Shot from Compound Bow Fall 2013
705.   Gajownik, Veronica Adiabatic Lapse Rates Fall 2013
706.   Galentine, Aaron Satellite Receiving Dish Fall 2013
707.   Glassman, Madeline Reaction Forces on a Beam With a Distributed Load Fall 2013
708.   Gleason, Edward Determining the Efficiency of a Second Pizza Oven Fall 2013
709.   Goldhagen, David Schwerer Gustav Cannon Trajectory Fall 2013
710.   Graham, Onterio Latent Heat of Fusions of Ice Fall 2013
711.   Grillo, Michael Sequential Reactions in a CSTR Fall 2013
712.   Guzman, Kevin Judo - The Marriage of Nature and Physics Fall 2013
713.   Hadden, Brooke Volume of a Storm Pond Fall 2013
714.   Hajaistron, Hunter Rayleigh Distillation Fall 2013
715.   Hayes, David Finding Uniform Deceleration of the Mars Rover Fall 2013
716.   Heburn, Kristine Initial Application of the N-body Problem Fall 2013
717.   Hengstler, Ryan Projectile Motion Fall 2013
718.   Hicks, Tyler Subtle Artistry in Cogent Statistical Inferences Fall 2013
719.   Hoffman, Alexander Volume of Gas Tank Calculus Real World Application Fall 2013
720.   Holets, Tyler Bifuraction of Blood Vessels and Vascularity in the Human Body Fall 2013
721.   Huynh, Long Bouncing Ball Calculation Fall 2013
722.   Jordan, Nathan The Future of the Rhino Fall 2013
723.   Kanz, Brecken The Effect of Air Resistance on a Golf Ball Fall 2013
724.   Kaushal, Apoorv Solar Panels Fall 2013
725.   Kelly, Noel Slow Moving Computer Virus Fall 2013
726.   Kidd, Kaitlin Glucose Level Model Fall 2013
727.   King, Jacqueline Time of Death Fall 2013
728.   Kirchofer, Richard Integral Simulation Fall 2013
729.   Kussmaul, Stephen Variable Drag Coefficient for a Winchester .356 200 grain bullet Fall 2013
730.   Lantz, Jordan Advance Placement Testing in Public Schools Fall 2013
731.   LePochat, Patrick Selectivity of Gases in an MOF Fall 2013
732.   Lowe, Ashley Estimated Bald Cypress Biomass Fall 2013
733.   MacDougall, Tyler Calculating Work Done to Pull Coal Out of a Mine Shaft Fall 2013
734.   Malkowski, Amy Converting Between GPS Systems Fall 2013
735.   Mann, Davidson Finding the Right Amount Fall 2013
736.   Marinello-Silva, Giovanni Rifle Marksmanship Analysis Fall 2013
737.   Maurente, Maximiliano Volume of Revolution Fall 2013
738.   McAdams, Nicholas Road Construction Fall 2013
739.   McBee, Tyler Calculating the Flow Rate of a Water Feature Fall 2013
740.   Miller, Scott Volume of Duct Bank Excavation Fall 2013
741.   Moghal, Angbeen A Different Grading Method Fall 2013
742.   Moller, Katarina Specification of a Caliper Disc Brake Fall 2013
743.   Morrow, Chris Analysis of a Quarterbacks Throw Fall 2013
744.   Nabergall, Lukas Initial Conditions and Dynamics of the Ricker Model Fall 2013
745.   Ngamwongpaiboon, Supakij Best Buy Stock Analysis Fall 2013
746.   Nurbekova, Assel Identifying Tumor Growth on Gompertz Growth Model and its Applications Fall 2013
747.   Orellana, Alexandro Florida Population Density Analysis Fall 2013
748.   Paffenroth, Tyler Calculus in Radioactive Decay Rates Fall 2013
749.   Pavlova, Yuliya The Half-Life of a Drug Fall 2013
750.   Pham, Minh Survival Analysis - Breast Cancer Fall 2013
751.   Pikalov, Roman Hilsa Harvest from Inland and Marine Sector of Bangladesh Fall 2013
752.   Plourde, Paul Population Dynamics of Toads Fall 2013
753.   Poudrette, Allen If Malthus Was Right Fall 2013
754.   Pucciarelli, Anne Growth Rates in Schools Fall 2013
755.   Raibon, Kirkland Perfect Pitch Fall 2013
756.   Rajaram, Kiran Area of a Two Stroke Internal Combustion Port Fall 2013
757.   Redlick, Sara Controlled Release of a Drug Fall 2013
758.   Riedal, Tyler Numerical Approximation of Integrals using Multi-Segment Trapezoidal Rule Fall 2013
759.   Rockwell, Timothy Integration with Metal Fall 2013
760.   Rugger, Tiffany Affect of Water on Lava Flow Fall 2013
761.   Runjaic, Jelena Predicting the Effects of Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Fall 2013
762.   Sajan, Jithin Optimizing Muzzel Velocity of a Rifle in Relation to Barrel Length Fall 2013
763.   Saxon, Paul Dish Receiver Design Fall 2013
764.   Scott, Cy Gold Tooth Inlay: Possible Cavity Shapes Fall 2013
765.   Sigh, Donna Enzyme Concentration and Rate of Reaction Fall 2013
766.   Singh, Alok IR through Mathematics Fall 2013
767.   Smith, Andrew Calculated and Applied Centroids Fall 2013
768.   Spencer, Daniel Optimizing Speed Via Tire Pressure Fall 2013
769.   Stephan, Mary Predicting Hypereutrophication in Lakes Fall 2013
770.   Suleskey, Charles Analysis of Radioactive Decay Fall 2013
771.   Sweeney, Greg Air Flights Traffic Fall 2013
772.   Taha, Ihab Calculating the Kinematics of a Mustang Fall 2013
773.   Tucker, Corey Predicting Cylinder Wall Distortion When Torque Plate Honing Fall 2013
774.   Valle, Vladimir Projections at the USF Sun Dome Fall 2013
775.   Vanis, Clayton Optimization of Payload for Multi-Stage Rockets Fall 2013
776.   Varicak, Michael Area/Integration Aproximation Fall 2013
777.   Vasserman, Alisa How Fourier Series Made Color Television Possible Fall 2013
778.   Vega, Tony Analysis of the Limits of Algorithms Fall 2013
779.   Veri, Lisa Enabling Correct Dosage of the Antibiotic Vancomycin To Prevent Nephrotoxicity Fall 2013
780.   Wade, Richard Sizing Of An Automotive Clutch Fall 2013
781.   Wagner, Kevin Pattern Formation Fall 2013
782.   Weber, August Modeling the Boost Phase of the RS68A Rocket Engine Fall 2013
783.   Wellman, Zachary Reliability and Redundancy Fall 2013
784.   Wendt, William Mutual Inductive Charging Fall 2013
785.   Wilke, Lea Maximum Sustainable Yield of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fall 2013
786.   Winder, Taylor Forces on the beams in an observation platform Fall 2013
787.   Yan, Shijing Maximum Profit for Trading Modules Fall 2013
788.   Zapata, Carolina Minimum Exterior Surface Area for a Given Volume of a Room-Size Building Fall 2013
789.   Zapf, Evan Optimization of an Agitated Extractor Fall 2013
790.   Zhou, Hao 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Performance Evaluation Fall 2013
791.   Zubka, Gavin Water For Miramar Fall 2013
792.   Abuimaish, Eyad Maximum Power Point of a Solar Cell Spring 2012
793.   Aikins, Timothy Waterline of a Barge Spring 2012
794.   Alba, Gregory Bicycle Speed Through Different Gears and Drag Spring 2012
795.   Albritton, Casey Sinkhole Volume Approximation Spring 2012
796.   Alqasemi, Hiba Blood Glucose Levels Spring 2012
797.   Antonic, Dajana Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis Spring 2012
798.   Apple, Christopher Skidding Distance on Wet and Dry Roads Spring 2012
799.   Arce, Jessica Optimum Gear Ratios for a Human-Powered Vehicle Spring 2012
800.   Ashcroft, Allison Overfishing the Common Snook Populations Spring 2012
801.   Bahamundi, Christopher Optimization of a Paint Mixer Spring 2012
802.   Barthe, Matthew Robotics: Robotic Boat Spring 2012
803.   Bellerose, Kaitlin Physical Description of the Eruption of Mount Tambora Spring 2012
804.   Beutler, Haley Inventory Management Spring 2012
805.   Bocanegra, LeeMarie Pressure-Time Curve and Work Done for a Compression-Ignition (CI) Engine Spring 2012
806.   Bouyett, Francine AC Transients in an RC Circuit Spring 2012
807.   Brautigam, John Simulation of a Roller Coaster Spring 2012
808.   Broncati, Bradley Shear Force and Bending Moment in a Beam Spring 2012
809.   Buckles, Brad Using Calculus to Interpret Time Varying Accelerations Spring 2012
810.   Cabana, Kenneth Job Site Optimization Cost Efficiency Problem Spring 2012
811.   Castillo, Maritza Calculus Helps Maintain Crops Healthy Spring 2012
812.   Chronister, Jordan Simulation of a Band Pass Filter Circuit Spring 2012
813.   Church, Jordan Naphthalene Oxidation in a Plug Flow Reactor Spring 2012
814.   Ciabatti, Mattias Effect of Tire Size on the Acceleration of a Monster Truck Spring 2012
815.   Claxton, Kyra Radioactive Dating in Geology Spring 2012
