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Uptime of Proc Per Minute vs. Internal Cool Down

by Caelen Burke


Submitted : Fall 2014

In competitive play for World of Warcraft, selection of the most optimal items for varying slots can make a large difference in performance. Two Systems exist on varying Items that can occupy the same slots, internal cool down and proc per minute. This project examines what option leads to the greatest active time of benefits from the items by examining the equations that determine activation the benefits in game, and how long they last. The results determined that higher uptimes could be attained as haste level increases with proc per minute pieces vs. Internal cool down. Internal cool down is however more reliable at lower haste levels with the use of on use items with a set cool down.



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Advisors :
Ihor Luhach, Mathematics and Statistics
Darryl Bruce, Canadian Navy
Suggested By :
Darryl Bruce