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Fall 2008 - Present

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Student Name Project Title Semester
1.   Colvard, Jack Calculating Cardiac Output by Use of the Dye Dilution Method Spring 2017
2.   Cruz, Jonathan Blood Glucose Level function Spring 2017
3.   Parker, Jessica Blood Velocity in Arteries Spring 2017
4.   Sidhu, Manveer Effects of Exercise on Blood Vessel Compliance Spring 2017
5.   Tonova, Skylar Appointment Scheduling for Healthcare Spring 2017
6.   Doyle, Jacob The Application of Calculus in Tumor Growth Fall 2017
7.   Johnson, Amanda Mathematical Analysis of Impact Ankle Brace Overuse Fall 2017
8.   Oktenli, Burak A Mathematical Model for Pertussis Transmission Rate in Florida Fall 2017
9.   Ansari, Bilal Patient Call Overflow Rate Spring 2016
10.   Cooper, Patrick Controlled Release of Drugs Spring 2016
11.   Cordero, Katie Analysis of Tumor Growth Spring 2016
12.   Glushakov, Andriy The varying distribution in respiratory droplet size for the purposes of diagnostics in medicine Spring 2016
13.   Kiszkiel, Benjamin Infectious Diseases: Modeling theoretical Disease infection and Vaccination programs Spring 2016
14.   Perez, Daniela Proving the Clearance Equation Spring 2016
15.   Siefken, Alexander Morphine Dosage in Victims of Traumatic Accidents Spring 2016
16.   Yun, Jong Cancer Types by Stages and Survival Rate Spring 2016
17.   Cuellar, Ladisleidys Efficiency of Nebulizer Machine Fall 2016
18.   Darnell, Paul Applying Partial Derivatives to Organ Efficiency with Concern to Body Surface Area Fall 2016
19.   Peacock, Kristin Rabies Population Dynamics in Feral Canines of Florida Fall 2016
20.   Piwowarczyk, Dariusz Hemodynamics and its approach to calculus Fall 2016
21.   Rios-Guzman, Nasha Rudimentary Model of Glucose Response to Stress Fall 2016
23.   Mertens, Louisa The Chronological Sequence of A Blood Alcohol Concentration Spring 2015
24.   Akhras, Amr Regression Analysis: Examining the Rate of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Fall 2015
25.   Arnold, Christopher Finding the area under the curve on a blood pressure versus time graph Fall 2015
26.   Labnongsang, Jasmine Study of the Ebola Outbreaks of 2014-2015 Fall 2015
27.   Norton, Amanda Analysis of Tonal Qualities within the Voice for Parkinson’s Solutions Fall 2015
28.   Williams, Carter Blood Flux Through Integration Fall 2015
29.   Alonso, Helen Applications of Calculus to Cancerous Cell Growth Spring 2014
30.   Bagdadi, Munazzah Genome Evolution Spring 2014
31.   Bastien, Thomas Moon Cycles and Menstrual Cycles Spring 2014
32.   Beharry, Aryan Exploring the SIS Epidemic model in relation to the common cold Spring 2014
33.   Courant, Vincent SIR epidemiology model and cholera epidemic prevention Spring 2014
34.   Evans, Jessica How to Determine Length Medicine Stays in Human Body Spring 2014
35.   Gignon Jadoul, Valentine Blood Alcohol Levels Spring 2014
36.   Lozano, Diego Splenic Expression of CD-36 in a Rat Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Spring 2014
37.   Petersen, Kevin Gompertz Equation: Quantifying Growth Rates of Tumors Spring 2014
38.   Sarasola, Sarah Variables in Life Expectancy Spring 2014
39.   Truong, Kristen Fourier Transform: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spring 2014
40.   Boykin, Ashley Calculus and X-Rays Fall 2014
41.   Fadel, Muaath Drug Sensitivity Fall 2014
42.   Hector, Jon-Christopher Probability of Bacterial Infection per Patient Fall 2014
43.   Hussamy, Samer Dosage Rates Fall 2014
44.   Kulow, Alyssa Importance of Proper Dosage Calculations Fall 2014
45.   Pinkston, Rachel Using Calculus to Model the 2014 Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa Fall 2014
46.   Sanchez, Amanda Dosage Calculation and Drug Concentration over Time Fall 2014
47.   Tran, Tam Optimization of Cardiac Disease Preventions Through Diet Fall 2014
48.   Zamudio, Frank Cortical Brain Volume Affected by Reactive Astrogliosis in the rTg4510 Mouse Model Fall 2014
49.   Atteridge, Chris Predicting Outcomes of a Drug Overdose Spring 2013
50.   Brett, Patrick Familial Alzheimer Spring 2013
51.   Finn, Leah Modeling HIV/AIDS Dynamics Assuming a Vaccine is Found Spring 2013
52.   Merino, Oscar Finding parameters for General Logistic Growth equation in Mammalian Cells Spring 2013
53.   Miller, Tiffany A Mathematical Approach to the Growth Rate of Solid Breast Cancer Tumors Spring 2013
54.   Reddy, Sanil Prevalence of Asthma Throughout Life Span Spring 2013
