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Fall 2008 - Present

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Student Name Project Title Semester
1.   Chen , Wei Future Global Population Growth Estimation Using the Logistic Equation Spring 2018
2.   Conger, Zachary Predator-Prey Dynamics Spring 2018
3.   DiPasquale, Sophia Effects of Resource Rich and Poor Environments on Gopher Tortoise Clutch Size Spring 2018
4.   Halvaei, Ariana Seasonal Algal Growth in Lake Tahoe Spring 2018
5.   Hammond, Tiffany Determining Probability of Disease Spreading by Mosquitos Spring 2018
6.   Hopkins, Hal Florida Population Size Projection Analysis with Exponential Growth Differential Equations Spring 2018
7.   Jacobs, Dahee Population and Multiracial Growth in Florida Spring 2018
8.   Kelly, Ryan Decline in Bee Population Spring 2018
9.   Marin, Stephanie Efficiency of Diesel Heat Engine Spring 2018
10.   Patel, Jashal Application of Derivatives in Acid/Base Chemical Reactions Spring 2018
11.   Smith, Kellie The Probability of Having Multiple Children with Autism in One Family Spring 2018
12.   Varner, Luke Geochemical Modeling of Fractional Magma Crystalization Spring 2018
13.   Antoine, Branden Cooling of the Oceanic Lithosphere Spring 2017
14.   Davis, Jacob Bee Population in the United States Spring 2017
15.   DeCamillis, Raymond The Integrated Rate Law Spring 2017
16.   Fuller, Nicole Determining the Proper Dosage Amount of Magnesium in order to Dissolve Kidney Stones Spring 2017
17.   Graves, Preston Modeling of Lionfish Population Growth Spring 2017
18.   Huynh, Tuan Calculus in Chemical Kinetics Spring 2017
19.   Jaward, Foday Time and Growth Spring 2017
20.   Judson, Natalee Related Rates of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Spring 2017
21.   Kitada, Sayuri Radiation Effect on Human by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Spring 2017
22.   Leto, Cody Model of Radiation Leak from Fukushima Spring 2017
23.   Miller, Marlee Evaluation of the Average American’s Consumption of the Food Dyes Spring 2017
24.   Pendharkar, Vikrant 21st Century Population Growth Spring 2017
25.   Polen, Amy Analysis of Rainfall in Tampa During the 2016 Calendar Year Spring 2017
26.   Powers, Samantha Using Calculus To Model Fish Growth Spring 2017
27.   Saroka, Bryana Dog Crates in a Fixed Area Spring 2017
28.   Scholpp, Jesse Appling Calculus to Calculate the Temperature of Mineral Formation in Magma Spring 2017
29.   Seiden, Nicole Determining the Volume of a Volcano Spring 2017
30.   Underwood, Richard Gyroscopes and the nature of precession Spring 2017
31.   Williams, Crystal Go Green! Spring 2017
32.   Al Sawafi, Alazhar Pulse Wave Propagation in Arterial System Fall 2017
33.   Bendik, Kirsten Power Needed to Generate Lift Fall 2017
34.   Burress, Diane How the Number of Dimples Affect Air Resistance on a Golf Ball Fall 2017
35.   Constantino, Chandler Future World Population Fall 2017
36.   Cook, Jennifer Countering the Rapid Growth Rate of Water Lettuce in a Wetland with Pesticides Fall 2017
37.   Davis, Aaron Predicting disease spread through population growth Fall 2017
38.   Dunn, Rebecca Determining the Geothermal Energy Potential of Bulgaria Fall 2017
39.   Dyjak, Mckenna Calculating the Amount of Chlorine Present in Drinking Water as a Function of Time Fall 2017
40.   Horn, William Determining the easy and hard axes of magnetization of a material using the Stoner-Wohlfarth Model Fall 2017
