Mathematics - Business/Science Projects
Fall 2008 - Present

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Student Name Project Title Semester
1.   Alnaemi, Saif Employment Spring 2019
2.   Eastwood, Cody Monthly Junk Removal Estimation Spring 2019
3.   Erinac, Ishama Distribution of Loaned Books From the USF Library Spring 2019
4.   Hamil, Rodd The value of Time in the Trucking industry Spring 2019
5.   Porto, Audrey Inventory Management Spring 2019
6.   Quezada, Omar Increase profit car sales with respect to rebate Spring 2019
7.   Betancourt, Luis A Derivation to Drive Spring 2018
8.   Gokul, Goumi Verizon Revenues Spring 2018
9.   Keough, Sean Painting Walls More Efficiently Spring 2018
10.   MacDonald, Riley Prediction for Inventory of Restaurants Spring 2018
11.   Peter, Justin Function of Men's 100M World Record Improvement over Time Spring 2018
12.   Reddy, Avinash Sabermetric Projections in Baseball (MLB) Spring 2018
13.   Thiruvenkatasamy, Panith Profit Optimization at Soda Factory Spring 2018
14.   Alsharaf, Anwar Maximizing Volume of “Box Packages” of Fruits in factories Fall 2018
15.   Delgado-Victoria, Alejandra Continous Random Variable: Ball in Interval Fall 2018
16.   Fransbergen, Savannah Binomial Coefficients for Generating Schedules Fall 2018
17.   Freed, Michael Using the SIR Epidemiology Model to Predict the Effectiveness of a Viral Marketing Campaign Fall 2018
18.   Howard, Patrick Localized Application of the Effect of Extracurricular Activities on GPA Fall 2018
19.   Hypes, Bailey Lawn Maintenance Investments and Profitability Fall 2018
20.   Jardines, Edgar CALCULUS OF A RUNNER Fall 2018
21.   Lin, Xinghao Analyze the situation when people cross the road Fall 2018
22.   Nevills, Nathan Monthly Customer Traffic and the Recommended Number of Employees to Meet Customer Demand Fall 2018
23.   Patterson, Vanessa Credit Card Statistics Fall 2018
25.   Burgess, Jo-Anne Application of Discrete Random Variables to Real Life Problems Spring 2017
26.   Frey, Eric The Solow Model and Standard of Living Spring 2017
27.   Garcia, Adan Death In the United States Spring 2017
28.   Lee, Ye Jin Study of Psychological Tests Spring 2017
29.   Macasaet, Timothy Hibachi Table Optimization Spring 2017
30.   Rochlitz, Daphne Air Trips and Calculus Spring 2017
31.   Spielvogel, Daniel Age Distribution at Countryside Recreation Center Spring 2017
32.   Allmark, Annie Function of Women's 1500 meter World Record Improvements over Time Fall 2017
33.   Alshamsi, Rashed The Solow Model and Why Some Countries Are Much Richer Than Others? Fall 2017
34.   Hagins, Ashley Tends in Incoming Mail at USF Fall 2017
35.   Long, Anthony Dough stretching Fall 2017
36.   Robbins, Haley Bartender's Guide to Calculus Fall 2017
37.   Simoncelli, Dylan Maximizing Profit for a Concert Fall 2017
38.   Tagliaferre, Kasey Calculus of a Pirouette Fall 2017
39.   Wallen, Romar Mathematics in Soccer Fall 2017
40.   Ellis, Collin Smart Phone Obsolescence Spring 2016
41.   Kennedy, Michael Acceleration of a Projectile Spring 2016
42.   Ma, Cha Finding an Equation Between the Pouring Angle and Volume Regarding to the Coffee Pot Spring 2016
43.   Napoli, Chatham Using the Mean Value Theorem To Issue A Traffic Ticket- Political Science Spring 2016