816.   Collado, Wilson Astronomy: Space Shuttle Landing Spring 2012
817.   Cooke, Paige High Jump Analysis Spring 2012
818.   Copello, Martin Voltage Smoothing with a Capacitor Spring 2012
819.   Courchaine, Jacob Finding Areas: Baseball Field Spring 2012
820.   Crall, Evan Optimization of a Water Gas Shift Reaction Spring 2012
821.   Cruz, Javier Robotics: Robot Motion Spring 2012
822.   Cunningham, Lindsey Movement Control Spring 2012
823.   Cunningham, Shannon Atom Electrons Spring 2012
824.   Dalzell, Alexander Optimization of a Heat Exchanger Spring 2012
825.   Daniels, Kristin Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and Alzheimer's Disease: Mathematically Modeling Disease Prevalence in Simula Spring 2012
826.   Davis, Zachary Geothermal Turbine Power Maximization Spring 2012
827.   Deputy, Ryan How's it hanging? – The Power Line Catenary Spring 2012
828.   Deutsch, Kaitlin The Elevation to Area Relationship of Lake Behnke Spring 2012
829.   Diaz, Jose Optimization for Producing Multiple Products Spring 2012
830.   Do, Nha-My Enzymes And Speed of Biochemical Reactions Spring 2012
831.   Dunlop, Eric Volatilization Of Benzene In A River Spring 2012
832.   Edinger, Natalie Heat Flow into a Semi-Infinite Solid Spring 2012
833.   Ehrlich, Maria Optimum Location of a Power Plant Spring 2012
834.   Eickholt, Maxwell AC Transients in an RL Circuit Spring 2012
835.   Entote, Justin Comparing Mitochondrial Genome Sequences Spring 2012
836.   Eppler, Ryan Optimization of an Open Trapezoidal Channel Spring 2012
837.   Espinoza, Perla Fill Needed for a Highway Overpass Spring 2012
838.   Ezzi, Insiya Repetition and Retention Spring 2012
839.   Field, Michael Telomerase and Human Fibroblast Cell Life In Vitro Spring 2012
840.   Figueroa, Javier Enzymes and Speed of Biochemical Reactions Spring 2012
841.   Frazier, Christopher Wage Inflation Spring 2012
842.   Frye, Joseph Vector Calculator Spring 2012
843.   Gallegos, Melanie Insulation Thickness for a Micro-Reactor Spring 2012
844.   Ghalayini, Zachary Designing a Freight Elevator Spring 2012
845.   Gulati, Amit Time to Fill an Elevated Storage Tank Spring 2012
846.   Guthrie, Tyler Resonance in a Suspension System Spring 2012
847.   Hamilton, Jermaine The Correlation Between Variables and Life Expectancy Spring 2012
848.   Hartman, Mackenzie Animal Scaling-Why Is Size So Important Spring 2012
849.   Herrmann, Ashley Rate of Polyphenol Oxidation in Bananas Under Two Temperatures Spring 2012
850.   Hilliard, Jonathan Analysis of a Turbojet Engine Spring 2012
851.   Hoffman, Nathan Fourier Series - Square Wave Series Spring 2012
852.   Hokenek, Orell Total Power Delivered to Discrete Electronics Spring 2012
853.   Hurley, Korey How Many Ways Can You Customize Your Dish? Spring 2012
854.   Hutchens, Tampa An Understanding of Beta Amyloid’s Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease Spring 2012
855.   Imperio, Allyson Volume of a Snail Shell Spring 2012
856.   Isaza, Humberto Simulation of a Thrill Ride Spring 2012
857.   Jang, Seung-eun Telomerase, Cancer, and Aging Spring 2012
858.   Katzen, Michael Analyzing Ideal Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels Spring 2012
859.   Keller, Nicholas Water Optimization Spring 2012
860.   Khan, Hirah The Calculus Behind Spontaneity Spring 2012
861.   Kovel, Tyler Finding Specific Volume to Minimize Materials Used Spring 2012
862.   Krotee, Garrett Tuning A Circuit To An External Frequency Spring 2012
863.   Leal, Jack Tracking the Yield of Securities Spring 2012
864.   Leal, Katelyn Hydrostatic Force: Where Does it Act? Spring 2012
865.   Likens, Calvin Voltage Smoothing with an L-Section Spring 2012
866.   Little, Mark Aerospace: Planetary Slingshot Spring 2012
867.   Lizardi, Timothy Potential Fields Spring 2012
868.   Lowery, Jonathan Balloon Lift Spring 2012
869.   Luong, Trang US Oil Reserves and Peak Oil Spring 2012
870.   Mahabir, Marcel Deflection of a Diving Board Spring 2012
871.   Mahdavitavakkoli, Ashkan Installation of Candles Spring 2012
872.   Manos, Lydia Reconstructing Pterosaur Wingspan Spring 2012
873.   Massell, Christopher Effect of Soccer Ball Size on Kick Distance Spring 2012
874.   McRae, Katina Baseball Injury Regression Spring 2012
875.   Melaram, Rajesh Correlation Between Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease and Ɛ4 Allele of Apolipoprotein E Spring 2012
876.   Menezes, John Finding Centroids the Easy Way Spring 2012
877.   Miller, Alexander Population of Squirrels at the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens Spring 2012
878.   Mira, Nicholas Comparison of Two Flywheel-Piston Linkages Spring 2012
879.   Modi, Nadim Projected Profits for the Expansion of Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa Spring 2012
880.   Montalvo, Raphael Radiosity Spring 2012
881.   Moore, Stephan Bridging The Gap Spring 2012
882.   Morales, Anthony Reaction Forces on a Beam with a Distributed Load Spring 2012
883.   Morency, Alexander Locations of Frets on a Guitar Spring 2012
884.   Mosenthal, Tristan Open Triangular Channel Flow Spring 2012
885.   Mowery, Taylor Maximum Efficiency of a Wind Turbine Spring 2012
886.   Munoz, Johana Optimization of a Product for Maximum Profit Spring 2012
887.   Myers, Sean Exhaust Emission Concentrations as a Function of Distance from the Road Spring 2012
888.   Nazar, Kahan Optimization of an n-Stage Compressor Spring 2012
889.   Neff, Christofer A Simplified Model of the Internal Combustion Engine Spring 2012
890.   Nguyen, Bich Quyen Population of the US in 2012 Spring 2012
891.   Nguyen, Nam Enzymes: More than just Proteins Spring 2012
892.   Nieto, Sean Simulation of Model Rocket Flight Spring 2012
893.   Noel, Ryan Surface Area of an Oil Slick Spring 2012
894.   Novikov, Timofei Power Generated by a 2-Stroke Engine Spring 2012
895.   Oldfield, Matthew Euler Integration with High and Low Pass Filters Spring 2012
896.   Owens, Kamilah Optimum location of a central storage facility Spring 2012
897.   Palmer, Alexander Horsepower from a 2-Stroke Engine Spring 2012
898.   Patel, Akash Computer Simulation of a Gravity Dam Spring 2012
899.   Patel, Nishi Image Formation Through Concave/Convex Lenses Spring 2012
900.   Patel , Raj Water Tank Spring 2012
901.   Patterson, Keith Simulation of an RC Circuit Spring 2012
902.   Patterson, Tiffany Internal Forces Spring 2012
903.   Piekarski, Michael Calculation of the Volume of a Light Bulb Spring 2012
904.   Plas, Aryn Growth Curve of LPlantarum Bacteria Spring 2012
905.   Pocius, Melissa The Effect of Air Resistance on a Golf Ball Spring 2012
906.   Pryor, Fabrice Sizing a Full Disk Brake Spring 2012
907.   Pupo, Rebeca Adiabatic Flame Temperature for Combustion of Methane with a Diluent Gas Present Spring 2012
908.   Raymond, Nicholas Velocity and Position of any given Car Spring 2012
909.   Reed, Staci Cheaters in Herd Immunity Spring 2012
910.   Reeves, Matthew Solar Gain Spring 2012
911.   Remedios, David Optimal Insulation Thickness for the Minimum Annual Cost of Steam Piping Spring 2012
912.   Ritter, Erin Total Energy from a Photovoltaic Solar Cell Spring 2012
913.   Roa, Victor Prediciting the Next Residents Spring 2012
914.   Roby, Donald Calculation of Center of Gravity with Cylindrical Elements Spring 2012
915.   Rodriguez, Andy Analysis of an Adiabatic Batch Reactor Spring 2012
916.   Rodriguez, Samuel Area of Juniper Dining Spring 2012
917.   Roseboom, Ryan Maximum Weight on a Kayak Spring 2012
918.   Rossi, Christian Sizing of an Automotive Clutch Disc Spring 2012
919.   Safara, Paul High and Low Pass Filters Spring 2012
920.   Samaha, Omar Bioorthogonal Chemistry Spring 2012
921.   Saxon, William Controlled Release of a Drug Spring 2012
922.   Serrano, Geraldine Optimization of a Chemical Reactor Spring 2012
923.   Singh, Renita Speed of Sound on the Surface of Venus Spring 2012