41.   Jainarain, Emily Total Sediment Accumulation on Fire Island After Hurricane Sandy Fall 2017
42.   Kean, Pierce Carrying Capacity Usage Fall 2017
43.   Knobel, Shelby Sustainable Harvesting Fall 2017
44.   Moure, Mitchell Assessing Climate Change Probability Using Calculus Fall 2017
45.   Pennino, Samantha Tsunami Waves Fall 2017
46.   Seidl, Kimberly Noise Levels From an Atlas V Rocket Along Launch Azimuth Fall 2017
47.   Stanley, Sara Longleaf Pine Tree Populations in Florida State Parks Fall 2017
48.   Westphal, Kendal Assessing the rate of change of ant lion metapopulation Fall 2017
49.   Williams, Marcia Correlation between Stress and Resting Heart Rate Fall 2017
50.   Winton, Adam The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Fall 2017
51.   Biega, Bradley Organic Agricultural Analysis—Efficiency of Common Practices Spring 2016
52.   Borgerding, Laura Using Calculus to Model the Growth of the Tree Liquidambar Styrsciflua (American Sweetqum) Spring 2016
53.   Dakwale, Abhimanyu Tennis Ball in Motion Spring 2016
54.   Gile, Michael Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Air Conditioner Use Spring 2016
55.   Khin, Juu Standardization of rock salt in a brine solution Spring 2016
56.   Kidd, Nicole Atherina boyeri Fish Growth Rate and Probability Density Spring 2016
57.   Kirchein, Adam Calculating a Function for Chlorine Residual for the University of South Florida’s Public Water Syst Spring 2016
58.   MacNeill, Bryan Variance and covariance of ecological effect sizes that share a common control. Spring 2016
59.   Mbuya, Christina Acceptable ranges of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient levels in Hillsborough County Spring 2016
60.   Nelson, Kaleigh Modeling Albatross Chick Growth with Two Competing Models Spring 2016
61.   Nguyen, Andrew Creating an Ideal Roller Coaster Spring 2016
62.   Schumaker, Robert Determining the Amount of Salt in a Tank Spring 2016
63.   Traore, Ouleymatou Electronic Waste Generation from 2000 to 2012 Spring 2016
64.   Williams, Bianca Effects of Acid Rain on Plant Growth Spring 2016
65.   Zupancic, Sanda Determining Human Population Spring 2016
66.   Allan, Ashley Overfishing of Atlantic Cod Fall 2016
67.   Baldwin, David Monitoring the Water Table Aquifer Below the USF Forest Preserve Fall 2016
68.   Bof, Felipe Calculating the Dimensions and Volume to Create a Beer Glass Fall 2016
69.   Carbonell, Isabella Indonesian Deforestation Rate Fall 2016
70.   Davis, Alexandra Environmental Engineering Project Fall 2016
71.   Di, Yuntong Mathematic-Chemistry project Fall 2016
72.   Edmiston, Hannah Climate Change Related Sea Level Rise Fall 2016
74.   Freeman, Doran Brushing to Maintain Oral Health Fall 2016
75.   Hagood, Brent Calculating Sustainable Renewable Resources Fall 2016
76.   Harvey, Joshua Determining Mass of Fuel for a Mission to Europa Fall 2016
77.   Hashad, Mohamed Abdalla Golf Ball Trajectory Fall 2016
78.   Hughes, Jordan Alligator Growth can Correlate to Age Fall 2016
79.   Kipi, Adam Volume of Crater Lake Fall 2016
80.   Lin, Wei One Dimension Free Fall Fall 2016
81.   Martinez, Jesus Ballistic Pendulum: How to Measure the Speed and Strength of a Bullet when Fired. Fall 2016
82.   Patel, Jaynil Max Power of a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Module Fall 2016
83.   Rees, Rachel Hydraulic fracturing effects on local populations in the Bakken region of North Dakota Fall 2016
84.   Smith, Hannah Predicting Spotted Knapweed Growth Fall 2016