44.   Parsons, James Crime Mapping with Calculus Spring 2016
45.   Pezet, Channing Scoring on a Soccer Goal from Different Positions Spring 2016
46.   Anderson, Keagan Restaurant Cost Efficiency with Realtion to Labor Costs Fall 2016
47.   Bernheim, Erik Modeling Audio Visual Equipment Checkout Rates Fall 2016
48.   Evans, Kaitlyn Steak Calculus Fall 2016
49.   Moore, Robert Smoothing of Contour Lines Derived from LiDAR Point Cloud Data Fall 2016
50.   Patel, Krishna Modeling Average Age of Residents at an Assisted Living Facility Fall 2016
51.   Tolon, Fernando Cluttered Desk Fall 2016
52.   Truong, Andy Calculus in Nail Salons Fall 2016
53.   Win, Thet Diabetes Prevalence & Length of Residence (US immigrants) Fall 2016
54.   Cherepanova, Sofiya Calculations on Coffee Cups Spring 2015
55.   Dominguez, Luis Stock Market Data Analysis Using Moving Averages Spring 2015
56.   Fajardo, Raymond Equilibrium Tuition price for equal University competition Spring 2015
57.   Fan, Yijian Demonstrate the Importance of Chinese New Population Policy Spring 2015
58.   Garrett, David Investment Success in Real Estate Spring 2015
59.   Hospedales, Roneil Optimizing the Basketball Shot Spring 2015
60.   Miller, Ryan Bertrand Price Beverages Spring 2015
61.   Morina, Amy May 2010 United States Poverty Rate Spring 2015
62.   Ross, Joshua Optimal Pairing of Driver to District Spring 2015
63.   Whitcomb, Daniel Predicting Future Trends in Malicious Server Attacks Spring 2015
64.   Curbelo, Demi The Growth Of Delta Gamma Fall 2015
65.   Dixon, Elizabeth Profitability through Peak Sales Season Fall 2015
66.   Hochadel, Briana Guest Services Fall 2015
67.   Wallace, Cameron The Properties of a Vase Fall 2015
68.   Wilson, Jeremy The Effect of the Olympics on Registration Levels for Developmental Gymnastics Fall 2015
69.   Abreu, Jeremy Regression Analysis of Campus Tours Spring 2014
70.   Marschall, Kyle Applying Calculus to Calculate Probability of a Paint Hiding in One Coat Spring 2014
71.   Soler, Alexander Global Positioning System and the Least-Squares Solution Spring 2014
72.   Crawford, Patrick The Advanced Mathematics Behind Kicking a Soccer Ball Fall 2014
73.   Gomogda, Jonathan Calculation of VAPOL Phosphoric Acid’s Open Region Fall 2014
74.   Perry, Winston Pole vault analysis Fall 2014
75.   Upchurch, James Don't Fret It Fall 2014
76.   Wilson, Tranise Growth of Healthcare Spending Fall 2014
77.   Woodyard, Heather Smart Headphones Fall 2014
78.   Frederic, Ernide Ridership of the C-route Spring 2013
79.   Kirchner, Patrick Borrow Our Bikes: What's the Trend Spring 2013
80.   Witherspoon, Nelson Analyzing Vehicle Rental Volume Spring 2013
81.   Bazemore, Amanda Bakery Sales Fall 2013
82.   Gleason, Edward Determining the Efficiency of a Second Pizza Oven Fall 2013
83.   Hicks, Tyler Subtle Artistry in Cogent Statistical Inferences Fall 2013
84.   Lantz, Jordan Advance Placement Testing in Public Schools Fall 2013
85.   Mann, Davidson Finding the Right Amount Fall 2013
86.   Moghal, Angbeen A Different Grading Method Fall 2013
87.   Morrow, Chris Analysis of a Quarterbacks Throw Fall 2013
88.   Ngamwongpaiboon, Supakij Best Buy Stock Analysis Fall 2013
89.   Pucciarelli, Anne Growth Rates in Schools Fall 2013
90.   Valle, Vladimir Projections at the USF Sun Dome Fall 2013