924.   Singleton, Daniel Reaction Forces on a Beam with a Distributed Load Spring 2012
925.   Smith, Jeremy Study of Dieldrin in Coralville Reservoir Spring 2012
926.   Stine, Katrina Optimal Operation of a Concentrator Spring 2012
927.   Stonebraker, Joseph Otto Cycle Thermodynamics Spring 2012
928.   Thomas, Alexis The Probability of Michael's Custom Framing Sales Spring 2012
929.   Tomecek, Jake Simulation of Projectile Motion with Air Resistance Spring 2012
930.   Tommy Jr., Augustin Design of a Grain Hopper Spring 2012
931.   Tormey, Barry Arm Control Spring 2012
932.   Toun, Brandon Complexity of Mitochondrial Genome Sequences Spring 2012
933.   Tran, Trang Mathematical Modeling of Solar Energy Collection and Storage Spring 2012
934.   Trapuzzano, Matthew Diving Board Deflection Spring 2012
935.   Troyer, Timothy Mass Moment of Inertia of a Thin Plate Spring 2012
936.   Tudor, Benjamin Simulation of a Rack and Pinion System Spring 2012
937.   Valencia, Veronica Diffusion of Vitamin B12 across a Mesoporous Metal Organic Framework Spring 2012
938.   Varghese, Rojan Analysis of Enzyme Efficiency Spring 2012
939.   Vikre, Anne Integration Applied to Beams Spring 2012
940.   von Lindenberg, Kiel Comparative Analysis of GPS Data Spring 2012
941.   Wald, Ileana Modeling Flow Rate to Estimate Hydraulic Conductivity in a Parabolic Ceramic Water Filter Spring 2012
942.   Washington, Ashley Relating Population Size with Different Variables Spring 2012
943.   Wedebrock, Matthew An Optimization of Land to Produce the Most Gold Possible Spring 2012
944.   Wilczynski, Nina The Relationship between Enzymes and Substrate Concentration Spring 2012
945.   Williams, Thomas Antennas and Transmit Power Spring 2012
946.   Wilson, Dylan Air Resistance on a Paintball Spring 2012
947.   Wise, Kevin Trip to Mars Spring 2012
948.   Wisner, Brian Calculation of Imaging Projections Spring 2012
949.   Woods, Bryan Deflection of a Cantilevered Beam using the Integration Method Spring 2012
950.   Wright, Elsa Electrical Efficiency of a GaAs Solar Cell Spring 2012
951.   Yerrapragada, Niharika Statistical Significance in Spine Configuration Spring 2012
952.   Zucchelli, Vittoria Optimization of an Extraction-Evaporation Process Spring 2012
953.   Aikins, Timothy Barge Waterline Fall 2012
954.   Al-Khalil, Ahmed Cable Tension and Shape on a Suspension Bridge Fall 2012
955.   Altamirano, Erick Optimal Manufacturing Strategy For Multiple Products Fall 2012
956.   Alvarez, Jason Weight and Surface Area of a Prosthetic Limb Fall 2012
957.   Alzamzami, Hussam Effect of Tire Size on the Acceleration of a Monster Truck Fall 2012
958.   Beauchemin, Laura Springs! An Experiment Concerning Spring Constants and Damping Ratios Fall 2012
959.   Beutler, Haley Optimization of an Agitated Extractor Fall 2012
960.   Bonner, Devon An Investigation of the Relationship between Geographic Distance to Treating Facility and Time betwe Fall 2012
961.   Borja, Yzel Water Purification Fall 2012
962.   Bouzine, Roman Run-Time Analysis of a Java Program Fall 2012
963.   Brink, Wuthipat Spiral Wheel Shape Definition Given Applied Constant Weight and Reaction Force Function Fall 2012
964.   Broadwater, Amy Kinetics of Atmospheric NOx Reactions Fall 2012
965.   Cabrera, Alexa Optimization of a Curing Process Fall 2012
966.   Calkins, Maegan Bringing Diversity to the Classroom Fall 2012
967.   Carbonell, Juan Determining Time of Death Fall 2012
968.   Chang, Victor Rate of Blood Flow and Cardiac Output Fall 2012
969.   Chen, Kaiwen Specifying a Vertical Sag Curve for a Roadway Fall 2012
970.   Cheney, Michael Average Time to Pass through a Toll Booth Fall 2012
971.   Cicale, Laurence Estimation of Concrete Barriers Needed for a Construction Zone Fall 2012
972.   Concilio, Nicholas Internal/Total Volume of Human Papilloma Virus Capsid Fall 2012
973.   Daun, Jennifer Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Fall 2012
974.   de Vivo, Giovanni Population Growth Modeling of Infectious Diseases Using the SIR Model Fall 2012
975.   Dupere, Justine Variance of Drug Doses Fall 2012
976.   Eickholt, Maxwell Optimum Location of a Power Plant Fall 2012
977.   Erickson, Nathaniel Comparison of Two Legends Fall 2012
978.   Fathauer, Devon Otto Cycle Compression Ratio Optimization Fall 2012
979.   Forst, Lauren Simulation of Model Rocket Flight Fall 2012
980.   Frazier, Christopher Temperature Distribution in a Cylindrical Bar Fall 2012
981.   Gentz, Christin Time to Drain an Oil Storage Tank Fall 2012
982.   Gittens, Ryan Solar Cell for use in Space Fall 2012
983.   Gomez Gomez, Maria Design of a Spiral Walkway Fall 2012
984.   Griffith, Charles Sinkhole Disaters Fall 2012
985.   Gronager, Sarah An Allometric Relationship between Body Mass and Wingspan in Falcons Fall 2012
986.   Gulati, Ajay Sag in Power Lines Fall 2012
987.   Hicks, Johnathan The Moon's phases and the Menses of Earth Fall 2012
988.   Hoffman, Nicole Calculation of Centroids Fall 2012
989.   Hu, Wentao Optimization of a Shipping Crate Fall 2012
990.   Humphrey, Christopher Calculating Run Time Analysis on Program Designed to Derive Kinematic Velocity and Acceleration Equa Fall 2012
991.   Knutson, Adam Influencing Factors on Genetic Distance in the Florida Scrub-jay Fall 2012
992.   Kresge, Daniel Simulation of Model Rocket Flight with Estes B6 Engine Fall 2012
993.   LeBlanc, Kevin Ballistics: Euler's Method and Air Resistance Fall 2012
994.   Lewis, Brock Analyzing the Stopping Time of Collatz Sequences Fall 2012
995.   Ludwig, Michael Maximum Force on a Dam Fall 2012
996.   Lugosantiago, Marcos Total Energy of a Solar Panel Fall 2012
997.   Lupo, Arianna Diffusion of Oxygen into a Hydrogel Fall 2012
998.   Mahoney, Heather Integral Calculus as a Tool for Densitometrical Analysis Fall 2012
999.   Manjaly, Varghese Investigation into Generational Time of Escherichia coli Fall 2012
1000.   Mantius, Maximilian Lunar Cycles and Tide Correlations Fall 2012
1001.   Marrero Disla, Marcos Sound and Harmonic Series Fall 2012
1002.   Martinez, Alexander A Scientific Shake-Up: High School Chemistry Education Fall 2012
1003.   Mason, Angel Drug Dosage Remaining In Humans Fall 2012
1004.   Mayhew, Chase Skateboarding Simulation Fall 2012
1005.   McCann, Chad Pressure-Time Curve and Power for a Diesel Engine Fall 2012
1006.   McHale, Caitlin RL Circuit as a DC/AC filter Fall 2012
1007.   McKell, Melinda Kathryn Fukushima: A Model Study Fall 2012
1008.   Mendonca de Souza, Arthur Polytropic Processes in a Compression-Ignition Engine Fall 2012
1009.   Mitchell, Maria Pain Pill Rate of Absorption Fall 2012
1010.   Mohamed, Salah Maximum Efficiency of a Solar Powered Cell Fall 2012
1011.   Monaghan, Riley Calculating the Mass of a Prosthetic Limb Fall 2012
1012.   Moon, Bo The Subset Sum Problem: Reducing Time Complexity of NP-Completeness with Quantum Search Fall 2012
1013.   Moore, Keith Brown-Headed Cowbird & Blackbirds Immune Responses to West Nile Viruses and other Mosquito-Borne En Fall 2012
1014.   Moore, Shane Specification of a Caliper Disc Brake Fall 2012
1015.   Moussly, Amir Calculation of Center of Gravity in Cylindrical Coordinates Fall 2012
1016.   Murdock, Caitlyn Calculating Phylogenetic Trees to Observe Evolution Fall 2012
1017.   Muschamp, Robert Pressure-Time curve and Work done for a Compression-Ignition Engine Fall 2012
1018.   Myers, Sean Concrete Fill Volume and Slab Area Necessary for a Highway Exit Ramp Fall 2012
1019.   Navarro, Daniel Embedded Systems - Airplane Takeoff Speed Fall 2012
1020.   Nguyen, Nam Applied Calculus and Physics in Determining the Efficiency of Boat's Sails Fall 2012
1021.   Nguyen, Sherry The Evolution of Helicase in Bacterium through Phylogenetic Trees Fall 2012
1022.   Nguyen, Tri Relieving Stress and Cancer Fall 2012
1023.   Novikov, Timofei Optimum Gear Ratios For An Electric Vehicle Fall 2012
1024.   Noyce, Christopher A Cheetah Dilemma Fall 2012