85.   Ustaszewski, Jordan Sending A Rocket to the Moon Fall 2016
86.   Walker, Alexander Aerodynamics: How do Airplanes Fly? Fall 2016
87.   Zhong, Peishan How Fast Is the Land Disappearing? Fall 2016
88.   Aguilar, Jessica Determining Past Climate from Isotopic Analysis of Speleothems Spring 2015
89.   Burwell, Kyle Audio Wave Analyzation Spring 2015
90.   Campara, Adnan Fitness and Calculus Spring 2015
91.   Chiwuzor, Blessing The Effects of Ammonium Nitrate in the Inoculation of Fern Spore Cultures Spring 2015
92.   Conn, James Plastic Waste: The Environmental Cost on the World’s Oceans Spring 2015
93.   Davids, Elizabeth Determining Which Depth the 60% Depth Rule for Mean Stream Velocity Refers To Spring 2015
94.   Gonzales, Cyndi E.coli Growth Curve Spring 2015
95.   Harring, Kathryn How the presence of Nitrogen in the water affects cell size of Karenia brevis and how it alters its Spring 2015
96.   Hartwick, Tim Spread of Gene through a Population Spring 2015
97.   Hudgens, Chelsea Calculating the moment of inertia of a flywheel Spring 2015
98.   Ketrow, Danielle Samarium-Neodymium Dating Method Spring 2015
99.   Leonardi, Nicholas The Effect of Phosphorus on Floridian Osprey Populations Spring 2015
100.   Matiash, Kateryna Neptunium Cascade Kinetics Spring 2015
101.   Medo, Lukas Evapotranspiration Rates of Crews Lake Spring 2015
102.   Paulin, Christine Speed of a Meteor Spring 2015
103.   Rainey, Andrew Domestic Dog Population Estimate for Hillsborough County, FL. Spring 2015
104.   Sadeghinia, Ali Power of a Bullet Spring 2015
105.   Tobar, Robert Estimating the maximum capillary spacing (RL) for which anoxic regions will not form Spring 2015
106.   Vickery, Barry Total Volume Of Air Inhaled At Rest Vs. After Exercise Spring 2015
107.   Westervelt, Hannah The Integration of World Population Growth and Calculus Spring 2015
108.   Al Shibani, Sundus Analysis- Roller Coaster Loops Fall 2015
109.   Austin, Justin Land Assessment Fall 2015
110.   Breitner, Elias Using the Logistic Growth Equation to Determine Maximum Population Growth Rate Fall 2015
111.   Carter, Vincent Potassium – Argon dating of volcanic minerals Fall 2015
112.   Diaz, Ismael Water Quality Analysis Fall 2015
113.   Hathcock, Kendall The Rise of the Mexican Petunia Fall 2015
114.   Heyen, Taylor Projectile Motion of an Arrow: The Ideal Shot Fall 2015
115.   James, Shawn Capturing the Speed of Light Fall 2015
116.   Jensen, Kyle Drawdown of a Well Fall 2015
117.   Koster, Victoria U.S. Agricultural Land and Brazil Growth Trends Fall 2015
118.   Pierre, Jacques Finding the Transfer of Heat Fall 2015
119.   Stukbauer, Kelly The Forces Affecting a Sailboat Fall 2015
120.   Taneja, Kamil The Relationship Between the Length of Chinook Parr and the Temperature of the Water in the Muskegon Fall 2015
121.   Tran, Huy Betta Fish Growth Equation Fall 2015
122.   Veira, Kyora How the Heat Rate of a Gas Turbine Affects its Efficiency Fall 2015
123.   Winters, Erika Radioactivity: Internal Radiation Fall 2015
124.   Austin, Jared Modeling the Effects of the Invasive Burmese Python on Bobcat and Panther Populations in the Florida Spring 2014
125.   Bowen, Taylor Model For Facial Cooling Spring 2014
126.   Cureton, Joshua Diving Dilemma Spring 2014
127.   Dornbusch, Samuel Optimization of Pine Tree Farming Spring 2014
128.   Feola, Stephanie Stochastic Modeling of Drug Aggregation Spring 2014
129.   Fischer, Lynn Analysis of Radioactive Decay of Uranium 238 Spring 2014