91.   Yan, Shijing Maximum Profit for Trading Modules Fall 2013
92.   Cooke, Paige High Jump Analysis Spring 2012
93.   Frazier, Christopher Wage Inflation Spring 2012
94.   Hurley, Korey How Many Ways Can You Customize Your Dish? Spring 2012
95.   McRae, Katina Baseball Injury Regression Spring 2012
96.   Modi, Nadim Projected Profits for the Expansion of Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa Spring 2012
97.   Nguyen, Bich Quyen Population of the US in 2012 Spring 2012
98.   Roa, Victor Prediciting the Next Residents Spring 2012
99.   Thomas, Alexis The Probability of Michael's Custom Framing Sales Spring 2012
100.   Wise, Kevin Trip to Mars Spring 2012
101.   Calkins, Maegan Bringing Diversity to the Classroom Fall 2012
102.   Erickson, Nathaniel Comparison of Two Legends Fall 2012
103.   Martinez, Alexander A Scientific Shake-Up: High School Chemistry Education Fall 2012
104.   Patten, Madison Probability for Checkout Times Fall 2012
105.   Perez, Erik Customer Satisfaction Fall 2012
106.   Mawhinney, Ian Movie Rental Trends Spring 2011
107.   Northington, Drake Sports Equations Spring 2011
108.   Schreier, Audrey Self-Checkout Machines Spring 2011
109.   Anderson, Stacey The Women's Footware Store Report Fall 2011
110.   Burnell, Comoelita How Non-school Factors Affect Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Scores Fall 2011
111.   Cabili, Anthonette Competitors vs. In-Store Coupons Fall 2011
112.   Camargo, Richard Predicting When There Will be a Need for a New Record Center Fall 2011
113.   Lam, David Volume of a Wine Barrel Fall 2011
114.   Orelus, Anderson Demand for Fresh Publix Milk Fall 2011
115.   Quigley, Anthony Choosing a Valet Account by Finding Work Fall 2011
116.   Rangel, Paul Pizza’s Many Faces Fall 2011
117.   Ulangkaya, Celine Estimating the Monthly Order of an Inventory Item Fall 2011
118.   Crowson, Brad Unemployment Rate's Effect on Average Premium Spring 2010
119.   Gathwright, Michael Social Network Gaming Trends Spring 2010
120.   Hoak, Matthew Marksmanship and Mathematics Spring 2010
121.   MacNeil, Stephen Credit Card Applications for JC Penney Spring 2010
122.   Odom, Kevin Predicting the Demand for Outdoor Equipment Spring 2010
123.   Smith, Ryan Melting Ice Cube Spring 2010
124.   Soto, Michael An Analysis of Related Student Grades Over Time Spring 2010
125.   Stewart, Jonathan Using Calculus to Find Car Sales Spring 2010
126.   Correa Santiago, Kamill Reading vs. Math FCAT Analysis Fall 2010
127.   Northington, Drake Deep Equations Fall 2010
128.   Prus, Robert Correlation of Item Count, Sales and Inventory in a Retail Pharmacy Setting Fall 2010
129.   Rashid, Sheeza Customer Satisfaction Score Rate in the Financial Institution Fall 2010
130.   Schryer, Anthony Creating a Computer Program to make Definite Integrals Easier to Understand Fall 2010
131.   Wai, Justin Tangencies of the Efficient Frontier and Individual Utility Functions Fall 2010
132.   Lago, Jaime Computer Repair Spring 2009
133.   Pierce, Gary Ladle Design Spring 2009
134.   Lescott, Neil Mathematics and Music Fall 2009
135.   Vinje, Peter Call Forecasting for an Inbound Call Center Fall 2009
136.   Malo, Brandon A Critical Look at Past Tests Fall 2008
137.   Rodriguez, Andres Storybook Forest Fall 2008