1025.   O'Connor, Danielle Optimal Insulation Thickness for a Reactor Fall 2012
1026.   Orr, Catherine Stock Recruitment Analysis of Black Grouper Fall 2012
1027.   Overton, Benjamin Spiral Thrill Ride Fall 2012
1028.   Patten, Madison Probability for Checkout Times Fall 2012
1029.   Perdomo, Jesus Exploring Biological and Quantum Computations Fall 2012
1030.   Perez, Erik Customer Satisfaction Fall 2012
1031.   Pillock, Eric Calculation of Imaging Projections Fall 2012
1032.   Piper, Kevin Lift Capacity of a Helium Balloon Fall 2012
1033.   Plas, Aryn Analysis of Radioactive Decay Fall 2012
1034.   Porter, Rachel Rollercoasters Fall 2012
1035.   Quinones, Anna Specifying a Vertical Crest Curve of a Roadway Fall 2012
1036.   Quinzi, Tyler Maximum Sustainable Yield of White-Tailed Deer Populations in Georgia Fall 2012
1037.   Raabe, Kjersti Minimizing the Kinetic Energy of a Small Projectile Fall 2012
1038.   Rajaram, Kiran Sizing of an Automotive Clutch Fall 2012
1039.   Reilly, Sean Mangrove Coverage of Weedon Island Preserve Fall 2012
1040.   Safara, Paul Analyzing Band Pass Filter Behavior Fall 2012
1041.   Sferrazza, Salvatore Surface Area of an Oil Slick Fall 2012
1042.   Shiflett, Samuel Modeling and Predicting Malignant Tumor Growth Using Computer Programs Fall 2012
1043.   Soares, Daniel Water Tank Pressure and Drainage Fall 2012
1044.   Steinrock, Joshua Analysis of a Turbojet Engine Fall 2012
1045.   Strammer, Travis Capacity of an Airboat Fall 2012
1046.   Sullivan, Ryan Lost Valley River Basin Fall 2012
1047.   Tennant, Collin Rise of Organic Farming in the United States Fall 2012
1048.   Trumble, Riley Rocket Car Simulation Fall 2012
1049.   Urrutia, Sarah Analysis of an Adiabatic Batch Reactor Fall 2012
1050.   Vargas, Abraham Minimizing Overtime Fall 2012
1051.   Walker, David Damped Harmonic Oscillators Fall 2012
1052.   Wilcox, Janelle Shear Force and Bending Moment in a Beam Fall 2012
1053.   Williams, Kathryn Modeling Change Over Time: Growth of Sales Fall 2012
1054.   Zamora-Albor, Pedro Blood Glucose Levels Fall 2012
1055.   Zucchelli, Vittoria Optimization of a Heat Exchanger Network Fall 2012
1056.   Abel, Amanda Population Growth Analysis of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in the Citrus Tract of Florida Spring 2011
1057.   Ankala, Vinishaa Proactive Interference and Forgetting Spring 2011
1058.   Arce, Jessica Design of a Semi-Circular Hopper Spring 2011
1059.   Ash, Anthony Energy Output from a Solar Panel Spring 2011
1060.   Baker, Lucia Design of a Resistive Heating Circuit Spring 2011
1061.   Barthe, Matthew Robotics: Inertia Tensor Spring 2011
1062.   Beckfords, Tuliagenda Sizing of an Ammonia Discharge Tank Spring 2011
1063.   Bejarano, Sofialejandra Light Measurements at Molasses Reef Spring 2011
1064.   Brock, Jackie Computer Modeling/Simulation: Space Shuttle Landing Spring 2011
1065.   Brueck, Sarah Embedded Systems Spring 2011
1066.   Butcher, Melissa Application of Integration and 3-Dimensional Modeling for Solar Insolation Spring 2011
1067.   Cabana , Kenneth Arc Length of a Pipe Needed for a Directional Drill Spring 2011
1068.   Carita, Lucas Aerodynamics of an Airfoil Spring 2011
1069.   Carman, Derek Shape of an Irregular Room Spring 2011
1070.   Carpenter, Anne Analysis of a Band Pass Filter Spring 2011
1071.   Carter, Lynn Evaporation of Xylene Spring 2011
1072.   Chan, Kashun Shear Force and Bending Moment in a Beam Spring 2011
1073.   Chernofsky, Elliot Keplar's Second Law Applications Spring 2011
1074.   Clancy, Caitlan Antibiotic Resistance Spring 2011
1075.   Clarke, Kayan Effectiveness of Commodity Distribution in Haiti Spring 2011
1076.   Coleman, Darrell Sizing a Dragster Parachute Spring 2011
1077.   Corona , Marlet Life Expectancy and Living with Cholesterol Spring 2011
1078.   Davis, Brian Life Expectancy and Variables Spring 2011
1079.   de Mata, Mellanie Plotting Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams Spring 2011
1080.   Dean, Stephanie Determination of the Shape of the Universe as it Relates to the Rate of Expansion Spring 2011
1081.   Edwards, Ruth Analysis of Shear and Bending Moment Values Spring 2011
1082.   Elzayat, Hassan Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis Spring 2011
1083.   Endres, Matthew Comparison of First Gear Performance for Manual and Standard Transmissions Spring 2011
1084.   Esteban, Michael Optimization of a Long Distance Oil Pipeline Spring 2011
1085.   Estela, Carlos Blood Glucose Levels Spring 2011
1086.   Fee, Brian Computer Modeling/Simulation: Dam Design Spring 2011
1087.   Fernandez, Brian Study of How Information is Gathered in the Brain Spring 2011
1088.   Green, Cedric Mathematical Analysis on Genomic Evolution Spring 2011
1089.   Grierson, Aaron PV Chart to Horsepower Conversion Spring 2011
1090.   Grohman, Joshua Effect of Wheel Size on Acceleration of Vehicle Spring 2011
1091.   Hagn, Sebastian Optimization of an Open Circular Channel Spring 2011
1092.   Hanna, John Optimization of a Wall Built on a Slope Spring 2011
1093.   Haynes, Alexandra Computer Games: Baseball Trajectory Spring 2011
1094.   Henderson, Nathan Optimum Location of an Oil Storage Facility with Different Supply Rates Spring 2011
1095.   Hoyt, Hubbard Robotic Kinematics Spring 2011
1096.   Kauzlarich, Kristi The Florida Panther Problem Spring 2011
1097.   Keenan, Quinn Minimum Cost of an Oil Pipeline Spring 2011
1098.   Kenney, Seth Computer Modeling/Simulation: Satellite Orbit Spring 2011
1099.   Kent, Ryan Introduction to Theoretical Pile Driving Spring 2011
1100.   King, Matthew Building Blocks of Life Spring 2011
1101.   Krebs, Shelby Calculating Volume per Effective Area of the Membrane: Evaluating how fouling affects the Separatio Spring 2011
1102.   Larco, Carlos Projectile Motion of Missiles Spring 2011
1103.   Leda, Robert A Thrill Ride in Free Fall Spring 2011
1104.   Lee, Samuel Study of Consciousness Spring 2011
1105.   Leonard, Alex Absorption In a Packed Column Spring 2011
1106.   Lewinson, Derrick Car Suspension Meets Speed Bumps Spring 2011
1107.   Leworthy, James Investigating the Hydrostatics of a Boat Hull Spring 2011
1108.   Liu, June Correlation Among Different Variables and Life Expectancy Spring 2011
1109.   Lizardi, Timothy Robotics: Telerobotics Spring 2011
1110.   Louis, Anderson Robotics: Trajectory Generation Spring 2011
1111.   Ludwin, Chris Blood Alcohol Content Spring 2011
1112.   Magrini, Zachery Using a Capacitor to Moderate Load Voltage Spring 2011
1113.   Major, Keron Optimization of Heat Treatment for Metal Bearings Spring 2011
1114.   Malhan, Sarita Optimization of a Variocyclic Water Purification Process Spring 2011
1115.   Mara, Janate Bacterial Genome Evolution into Human Population Growth and Expansion Spring 2011
1116.   Marsak, Eryk Design of Grain Hopper Spring 2011
1117.   Marshall, Christina Roller Coasters Need Calculus Too! Spring 2011
1118.   Martell, Stephanie Heart Rate in Rowers and Non-Rowers Spring 2011
1119.   Mawhinney, Ian Movie Rental Trends Spring 2011
1120.   McClure, Tyler Robotics: Robotic Ship Spring 2011
1121.   McDonald, Abigail Days of Drying Available in a Sludge Bed Spring 2011
1122.   McGranaghan, Eilis An Analysis of Composition of Ammonium Nitrate with Polyvinyl Alchohol Coating Spring 2011
1123.   McNabb, Justin Rarefaction Analysis of Chipola Formation Fossils from the Miocene Spring 2011
1124.   Miller, Jeffrey Computer Modeling/Simulation: Volcano Spring 2011
1125.   Miller, Michael Band Pass Filter Spring 2011
1126.   Molina, Geovanny Restrictor Flow Spring 2011
1127.   Moore, Stephan Moving Mountains Spring 2011
1128.   Mosley, Jeremiah Calculation of Centroids Spring 2011
1129.   Mougharbel, Khaled Total Energy from a Solar Panel Spring 2011
1130.   Northington, Drake Sports Equations Spring 2011
1131.   Obas, Jean Cholera Epidemic In Haiti Spring 2011
1132.   Omeara, Shayna Population Growth of Alligators Spring 2011