130.   Jimenez, Yamil Uranium-Lead Radiometric Dating Spring 2014
131.   Kim, Alexander Speed of Standing Wave of Breaking Guitar String Spring 2014
132.   Lipps, David Development of Analytic Tools for Green Florescent Protein (GFP) Health Span Curves of Caenorhabditi Spring 2014
133.   Luu, Minh Study about Hawaii’s Volcano’s Activities by Using Radioactive Decay Formula. Spring 2014
134.   Maher, Stephen Analysis of a Free Kick Spring 2014
135.   McDaniel, Robert Radiometric Dating of Igneous Rocks Spring 2014
136.   Nan, Ja Seng Light Measurements in West Florida Shelf Waters Spring 2014
137.   Patel, Jeshica Anthropogenic Impact on Panda Populations Spring 2014
138.   Rattanachane, Katherine Analysis of Escherichia coli growth and Phage-Infected Escherichia coli Growth Spring 2014
139.   Rhoades, Matthew Determining Past Environmental Conditions through Examination of Stalagmites Spring 2014
140.   Surbaugh, Kerri Modeling Methane Emissions by Ruminants Spring 2014
141.   Torres, Jose Alta, Wyoming Groundwater Flow Spring 2014
142.   Wood, Daniel Volume and Total Erupted Mass of Volcanic Ash Deposit Spring 2014
143.   Wormsley, Patrick The Gravitational Force of a Hollow Mass Spring 2014
144.   Agudelo, Maira The Mathematics of Rainbows Fall 2014
145.   Alers, Alyssa Global Warming Impact on Alligator Population Fall 2014
146.   Arden, Jared Essentials for building a CD Drive Fall 2014
147.   Borne, Adam Hexokinase Volume to Surface Area Ratio Change during Phosphorylation of β-Glucose Fall 2014
148.   Cox, Jeffrey Accurate Depiction of Mannochloris oculata Growth Curve Fall 2014
149.   Dewantoro, Nikita Approximation of Landfill Waste in 2014 Fall 2014
150.   Edwards, Hannah United States Population Growth Fall 2014
151.   Geller, Frederick Estimating Future Population Numbers for Whooping Cranes Using the Logistic Equation Fall 2014
152.   Godwin, Brianna Concentration of Phosphorus in the Everglades Fall 2014
153.   Indawala, Shana A Mathematical Approach to Calculating the U.S. Population Fall 2014
154.   Kesler, Brianna Assessing the Impact of Humans on Nature's Biodiversity Fall 2014
155.   Kirkham, John Radioactive Decay: St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant Fall 2014
156.   Musto, Sarafina Estimation of Population Size Using the Mark-Recapture Method Fall 2014
157.   Paoli, Renato Thrust of a Rocket Fall 2014
158.   Rehberg, Danielle Analysis of Forces Experienced by an Uke due to Three Different Judo Throws Fall 2014
159.   Reynolds, Anne Analysis and Forecast of Acidic Concentration in Tampa Bay Fall 2014
160.   Roux, Blake Potassium-Argon Radiometric Dating Fall 2014
161.   Sanders, Caitlin Observing Survival Rates of the Quarantine Process in Aquarium Fish Fall 2014
162.   Smith, Grayce Finding and Comparing the Diversity of Two Areas within an Ecosystem Fall 2014
163.   Sweetman, Samuel Studying Deer Harvest Restrictions Fall 2014
164.   Tanner, Marissa RCW Population Fall 2014
165.   White, Logan Modeling Rocket Flight in the Low-Friction Approximation Fall 2014
166.   Correa, John Evaporation of Volatile Organics from Basins in Series Spring 2013
167.   Dahl, John Water Level Prediction Spring 2013
168.   Gibson, Mathew Dive Profiles: The Varying Permeability Model Spring 2013
169.   Hernandez, Lucas Growth Rate of the Invasive Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades Spring 2013
170.   Li, Suzanne Using Integration to make a Mathematical Model of Deflection for Single Linear Polymers Spring 2013
171.   Lotito, Erin The Endangerment of Tigers Spring 2013
172.   Ludwig, Michael The Human Cannon Spring 2013
173.   McColgan, Timothy Calculating Imidacloprid Concentrations in Soils Spring 2013
174.   Mireles, Shelby Future of America‘s Electricity Use Spring 2013
175.   Patel, Adit Removal of Atmospheric Ammonia During a Rain Event Spring 2013
176.   Petrovich, Aidan Investigation of the Particle Flux of Seed Disperial Spring 2013
177.   Qablawi, Jeanette Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis Spring 2013
178.   Raabe, Kjersti The Effect of Air Resistance on a Cannon Ball Spring 2013
179.   Rivera, Danny Necessity of an Immune System via Viral Replication Model Spring 2013
180.   Scott, Cameo Study of Dieldrin in Coralville Reservoir Spring 2013
181.   Shatzer, Andrew Obtaining the Age of the Universe Spring 2013
182.   Shumate, Jessica Swainson's Hawks Migration Area Spring 2013
183.   Simoes, Peter Leslie Matrix Predicting Lizard Populations Spring 2013
184.   Tavarez, Samantha Estimating Lava Flow Volume: Applications in Volcanic Hazard Assessment Spring 2013
185.   Varner, Emily Diffusion of TCE into Soil Spring 2013
186.   West, Stacy The Impact Cogongrass has on Biodiversity at Circle B Bar Reserve Spring 2013
187.   Zapata, David On the Analysis of Growth curve of L plantarum bacteria using Richardson Spring 2013
188.   Alishahedani, Mohammadali Stochastic Approach in the Field of Neuroscience Fall 2013
189.   Annibali, Anthony Rainfall Storage Capacity of a Phosphogypsum Stack Fall 2013
190.   Antonov, Vanko River Erosion and Deposition Fall 2013
191.   Baldeweg-Rau, Maximilian Oblate Cloud of Gas Analysis and Calculation Fall 2013
192.   Barthle, Ruth Removal of CO2 by Sea Floor Subduction Fall 2013
193.   Battistini, Vincent The Fourier Transform: A Preview of One of the Fundamental Equations Involved in the Integrated Fiel Fall 2013
194.   Bojar, Jonathan Radiometric Dating Project Fall 2013
195.   Casiano, Jonathan Effects of Air Resistance Fall 2013
196.   DePagter, Paige A Comparison Between Wild-Type and Mutated Bacteria Population Sizes Fall 2013
197.   Gajownik, Veronica Adiabatic Lapse Rates Fall 2013
198.   Graham, Onterio Latent Heat of Fusions of Ice Fall 2013
199.   Guzman, Kevin Judo - The Marriage of Nature and Physics Fall 2013
200.   Hayes, David Finding Uniform Deceleration of the Mars Rover Fall 2013
201.   Heburn, Kristine Initial Application of the N-body Problem Fall 2013
202.   Jordan, Nathan The Future of the Rhino Fall 2013
203.   King, Jacqueline Time of Death Fall 2013
204.   LePochat, Patrick Selectivity of Gases in an MOF Fall 2013
205.   Lowe, Ashley Estimated Bald Cypress Biomass Fall 2013
206.   Nabergall, Lukas Initial Conditions and Dynamics of the Ricker Model Fall 2013
207.   Orellana, Alexandro Florida Population Density Analysis Fall 2013
208.   Paffenroth, Tyler Calculus in Radioactive Decay Rates Fall 2013
209.   Pikalov, Roman Hilsa Harvest from Inland and Marine Sector of Bangladesh Fall 2013
210.   Plourde, Paul Population Dynamics of Toads Fall 2013
211.   Poudrette, Allen If Malthus Was Right Fall 2013
212.   Raibon, Kirkland Perfect Pitch Fall 2013
213.   Rugger, Tiffany Affect of Water on Lava Flow Fall 2013
214.   Runjaic, Jelena Predicting the Effects of Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Fall 2013
215.   Sigh, Donna Enzyme Concentration and Rate of Reaction Fall 2013
216.   Singh, Alok IR through Mathematics Fall 2013