1133.   Pemberton, Orville Mathematical Model of Vaccination Against Cholera Spring 2011
1134.   Perry, Michael Optimizing an Open Channel Spring 2011
1135.   Pierce, Levi PID Control Loops Spring 2011
1136.   Pieri, Nicholas Determining the Optimal Pipe Diameter Spring 2011
1137.   Pina, Alejandro SIR Epidemology Model Spring 2011
1138.   Plourde, Joseph Managing the Harvesting of Fish Spring 2011
1139.   Plunkett, Joseph Optimization of a Crate Spring 2011
1140.   Pupo, Rebeca Adiabatic Flame Temperature for Combustion of Methane Spring 2011
1141.   Ray, Logan Optimization of a Fuel Cell Spring 2011
1142.   Rene, Milou Applied Mathematics in the Computer Engineering Disciplines Spring 2011
1143.   Robinson, Eric Judging the Florida Manatee Synoptic Survey Results as Compared to Logistic Population Growth Spring 2011
1144.   Rzonca, Michael Traveling Distance of a Skimboard Spring 2011
1145.   Saha, Disha Energy Output from a Solar Panel Spring 2011
1146.   Salm, Jason Inventory Management Spring 2011
1147.   Samuels, Scott Cholera Outbreaks in Haiti Spring 2011
1148.   Schreier, Audrey Self-Checkout Machines Spring 2011
1149.   Serra, Dominic Optimum Location of a Power Plant Spring 2011
1150.   Sestilio, Matthew Optimum Location of a Shipping Depot Spring 2011
1151.   Shepherd, Maxwell Minimizing Heat Loss of an Octagonal Shaped Building Spring 2011
1152.   Smith, Brandon Pressure-Time Curve in a Compression-Ignition Engine Spring 2011
1153.   Smith, Patrick Vertical Trajectory Calculation of a Model Rocket Spring 2011
1154.   Sorenson, Michael Planetary Slingshot Spring 2011
1155.   Stephenson, Aneika BMW 1st Gear Speed Comparison - Automatic vs. Manual Transmission. Spring 2011
1156.   Sullivan, Ryanne North American River Otter Pup Feeding Technique and Population Considerations Spring 2011
1157.   Tangeman, Anthony Computer Games: RPG Trajectory Spring 2011
1158.   Tarbutton, Chad Bouncing Balls Spring 2011
1159.   Thomas, Keyrine Reaction Forces on a Beam with a Distributed Load Spring 2011
1160.   Troescher, Joseph Distributed Loads Spring 2011
1161.   Updyke, Bradley Telerobotics Spring 2011
1162.   Vasquez, Jose Co-Current Heat Exchanger Spring 2011
1163.   Volpe, William Computer Modeling/Simulation: Asteroid Collision Spring 2011
1164.   Wegerif, Van The Bending of a Cantilever Beam Spring 2011
1165.   West, Roxann Groundwater Remediation Spring 2011
1166.   Williams, Ivan Finding the Acceleration of the 2009 Nissan Skyline GTR Using Calculus Spring 2011
1167.   Woodbridge, Lauren Pallet Physics Spring 2011
1168.   Worku, Bethleham Calculation of Center of Gravity Spring 2011
1169.   Yim, Sonya Determining the Order of Reaction between FD&C Red Dye and Bleach Spring 2011
1170.   Yo, Erik Center of Mass of a Thin Plate Spring 2011
1171.   Aldridge, Robert Arc Length Estimation Program Fall 2011
1172.   Alwaheeb, Manaf Dynamic Analysis of a 2-Rod Rotating Mechanism Fall 2011
1173.   Anderson, Stacey The Women's Footware Store Report Fall 2011
1174.   Bahamundi, Christopher Optimization of a Water Purification Process Fall 2011
1175.   Baker, Spencer Open Triangular Channel Flow Fall 2011
1176.   Barthe, Matthew Robotics: Inertia Tensor, 2 Fall 2011
1177.   Bautista, Travis Designing the Intersection of Two Streets Fall 2011
1178.   Berkauzer, Alisha Effects of Age on Short Term Memory Loss Due to Proactive Interference Fall 2011
1179.   Blaha, Kyle Hydrostatic Forces on a Dam Fall 2011
1180.   Brazel, Morgan Capillary Density Fall 2011
1181.   Brinkley, Kalan Unsteady Temperature Distribution in a Sphere Fall 2011
1182.   Burnell, Comoelita How Non-school Factors Affect Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Scores Fall 2011
1183.   Cabili, Anthonette Competitors vs. In-Store Coupons Fall 2011
1184.   Camargo, Richard Predicting When There Will be a Need for a New Record Center Fall 2011
1185.   Cammardella, Neil Design of a Rainwater Catchment System Fall 2011
1186.   Cao, Enkai Lift Capacity of a Helium Balloon Fall 2011
1187.   Capostagno, Eric Curve Analysis of Shod vs Barefoot Running Fall 2011
1188.   Carr, Ernest Engine Horsepower Fall 2011
1189.   Cedre, Mervyn Using Gompertz Model to Compare the Growth Curve of Two Bacterias Fall 2011
1190.   Costello, Eric Length of a Hanging Cable Fall 2011
1191.   D'Orville, Crystal Optimal Pipe Diameter for Pumping a Viscous Fluid Fall 2011
1192.   Domek, Alyssa Optimization of Three Crops Fall 2011
1193.   Donovan, Kenneth Human Population Growth Fall 2011
1194.   Dumas, Christine Computer Games: Bullet Trajectories Fall 2011
1195.   Dutton, Emily Pipeline Optimization Fall 2011
1196.   Edinger, Natalie Temperature Distribution in a Cylindrical Bar Fall 2011
1197.   Eppler, Ryan Oxygen Sag in a River Fall 2011
1198.   Espinoza, Perla Optimization of a Vessel Fall 2011
1199.   Eveld, Mark Integration Applied to Beams Fall 2011
1200.   Favero, Mike Joule-Thomson Inversion Temperatures Fall 2011
1201.   Flores, Andrew Optimum Compression Ratio for an Otto Cycle Engine Fall 2011
1202.   French, Jacqueline The Future of Genetically Modified Cotton Fall 2011
1203.   Frye, Joseph Model Rocket Predicted Altitudes Fall 2011
1204.   Gebarin, Adam Measuring Discharge of Rivers Fall 2011
1205.   Gibson, Wesley Acceleration on a Bungee Ride Fall 2011
1206.   Hadeed, Omar Arsenic Contamination Fall 2011
1207.   Halburian, Alexa Deciphering Accurate Dosage Amounts of Azithromycin for Pediatric Patients with Acute Otitis Media Fall 2011
1208.   Hincapie, Cindy Proactive Interference Fall 2011
1209.   Ibrahim, Fahim Abstract Programming and Series Manipulation Fall 2011
1210.   Ivy, Kaitlin Soccer Ball Ballistics Fall 2011
1211.   Jean, Herby Using Calculus to Find the Average Light Intensity Inside a Photobioreactor Fall 2011
1212.   Lam, David Volume of a Wine Barrel Fall 2011
1213.   Lambert, Evens Optimum Location of a Power Plant Fall 2011
1214.   Leon, Oscar Area of Third Molar (17) Fall 2011
1215.   Lizardi, Daniel Unsteady Temperature Distribution in a Wall Fall 2011
1216.   Loutfi, Danya Impact of Insecticide Resistance on Malaria Control Fall 2011
1217.   Malhan, Sarita Optimal Operation of a Concentrator Fall 2011
1218.   Martin, Jeffrey Analysis of an Adiabatic Batch Reactor Fall 2011
1219.   Mendes, Christopher Power Required for a Steam Compressor Fall 2011
1220.   Mheir AlSaadi, Ammar Energy Conserving Systems Fall 2011
1221.   Montalvo, Raphael Optimizing the Shape of a Simulator Fall 2011
1222.   Muszbek, Agnes Comparing Lifetime Cost of 2012 Toyota Prius and 2012 Toyota Corolla Fall 2011
1223.   Nandkishorelal, Tabitha Flagellum Fall 2011
1224.   Nee, Scott Optimization of Reproductive Patterns in Annual Plants Fall 2011
1225.   Orelus, Anderson Demand for Fresh Publix Milk Fall 2011
1226.   Ouhib, Abdel Analysis of a Turbojet Engine Fall 2011
1227.   Pascal, Jesus Economic Order Quantity Fall 2011
1228.   Pessoa-Brito, Camilla Oral Drug Absorption Fall 2011
1229.   Pinero, Alejandro RC as an AC/DC Filter Fall 2011
1230.   Piper, Kevin Optimal Insulation Thickness for Steam Piping Fall 2011
1231.   Prewitt, Anthony The Parthenon Fall 2011
1232.   Quigley, Anthony Choosing a Valet Account by Finding Work Fall 2011
1233.   Rakes, Nathan Fence River Project Fall 2011
1234.   Rangel, Paul Pizza’s Many Faces Fall 2011
1235.   Ranxha, Spiro Diverse Physiological and Environmental Means May Influence Life Expectancy of Different Species Fall 2011
1236.   Roby, Donald Applying Integration to Engineering Practice Fall 2011
1237.   Roseboom, Ryan Bicycle Speed Through Three Gears Fall 2011
1238.   Salm, Jason Design of a Grain Hopper Fall 2011
1239.   Sampson, Jacalyn Facial Cooling Fall 2011
1240.   Sanatan, Keir The Change in Velocity of Meteorites Fall 2011
1241.   Sandoval, Emeli Half-life of phosphite compounds in the environment Fall 2011
1242.   Serrallonga, Janick Power Backup Application for Computer’s Memory Fall 2011