217.   Stephan, Mary Predicting Hypereutrophication in Lakes Fall 2013
218.   Taha, Ihab Calculating the Kinematics of a Mustang Fall 2013
219.   Weber, August Modeling the Boost Phase of the RS68A Rocket Engine Fall 2013
220.   Wilke, Lea Maximum Sustainable Yield of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fall 2013
221.   Albritton, Casey Sinkhole Volume Approximation Spring 2012
222.   Ashcroft, Allison Overfishing the Common Snook Populations Spring 2012
223.   Castillo, Maritza Calculus Helps Maintain Crops Healthy Spring 2012
224.   Claxton, Kyra Radioactive Dating in Geology Spring 2012
225.   Cunningham, Shannon Atom Electrons Spring 2012
226.   Do, Nha-My Enzymes And Speed of Biochemical Reactions Spring 2012
227.   Dunlop, Eric Volatilization Of Benzene In A River Spring 2012
228.   Entote, Justin Comparing Mitochondrial Genome Sequences Spring 2012
229.   Figueroa, Javier Enzymes and Speed of Biochemical Reactions Spring 2012
230.   Hartman, Mackenzie Animal Scaling-Why Is Size So Important Spring 2012
231.   Herrmann, Ashley Rate of Polyphenol Oxidation in Bananas Under Two Temperatures Spring 2012
232.   Imperio, Allyson Volume of a Snail Shell Spring 2012
233.   Katzen, Michael Analyzing Ideal Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels Spring 2012
234.   Khan, Hirah The Calculus Behind Spontaneity Spring 2012
235.   Manos, Lydia Reconstructing Pterosaur Wingspan Spring 2012
236.   Miller, Alexander Population of Squirrels at the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens Spring 2012
237.   Mira, Nicholas Comparison of Two Flywheel-Piston Linkages Spring 2012
238.   Patel, Nishi Image Formation Through Concave/Convex Lenses Spring 2012
239.   Plas, Aryn Growth Curve of LPlantarum Bacteria Spring 2012
240.   Reed, Staci Cheaters in Herd Immunity Spring 2012
241.   Samaha, Omar Bioorthogonal Chemistry Spring 2012
242.   Smith, Jeremy Study of Dieldrin in Coralville Reservoir Spring 2012
243.   Toun, Brandon Complexity of Mitochondrial Genome Sequences Spring 2012
244.   Valencia, Veronica Diffusion of Vitamin B12 across a Mesoporous Metal Organic Framework Spring 2012
245.   Washington, Ashley Relating Population Size with Different Variables Spring 2012
246.   Wilczynski, Nina The Relationship between Enzymes and Substrate Concentration Spring 2012
247.   Beauchemin, Laura Springs! An Experiment Concerning Spring Constants and Damping Ratios Fall 2012
248.   Broadwater, Amy Kinetics of Atmospheric NOx Reactions Fall 2012
249.   Concilio, Nicholas Internal/Total Volume of Human Papilloma Virus Capsid Fall 2012
250.   Gronager, Sarah An Allometric Relationship between Body Mass and Wingspan in Falcons Fall 2012
251.   Knutson, Adam Influencing Factors on Genetic Distance in the Florida Scrub-jay Fall 2012
252.   LeBlanc, Kevin Ballistics: Euler's Method and Air Resistance Fall 2012
253.   Manjaly, Varghese Investigation into Generational Time of Escherichia coli Fall 2012
254.   Mantius, Maximilian Lunar Cycles and Tide Correlations Fall 2012
255.   Marrero Disla, Marcos Sound and Harmonic Series Fall 2012
256.   McKell, Melinda Kathryn Fukushima: A Model Study Fall 2012
257.   Moore, Keith Brown-Headed Cowbird & Blackbirds Immune Responses to West Nile Viruses and other Mosquito-Borne En Fall 2012
258.   Murdock, Caitlyn Calculating Phylogenetic Trees to Observe Evolution Fall 2012
259.   Nguyen, Nam Applied Calculus and Physics in Determining the Efficiency of Boat's Sails Fall 2012
260.   Nguyen, Sherry The Evolution of Helicase in Bacterium through Phylogenetic Trees Fall 2012
261.   Noyce, Christopher A Cheetah Dilemma Fall 2012
262.   Orr, Catherine Stock Recruitment Analysis of Black Grouper Fall 2012
263.   Quinzi, Tyler Maximum Sustainable Yield of White-Tailed Deer Populations in Georgia Fall 2012
264.   Raabe, Kjersti Minimizing the Kinetic Energy of a Small Projectile Fall 2012
265.   Reilly, Sean Mangrove Coverage of Weedon Island Preserve Fall 2012
266.   Sullivan, Ryan Lost Valley River Basin Fall 2012
267.   Tennant, Collin Rise of Organic Farming in the United States Fall 2012
268.   Abel, Amanda Population Growth Analysis of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in the Citrus Tract of Florida Spring 2011
269.   Bejarano, Sofialejandra Light Measurements at Molasses Reef Spring 2011
270.   Chernofsky, Elliot Keplar's Second Law Applications Spring 2011
271.   Dean, Stephanie Determination of the Shape of the Universe as it Relates to the Rate of Expansion Spring 2011
272.   Kauzlarich, Kristi The Florida Panther Problem Spring 2011
273.   King, Matthew Building Blocks of Life Spring 2011
274.   Larco, Carlos Projectile Motion of Missiles Spring 2011
275.   Leworthy, James Investigating the Hydrostatics of a Boat Hull Spring 2011
276.   McNabb, Justin Rarefaction Analysis of Chipola Formation Fossils from the Miocene Spring 2011
277.   Omeara, Shayna Population Growth of Alligators Spring 2011
278.   Plourde, Joseph Managing the Harvesting of Fish Spring 2011
279.   Robinson, Eric Judging the Florida Manatee Synoptic Survey Results as Compared to Logistic Population Growth Spring 2011
280.   Sullivan, Ryanne North American River Otter Pup Feeding Technique and Population Considerations Spring 2011
281.   Woodbridge, Lauren Pallet Physics Spring 2011
282.   Blaha, Kyle Hydrostatic Forces on a Dam Fall 2011
283.   Brazel, Morgan Capillary Density Fall 2011
284.   Donovan, Kenneth Human Population Growth Fall 2011
285.   French, Jacqueline The Future of Genetically Modified Cotton Fall 2011
286.   Frye, Joseph Model Rocket Predicted Altitudes Fall 2011
287.   Hadeed, Omar Arsenic Contamination Fall 2011
288.   Muszbek, Agnes Comparing Lifetime Cost of 2012 Toyota Prius and 2012 Toyota Corolla Fall 2011
289.   Nandkishorelal, Tabitha Flagellum Fall 2011
290.   Nee, Scott Optimization of Reproductive Patterns in Annual Plants Fall 2011
291.   Sanatan, Keir The Change in Velocity of Meteorites Fall 2011
292.   Sandoval, Emeli Half-life of phosphite compounds in the environment Fall 2011
293.   Stoever, Elizabeth pH change in Seawater Fall 2011
294.   WIlson, Corey Speleothem Laminae Counting and Growth Rates Fall 2011
295.   Bahr, Keisha Indeterminate Growth of Fish Spring 2010
296.   Demeter, John Removing Pharmacueticals From Hillsborough Tap Water Spring 2010
297.   Dunford, Sean Time Constant of an RC Circuit Spring 2010
298.   Farber, Kimberly Surfacing Sharks Spring 2010
299.   Harris, Brandi Florida and Invasive Species Management: Feral Hog Spring 2010
300.   Lemon, Aron Endangered Species: The Kemp Spring 2010
301.   Menekseoglu, Ulviye Determination of the Stable Growth Rate of a Population Spring 2010
302.   Nicho, Joanna The SIR Epidemiology Model in Predicting Herd Immunity Spring 2010
303.   Nordheim-Shelt, Barbara Water Conservation Through Rain Sensors in Hernando County Spring 2010
304.   Viola, Jennifer Plastic-Consuming Microbial Bacteria Spring 2010