1243.   Serrano, Geraldine Optimization of a Chemical Reactor Train Fall 2011
1244.   Spinetti, Eduardo Cable Tension and Shape on a Suspension Bridge Fall 2011
1245.   Stine, Katrina Optimization of an Extraction Train Fall 2011
1246.   Stoever, Elizabeth pH change in Seawater Fall 2011
1247.   Stottlemyer, Kyle Comparison of First Gear Performance for Manual and Automatic Transmissions Fall 2011
1248.   Stoupas, Michael Resonance in a Suspension System Fall 2011
1249.   Thomas, Zachary Adibatic Plug Flow Reactor Fall 2011
1250.   Tommy Jr., Augustin Sizing A Dragster Parachute Fall 2011
1251.   Tormey, Barry Integration of Java Benchmarks Fall 2011
1252.   Trapuzzano, Matthew Maximizing the Yield of an Ammonia Reactor Fall 2011
1253.   Troyer, Timothy Air Resistance on a Baseball Fall 2011
1254.   Ulangkaya, Celine Estimating the Monthly Order of an Inventory Item Fall 2011
1255.   Velez, Josean Optimization of a Pressure - Treating Process Fall 2011
1256.   Wade, Amanda Going Ballistic Fall 2011
1257.   Wald, Ileana Volumetric Flow Rate of Water through a Ceramic Water Filter Fall 2011
1258.   Walker, Michael Isothermal Compression of CO2 Fall 2011
1259.   Weisnicht, George Time to Drain a Tank Through a Pipe Fall 2011
1260.   Williams, Henry Bullet Trajectory with Moving Target Fall 2011
1261.   WIlson, Corey Speleothem Laminae Counting and Growth Rates Fall 2011
1262.   Zeitler, Richard Distributed Loads Across a Flat Surface Fall 2011
1263.   Zhang, Jin Optimization of an Open Trapezoidal Channel Fall 2011
1264.   Abu Aouf, Nahla Cardiac Output Spring 2010
1265.   Alzate, Alejandro Barbosa Pasteurization of Milk Spring 2010
1266.   Angelina, Tom Insulated Furnace Spring 2010
1267.   Arango, Isabel Optimization of a Wood Pressure-Treating Process Spring 2010
1268.   Arbelaez, Juan Finding Arc Lengths Spring 2010
1269.   Archibald, Trimicia Calculation of Imaging Projections Spring 2010
1270.   Atkins, Austin Lift Capacity of a Helium Balloon Spring 2010
1271.   Bahr, Keisha Indeterminate Growth of Fish Spring 2010
1272.   Barat, Natasha Marital Status and Hospital Stay Spring 2010
1273.   Beaulieu, Frank Unsteady Temperature Distribution in a Sphere Spring 2010
1274.   Bornick, Michael Power Generated by a Compression-Ignition Engine Spring 2010
1275.   Bradberry, Matthew An Investigation of Bullet Behavior In Silico Spring 2010
1276.   Brice, Alistair Computer Games: RPG Trajectories Spring 2010
1277.   Bui, Tu Open Channel Flow Spring 2010
1278.   Burgess, Jessica Mathematical Relationship between Albumin Level and Average Braden Scores Spring 2010
1279.   Burkett, Eric Integration vs Excel Plotting on Beam Deflection Spring 2010
1280.   Carey, Zamia Insulation Thickness of Small Steam Tubes Spring 2010
1281.   Cintron, Luis Emedded Systems- Missile Detection/Interception Spring 2010
1282.   Collins, John Optimization of a Variocyclic Water Purification Process Spring 2010
1283.   Courchaine, Tiana The Study of Breast Carcinoma in Mice Spring 2010
1284.   Crowson, Brad Unemployment Rate's Effect on Average Premium Spring 2010
1285.   D'Angelo, Kevin Sizing a Dragster Parachute Spring 2010
1286.   Davito, Peter ICU Stay vs. Overall Stay Spring 2010
1287.   Demeter, John Removing Pharmacueticals From Hillsborough Tap Water Spring 2010
1288.   Denton, Christopher Effect of Air Resistence on a Bullet Spring 2010
1289.   Deuble, Brendan Joule-Thomson Cooling of CO2 Spring 2010
1290.   DiRenno, Jason Medicaid Transportation Analysis Spring 2010
1291.   Dorofee, Ryan Prosthetic Limb Cover Sleeve(s) Spring 2010
1292.   Dunford, Sean Time Constant of an RC Circuit Spring 2010
1293.   Dunmire, Matthew Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Game: Potential Fields Spring 2010
1294.   Ellison, Benjamin Computer Simulation and Bridge Design Spring 2010
1295.   Etienne, Menocca Effects of Arrival Method on Hospital Length of Stay Spring 2010
1296.   Fagan, Ryan Astronomy: Deflecting an Asteroid Spring 2010
1297.   Farber, Kimberly Surfacing Sharks Spring 2010
1298.   Filippi, Andrew Evaporation by a Well-Mixed Basin Spring 2010
1299.   Gathwright, Michael Social Network Gaming Trends Spring 2010
1300.   Gaylord, Robert Bridge Analysis of Force Vectors Spring 2010
1301.   Gicka, Shawn Robotics Spring 2010
1302.   Gomez, Daniel Joule-Thomson Coefficient Spring 2010
1303.   Goni, Asaad Robotics: Kinematics Spring 2010
1304.   Gonzalez, Xavier Pressure-Time Curve in a Compression-Ignition (CI) Engine Spring 2010
1305.   Gorniak, Stacia Temperature Profiles in Lake Redman Spring 2010
1306.   Hamant, Michael Computer Games: Grenade Trajectory (Bounce) Spring 2010
1307.   Harris, Brandi Florida and Invasive Species Management: Feral Hog Spring 2010
1308.   Heer, Kyle Vehicle Acceleration Spring 2010
1309.   Herzig, Sarah Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) Spring 2010
1310.   Hoak, Matthew Marksmanship and Mathematics Spring 2010
1311.   Homenda, Wesley Viscous Dampening Spring-Mass System Spring 2010
1312.   Hood, Brandon Image Conversion: Contrast Spring 2010
1313.   Hunt, Evan Power Generated by SI Engine Spring 2010
1314.   Huynh, Jimmy Formulating Relationship Between Age and Number of Patients Spring 2010
1315.   Kamsler, Daniel Optimization of a Water Purification Process Spring 2010
1316.   Karpeev, Youri Computer Games : Grenade Trajectory Spring 2010
1317.   Keenan, Quinn Shear and Bending Moment Spring 2010
1318.   Keirsey, Danielle The Secant Formula and Column Buckling Spring 2010
1319.   Keller, Zachary Reaction Forces on a Structure with a Moveable Load Spring 2010
1320.   Koochakzadeh, Sina Power From A Geothermal Source Using The Brayton Cycle Spring 2010
1321.   Kornegay, Ryan Optimization of Power in a Circuit Spring 2010
1322.   Kriss, Shayna Food Sterilization with Temperature Ramping Spring 2010
1323.   Kudinova, Yevgeniya Time to Fill an Elevated Storage Tank Spring 2010
1324.   Lee, Valerie Productivity of Nursing Paid Hours Spring 2010
1325.   Lemon, Aron Endangered Species: The Kemp Spring 2010
1326.   MacNeil, Stephen Credit Card Applications for JC Penney Spring 2010
1327.   Madsen, Erik Touch Screen Centroid Spring 2010
1328.   Marsak, Eryk Paramecium Growth by the Monod Model Spring 2010
1329.   Mayers, Paul AC Transients in an RL Circuit Spring 2010
1330.   McClenthan, Evan Astronomy: Asteroid Collision Spring 2010
1331.   McGeachy, Jack Analysis of the Progression of Sequential Reactions Spring 2010
1332.   Menekseoglu, Ulviye Determination of the Stable Growth Rate of a Population Spring 2010
1333.   Mitchell, Tim Quantum Mechanical Example of Anti-Tunneling Spring 2010
1334.   Monroe, Kiara Astronomy: Space Shuttle Landing Spring 2010
1335.   Morrison, Erin Sizing of an Ammonia Discharge Tank Spring 2010
1336.   Mullins, Miles Effect of Tire Pressure on Efficiency Spring 2010
1337.   Neihart, Drew Analysis of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) Spring 2010
1338.   Nersian, Nikita Applied Calculus in the Emergency Room Spring 2010
1339.   Nicho, Joanna The SIR Epidemiology Model in Predicting Herd Immunity Spring 2010
1340.   Noelk, Ryan Embedded Systems: Airplane Stopping Distance Spring 2010
1341.   Nordheim-Shelt, Barbara Water Conservation Through Rain Sensors in Hernando County Spring 2010
1342.   Nussbaum, Justin Stirling Cycle Work and Associated Equations Spring 2010
1343.   Odom, Kevin Predicting the Demand for Outdoor Equipment Spring 2010
1344.   Otero, Jessica Ethernet Consumption Spring 2010
1345.   Page, James How Far Does the Bicycle Travel? Spring 2010
1346.   Park, Jeremy Reaction Forces on a Beam with a Distributed Load Spring 2010
1347.   Perez, Ruby Sequential Reaction in a CSTR Spring 2010
1348.   Perla, Carla Vapor Pressure of Methane Spring 2010
1349.   Quiel, Giovanni Optimal Pipe Diameter Spring 2010
1350.   Rainey, Steven Aircraft Decision Velocity Spring 2010
1351.   Rathbun, James Air Resistance on a Paintball Spring 2010
1352.   Rodriguez, Luis Optimal Insulation Thickness for a Reactor Spring 2010
1353.   Rosales, Nelson Correlation with the Age of a Patient and Time of Stay Spring 2010
1354.   Russell, Kaitlyn The Graphical Relationship Between Age and Braden Value Spring 2010
1355.   Saha, Disha Insulation Thickness for a Micro-Reactor Spring 2010
1356.   Sansar, Bahar Optimization of a Chemical Reactor Train Spring 2010
1357.   Satizabal Hernandez, Victoria Role of CO in Atmospheric NOx Reaction Spring 2010
1358.   Savon, Bradley A Study of the Locomotion of a Running Quadruped Robotic Systems Spring 2010
1359.   Selkey, Frederick Power Consumption of a MOSFET Spring 2010
1360.   Sereno, Joel Surround Sound Encoding Spring 2010
1361.   Sharma, Jason The Optimum Compression Ratio for an Otto Cycle Engine Spring 2010
1362.   Sharpe, Andrew Embedded Systems: Weapons Spring 2010
1363.   Silva, Guadalupe Intensive Curve for the Intensive Care Unit Patients Spring 2010
1364.   Simons, Blair Computer Games: Grenade Trajectory Spring 2010
1365.   Smith, Ryan Melting Ice Cube Spring 2010
1366.   Soto, Michael An Analysis of Related Student Grades Over Time Spring 2010
1367.   Steinman, Nickolas Diffusion of Sodium into Silicon Dioxide Spring 2010
1368.   Stewart, Jonathan Using Calculus to Find Car Sales Spring 2010
1369.   Stewart, Tyler Kinetics of Atmospheric NOx Reactions Spring 2010
1370.   Stottlemyer, Justin Diffusion of Oxygen into a Hydrogel Spring 2010
1371.   Tankel, Jennifer Desorption of Ammonia from a Well-Mixed Basin Spring 2010
1372.   Tieu, Chelsea Approximating the VLE for Ethyl Acetate + 2-Ethoxyethanol Spring 2010
1373.   Trenkova, Violeta Approximating Hospital Stay Based on Race and Age Spring 2010
1374.   Ulrey, Devin Expansion of Air from a Pressurized Vessel Spring 2010
1375.   Viola, Jennifer Plastic-Consuming Microbial Bacteria Spring 2010
1376.   Wales, Peter Efficiency of Otto Cycle Spring 2010
1377.   Waller, Angelique Design of a Resistive Heating Circuit Spring 2010
1378.   Walls, Justin Finding the Area of Irregular Shaped Room Spring 2010
1379.   Weaver, Conrad Optimization of a Storage Tank Spring 2010
1380.   Wilde, Justin Draining of a Storage Tank Spring 2010
1381.   Williams, Broderick Optimal Insulation Thickness for Steam Piping Spring 2010
1382.   Williams, Eric A Comet's Orbit Spring 2010
1383.   Yassein, Alexander Drag of a Body Spring 2010
1384.   Yesudhas, Dammie Optimization of a Three-Stage Compressor Spring 2010
1385.   Zaffiri, Stephen Simulation of a Shock Absorber Spring 2010
1386.   Abbasi, Ammar Impedance and Concentration Fall 2010
1387.   Abuqalbeen, Firas Computer Games: Baseball Fall 2010
1388.   Acharya, Shiva Comparing Human and Bacterial Genome Fall 2010
1389.   Arms, Sasha Allometry: Relating Infant Head Growth to Growth of the Rest of Their Body Fall 2010
1390.   Arora, Saurabh Embedded Systems: Missile Guidance Control Chip Fall 2010
1391.   Ash, Josh Polytropic Processes in a Compression-Ignition Engine Fall 2010
1392.   Ashori, Mason Rayleigh Distillation Fall 2010
1393.   Baker, Lucia Modeling of Interperitoneal Volume Fall 2010
1394.   Balzer, Ryan Air Resistance on a Golf Ball Fall 2010
1395.   Barlatier, Jose Computer Simulation/Modeling: Skydiving Fall 2010
1396.   Baumback, Kathleen The Aerodynamics of Frisbee Flight Fall 2010
1397.   Blanco, Andres Evaluation of Mass Moment of Inertia of a Thin Plate Fall 2010
1398.   Blanton, Rick Canal Lock Displacement Fall 2010
1399.   Bociu, Adrian Depostion of Silicon Dioxide Fall 2010
1400.   Brengle, Patrick Shear and Bending Moments Diagrams Fall 2010
1401.   Brillantes, Constantine Hybrid Power Fall 2010
1402.   Burriss, Claudia The Relationship of Light and it’s Affect on Coral Reefs Fall 2010
1403.   Butcher, Melissa An Application of Euler’s Method Evaluating Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Fall 2010
1404.   Cardenas, Melissa Comparison of Bacterial Population Growth during Defrosting of Poultry in Different Environments Fall 2010
1405.   Carita, Lucas Aerodynamics of an Inverted Airfoil Fall 2010
1406.   Carpenter, Anne AC Transients in an RC Circuit Fall 2010
1407.   Casey, Jeffery Robotics - Forward Kinematics Fall 2010
1408.   Chan, Kashun Reaction Forces on a Beam With a Distributed Load Fall 2010
1409.   Chehab, Ahmad Stormwater Management System Drawdown- 'Falling Head Equation' Fall 2010
1410.   Chorath, Philip Shear Force and Bending Moment in a Beam Fall 2010
1411.   Clark, Madison Open Triangular Channel Flow Fall 2010
1412.   Clarke, Khalid Optimization of a Long Distance Oil Pipeline Fall 2010
1413.   Coleman, Darrell Diet Coke and Mentos Fall 2010
1414.   Cook, Nanci Comparison between E. coli and Human Genomes Fall 2010
1415.   Correa Santiago, Kamill Reading vs. Math FCAT Analysis Fall 2010
1416.   Coto, Melina Blood Alcohol Content Fall 2010
1417.   Dean, Stephanie Reaction Order And Rate Constants In Chemistry Fall 2010
1418.   Dhawan, Naval Total Energy from a Solar Panel Fall 2010
1419.   Dohme, Kyle Robots: Kinematics Fall 2010
1420.   Drescher, Christopher Sustainable Fisheries: Population Growth Fall 2010
1421.   Dumas, Christine Computer Simulation/Modeling: Planetary Slingshot Fall 2010
1422.   Earls, Ashley Light Attenuation at Molasses Reef Fall 2010
1423.   Edwards, Ruth Oxygen Depletion in a River Fall 2010
1424.   Ellis, Christopher Computer Games: Debris Trajectory Fall 2010
1425.   Elzayat, Hassan Kinetics of Drug Delivery in Brain Fall 2010
1426.   Endres, Matthew Power Generated by a Compression-Ignition Engine Fall 2010
1427.   Estela, Carlos Capillary Spacing Fall 2010
1428.   Fagan, Ryan Robotics: Robotic Boat Fall 2010
1429.   Foley, Jeanine Spatial Dispersion of Liatris tenufolia Fall 2010
1430.   Frank, Caitlin Benzene Volatilization from a River Fall 2010
1431.   Gallegos, Melanie Computer Games: Baseball Trajectory Fall 2010
1432.   Galvin, Stephanie Cell Size Fall 2010
1433.   Geerdes, Justin Buoyant Force Fall 2010
1434.   Gillespie, James Reaction Forces on a Structure with a Moving Load Fall 2010
1435.   Gooden, Andre Hydrolysis of Acetic Anhydride in a CSTR Fall 2010
1436.   Grant, David Statistical Optimization of the Increase of Aerodynamic Effectiveness and Efficiency at Low Reynold Fall 2010
1437.   Hamant, Michael Computer Simulation/Modeling: Dam Design Fall 2010
1438.   Heer, Kyle Spring and Dampening Behavior Fall 2010
1439.   Hemani, Ayaz Automated Determination of a Package’s Center of Mass Fall 2010
1440.   Hussein, Shaza Predator-Prey Modeling Fall 2010
1441.   Jahnke, Kelbe Dosimetry Calculations of Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine Fall 2010
1442.   Janssen, Dane Fourier Transform Fall 2010
1443.   Jensen, William Horsepower Fall 2010
1444.   Johnson, Kristin Pressure Within a Tornado Fall 2010
1445.   Juan, Velasquez Moments of Inertia Fall 2010
1446.   Judson, Kerry Optimization of a Fuel Cell Fall 2010
1447.   Kinsey, Allison Pharmacokinetics Fall 2010
1448.   Kokkinakis, Nicholas Using the Mutation Rate of E. Coli to Predict Human Evolution Fall 2010
1449.   Krebs, Shelby Plug Flow Reactor Problem Fall 2010
1450.   Kriss, Shayna Analysis of Blood Alcohol Content Data Fall 2010
1451.   Leonard, Alex Design of a Cooling Bath Fall 2010
1452.   Lizardi, Timothy Robotic Gliding Bird Fall 2010
1453.   Lugo, Luis Astronomy: Space Shuttle Landing Fall 2010
1454.   Madaffari, Nicholas Finding the Volume of an Industrial Autoclave Fall 2010
1455.   Malhan, Sarita Optimum Dimensions For a Pressure Vessel Fall 2010
1456.   Marsak, Eryk Piping Optimization Fall 2010
1457.   Mathure, Rohun Vehicle Crash Testing Fall 2010
1458.   Mazzone, Arnoldo Weight of a Sign Stand Fall 2010
1459.   McCormick, Grayson Brazilian Pepper's Impact on Barrier Island Biodiversity Fall 2010
1460.   McDougal, Brittney Determining the Half Life of Technetium through Nuclear Medicine Technology Fall 2010