305.   Arms, Sasha Allometry: Relating Infant Head Growth to Growth of the Rest of Their Body Fall 2010
306.   Burriss, Claudia The Relationship of Light and it’s Affect on Coral Reefs Fall 2010
307.   Cardenas, Melissa Comparison of Bacterial Population Growth during Defrosting of Poultry in Different Environments Fall 2010
308.   Coleman, Darrell Diet Coke and Mentos Fall 2010
309.   Drescher, Christopher Sustainable Fisheries: Population Growth Fall 2010
310.   Earls, Ashley Light Attenuation at Molasses Reef Fall 2010
311.   Foley, Jeanine Spatial Dispersion of Liatris tenufolia Fall 2010
312.   Galvin, Stephanie Cell Size Fall 2010
313.   Hemani, Ayaz Automated Determination of a Package’s Center of Mass Fall 2010
314.   Hussein, Shaza Predator-Prey Modeling Fall 2010
315.   Johnson, Kristin Pressure Within a Tornado Fall 2010
316.   Lugo, Luis Astronomy: Space Shuttle Landing Fall 2010
317.   McCormick, Grayson Brazilian Pepper's Impact on Barrier Island Biodiversity Fall 2010
318.   O'Hern Weeks, Abbie Pollination of a Canary Tree Flower Fall 2010
319.   Taylor, Benjamin Government Cats Fall 2010
320.   Tingley, Raymond Case Study of a Volcanic Eruption: Mount Tambora 1815 Fall 2010
321.   Torres, Jorge Dominant Epistasis Fall 2010
322.   Wingo, Jeffrey Calculation of Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia Fall 2010
323.   Wynn, Jared Equation of Motion for a Physical Pendulum Fall 2010
324.   Flores, Glen Buoy Spring 2009
325.   Forcke, Emily Boat Buoyancy Spring 2009
326.   Gomez, Christina Correct Prescription of Hydrocodone Spring 2009
327.   Henson, Russell A Catenary Supported Camera Spring 2009
328.   Hopp, Kimberly Ammonia Spill into an Aquifer: Pump and Treat Assessment Spring 2009
329.   Jean-Joseph, Jakera Increasing Volumes of Breast Tumors Over Time Spring 2009
330.   Maknenko, Arthur Infection of a Homogeneous Population by a Known Bacterium Spring 2009
331.   Martis, Stephanie Sustainable Harvest Spring 2009
332.   Mashburn, William Logistic Growth of Wolf Population in Yellowstone Spring 2009
333.   Nguyen, Thy Malaria Replication Rates within a Human Spring 2009
334.   Pearcey, Jasmine Buoy Volume Spring 2009
335.   Pellegrino, Joseph Probability Applied to Hydrology Spring 2009
336.   Rosegger, Brian Population Growth Models of Red Maples in a Forested Wetland Spring 2009
337.   Weich, Russel Filling a Water Tower Spring 2009
338.   West, Steven Changes in Seagrass due to Changes in Nitrogen Spring 2009
339.   Wolf, Aaron Applying Integrals to an Animal's Home Range Spring 2009
340.   Yungaitis, Matthew Nitrogen and its Facilitation of Growth in Aman Rice Spring 2009
341.   Ahlers, Brendyn Finding the Area of an Odd Shaped Landscaping Bed Fall 2009
342.   Elder, Amor Reconstruction of Brooksville Ridge Cave Temperature Fall 2009
343.   Keister, Elise Arsenic and Growth of Amphistegina gibbosa Fall 2009
344.   McCune, Ryan Frog Jumping Dynamics Fall 2009
345.   Platukyte, Simona Area of Mount St. Helens Before and After the 1980 Eruption Fall 2009
346.   Robertson, Samantha Biodiversity in a Florida Sandhill Ecosystem Fall 2009
347.   Smith, Deni-Maire Oil Eating Bacteria Fall 2009
348.   Vollstaedt, Joshua Morphine Serum Concentrations and Dosing Fall 2009
349.   Cao, Son Mathematics and Kinetics Fall 2008
350.   Groshev, Anastasia Simulation Bacteria Populations Decline Fall 2008
351.   Martinez, John Filtering Particles Fall 2008
352.   Nguyen, Minh Cong To Infinity and Beyond: Global Warming Fall 2008