1461.   Metzen, Samuel Genetic Sequencing Fall 2010
1462.   Miller, Jeffrey Science Simulation Project Fall 2010
1463.   Miller, Justin Design of an Exercise Bike Fall 2010
1464.   Miller, Michael Maximum Power from a Solar Panel Fall 2010
1465.   Mitchell, Andrew Shear and Moment Diagrams Fall 2010
1466.   Mougharbel, Khaled I-V Curve and Maximum Power of a Solar Panel Fall 2010
1467.   Nabozny, John Laser-Induced Emissions in Phosphorescence Studies of Calcium Sulphate Fall 2010
1468.   Nguyen, Thai Model for Total Number of Synapses in a Human Brain Fall 2010
1469.   Nieto, Edward Motorcycle Crash Testing Fall 2010
1470.   Northington, Drake Deep Equations Fall 2010
1471.   Nozari, Andre Styrene Emission Environmental Compliance Fall 2010
1472.   Nussbaum, Justin Stirling Cycle Volume and Angle Correlation Fall 2010
1473.   O'Hern Weeks, Abbie Pollination of a Canary Tree Flower Fall 2010
1474.   Perez, Gloria DNA Comparison Study: Comparison between the Human Genome and the Mouse Genome Fall 2010
1475.   Perez, Lorenzo Signal Strength of Cell Signals Fall 2010
1476.   Perez, Ruby Traditional Industial Engineering Problem Fall 2010
1477.   Pham, Luan Computer Simulation/Modeling: Bungee Jumping Fall 2010
1478.   Pina, Alejandro Evaluating the Mass Moment of Inertia for a Volume of Revolution Fall 2010
1479.   Plourde, Joseph Simulation of a Shock Absorber Fall 2010
1480.   Prus, Robert Correlation of Item Count, Sales and Inventory in a Retail Pharmacy Setting Fall 2010
1481.   Punzirudu, Marc Robotics: Robotic Ship Navigation Using Potential Fields Method of Obstacle Avoidance Fall 2010
1482.   Queen, Ryan Robotic Motion Fall 2010
1483.   Quiel, Giovanni Optimum Location of an Oil Storage Facility Fall 2010
1484.   Rashid, Sheeza Customer Satisfaction Score Rate in the Financial Institution Fall 2010
1485.   Ray, Logan Hydrolysis of Acetic Acid Anhydride in a CSTR Fall 2010
1486.   Reeves, Travis Half Full or Half Empty Fall 2010
1487.   Reid, Alexandra Multiple Integrals on a Spreadsheet Fall 2010
1488.   Romeo, Eric Tidal Power Fall 2010
1489.   Scannapieco, Christopher Using Calculus to Describe Projectile Behavior in Video Game Design Fall 2010
1490.   Schryer, Anthony Creating a Computer Program to make Definite Integrals Easier to Understand Fall 2010
1491.   Searing, Jessi Sizing of a Parachute Fall 2010
1492.   Sereno, Joel Inverse Kinematics Fall 2010
1493.   Sharma, Jason Grain Hopper Optimization Fall 2010
1494.   Smith, Patrick A Cost Effective Approach to Biodiesel Storage Fall 2010
1495.   Sprague, Matthew Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram Fall 2010
1496.   Stanley, Thomas Band Pass Filter Fall 2010
1497.   Stewart, Tyler Kinetics of Atmospheric NOx Reactions Fall 2010
1498.   Stottlemyer, Justin Mathematical Modeling of Radiographic Imagery of a Variable Density 3D Object Fall 2010
1499.   Tarbutton, Chad Computer Games - Bullet Trajectories Fall 2010
1500.   Tayebi, Mozhdeh Calculations of Centroids Fall 2010
1501.   Taylor, Benjamin Government Cats Fall 2010
1502.   Tingley, Raymond Case Study of a Volcanic Eruption: Mount Tambora 1815 Fall 2010
1503.   Tonjes, Emily Quantifying the Mind: Investigating Units of Memory Fall 2010
1504.   Torres, Jorge Dominant Epistasis Fall 2010
1505.   Tu, Yaping Nerve Cell Deterioration Functions of Alzheimer’s Patient Fall 2010
1506.   Tuazon, Harry Pipeline Optimization Fall 2010
1507.   Tweed, Bryan Fish Velocity Fall 2010
1508.   Updyke, Bradley Embedded Systems: Weapons Fall 2010
1509.   Vargas, Alvaro Inventory Management Fall 2010
1510.   Vasudeo, Varun Embedded Systems Fall 2010
1511.   Vazquez, Brian Work Performed by an Engine Fall 2010
1512.   Vlacic, Nikola Escape Velocity (SI) Fall 2010
1513.   Wai, Justin Tangencies of the Efficient Frontier and Individual Utility Functions Fall 2010
1514.   Walls, Justin Optimization of an Open Trapezoidal Channel Fall 2010
1515.   Whitelaw, Clayton Computer Graphics - Radiosity Fall 2010
1516.   Wingo, Jeffrey Calculation of Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia Fall 2010
1517.   Wynn, Jared Equation of Motion for a Physical Pendulum Fall 2010
1518.   Allen, Sean Revolving Diamond Trimmer Blade Spring 2009
1519.   Alston, Joshua Reaction Forces on a Beam with a Distributed Load Spring 2009
1520.   Argo, Shaara Oxygen Sag in a River Spring 2009
1521.   Atwood, Diana Transportation of Machinery through a Confined Space Spring 2009
1522.   Berg, Brian An Algorithm for Rayleigh Distillation Spring 2009
1523.   Bernard, Michael Isentropic Compression using Newton's Method Spring 2009
1524.   Boyer, Richard Basic Operations of Matrices in Java Spring 2009
1525.   Brown, Jeremy Locating Stresses Developing in a Beam Spring 2009
1526.   Cancarevic, Davorin Passive Vacuum Solar Flash Desalination Spring 2009
1527.   Carey, Erin Using Calculus to Model the Growth of L. Plantarum Bacteria Spring 2009
1528.   Cargo, Ryan Predictors of Patient Length of Stay Spring 2009
1529.   Carson, David Empying of a Tank using Torricelli Equation Spring 2009
1530.   Cogswell, Kyle Determination of Azeotropy Spring 2009
1531.   Conlon, Thomas Optimizing an Open Channel Spring 2009
1532.   Cook, David Decreasing Readmission for Heart Failure Patients Spring 2009
1533.   Corrales, Leandro Bending of a Beam and Triangular Loads Spring 2009
1534.   Dodson, Amy Force at Two Points Spring 2009
1535.   Donelson, Seth Using an Inductor to Moderate Load Current Spring 2009
1536.   Duhaime, John Optimum Size of a Pressure Vessel Spring 2009
1537.   Duncan, Wade Power Required for a Steam Compressor Spring 2009
1538.   Echeazu, Olisa Heat flux from a Square Beam Spring 2009
1539.   Eyers, Dustin Temperature Distribution in a Square Beam Spring 2009
1540.   Farrell, Lee Average Temperature of a Sphere as a Function of Time Spring 2009
1541.   Fernandes, Daniel 2009 Ford Mustang Performance Test Spring 2009
1542.   Figler, Austin Optimization of a Batch Process Spring 2009
1543.   Fisher, Melissa Correlation Signifigance between Various Nursing Unit Scores Spring 2009
1544.   Flammia, Nicholas Average Temperature in a Cylinder Spring 2009
1545.   Flores, Glen Buoy Spring 2009
1546.   Forcke, Emily Boat Buoyancy Spring 2009
1547.   Galus, Michal Average Temperature in a Square Beam Spring 2009
1548.   Garton, Gabriela Relationship Between Care Measures and Post Op Complications Spring 2009
1549.   Gelderloos, Francis Diffusion of Copper into Silicon Spring 2009
1550.   Gomez, Christina Correct Prescription of Hydrocodone Spring 2009
1551.   Guillen, Randy Buoy Dynamics in Subsurface Zones Spring 2009
1552.   Hagan, Daniel Moderation of flow using a Storage Tank Spring 2009
1553.   Henson, Russell A Catenary Supported Camera Spring 2009
1554.   Hicks, Tiffaney Steady State Temperature Distribution in a Bar Spring 2009
1555.   Hicks, Tiffaney High and Low Pass Filters Spring 2009
1556.   Hopp, Kimberly Ammonia Spill into an Aquifer: Pump and Treat Assessment Spring 2009
1557.   Hotalen, Bryce Using a Capacitor to Moderate Load Voltage Spring 2009
1558.   James, Frank Critical Dampening in an RLC Circuit Spring 2009
1559.   Jarvis, Sean The Effects of APR-DRG Classifications on Medicaid Patients Spring 2009
1560.   Jean-Joseph, Jakera Increasing Volumes of Breast Tumors Over Time Spring 2009
1561.   Katz, Jordan Temperature Distribution in a Cylindrical Bar Spring 2009
1562.   Kling, Michael Fourier Series in the Case of an Ideal Square Wave Spring 2009
1563.   Krause, Edward Phase Compositions in Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium via the Coexistence Equation Spring 2009
1564.   Lago, Jaime Computer Repair Spring 2009
1565.   Lehmann, Jacqueline Analysis of Sequential Chemical Reactions Spring 2009
1566.   Leon, Devin Filling a Water Tank Spring 2009
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