55.   Sewell, Ashlie Medicare Enrollment on the Rise Spring 2013
56.   Bernstein, Jessica Radiation Levels Fall 2013
57.   Bryant-Rider, Kylie Memory Formation and Retention in the Neurons of the Brain over Time Fall 2013
58.   Cardona, Brian Effects of Variable Injection Rates on Thermodilution Cardiac Output Fall 2013
59.   Chen, Sharon Growth of Tumors Fall 2013
60.   Flores, Kristy When Growth of Staphylococcus Aureus Begins After Being Introduced to Propofol and Thiopentone Fall 2013
61.   Holets, Tyler Bifuraction of Blood Vessels and Vascularity in the Human Body Fall 2013
62.   Nurbekova, Assel Identifying Tumor Growth on Gompertz Growth Model and its Applications Fall 2013
63.   Pavlova, Yuliya The Half-Life of a Drug Fall 2013
64.   Pham, Minh Survival Analysis - Breast Cancer Fall 2013
65.   Scott, Cy Gold Tooth Inlay: Possible Cavity Shapes Fall 2013
66.   Veri, Lisa Enabling Correct Dosage of the Antibiotic Vancomycin To Prevent Nephrotoxicity Fall 2013
67.   Daniels, Kristin Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and Alzheimer's Disease: Mathematically Modeling Disease Prevalence in Simula Spring 2012
68.   Ezzi, Insiya Repetition and Retention Spring 2012
69.   Field, Michael Telomerase and Human Fibroblast Cell Life In Vitro Spring 2012
70.   Hamilton, Jermaine The Correlation Between Variables and Life Expectancy Spring 2012
71.   Hutchens, Tampa An Understanding of Beta Amyloid’s Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease Spring 2012
72.   Jang, Seung-eun Telomerase, Cancer, and Aging Spring 2012
73.   Melaram, Rajesh Correlation Between Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease and Ɛ4 Allele of Apolipoprotein E Spring 2012
74.   Nguyen, Nam Enzymes: More than just Proteins Spring 2012
75.   Saxon, William Controlled Release of a Drug Spring 2012
76.   Varghese, Rojan Analysis of Enzyme Efficiency Spring 2012
77.   Yerrapragada, Niharika Statistical Significance in Spine Configuration Spring 2012
78.   Bonner, Devon An Investigation of the Relationship between Geographic Distance to Treating Facility and Time betwe Fall 2012
79.   Carbonell, Juan Determining Time of Death Fall 2012
80.   Chang, Victor Rate of Blood Flow and Cardiac Output Fall 2012
81.   Daun, Jennifer Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Fall 2012
82.   de Vivo, Giovanni Population Growth Modeling of Infectious Diseases Using the SIR Model Fall 2012
83.   Dupere, Justine Variance of Drug Doses Fall 2012
84.   Hicks, Johnathan The Moon's phases and the Menses of Earth Fall 2012
85.   Mahoney, Heather Integral Calculus as a Tool for Densitometrical Analysis Fall 2012
86.   Mason, Angel Drug Dosage Remaining In Humans Fall 2012
87.   Mitchell, Maria Pain Pill Rate of Absorption Fall 2012
88.   Nguyen, Tri Relieving Stress and Cancer Fall 2012
89.   Perdomo, Jesus Exploring Biological and Quantum Computations Fall 2012
90.   Vargas, Abraham Minimizing Overtime Fall 2012
91.   Williams, Kathryn Modeling Change Over Time: Growth of Sales Fall 2012
92.   Ankala, Vinishaa Proactive Interference and Forgetting Spring 2011
93.   Clancy, Caitlan Antibiotic Resistance Spring 2011
94.   Clarke, Kayan Effectiveness of Commodity Distribution in Haiti Spring 2011
95.   Corona , Marlet Life Expectancy and Living with Cholesterol Spring 2011
96.   Davis, Brian Life Expectancy and Variables Spring 2011
97.   Fernandez, Brian Study of How Information is Gathered in the Brain Spring 2011
98.   Green, Cedric Mathematical Analysis on Genomic Evolution Spring 2011
99.   Lee, Samuel Study of Consciousness Spring 2011
100.   Liu, June Correlation Among Different Variables and Life Expectancy Spring 2011
101.   Mara, Janate Bacterial Genome Evolution into Human Population Growth and Expansion Spring 2011
102.   Martell, Stephanie Heart Rate in Rowers and Non-Rowers Spring 2011
103.   Obas, Jean Cholera Epidemic In Haiti Spring 2011
104.   Pemberton, Orville Mathematical Model of Vaccination Against Cholera Spring 2011
105.   Pina, Alejandro SIR Epidemology Model Spring 2011
106.   Samuels, Scott Cholera Outbreaks in Haiti Spring 2011
107.   Berkauzer, Alisha Effects of Age on Short Term Memory Loss Due to Proactive Interference Fall 2011
108.   Capostagno, Eric Curve Analysis of Shod vs Barefoot Running Fall 2011
109.   Halburian, Alexa Deciphering Accurate Dosage Amounts of Azithromycin for Pediatric Patients with Acute Otitis Media Fall 2011
110.   Hincapie, Cindy Proactive Interference Fall 2011
111.   Leon, Oscar Area of Third Molar (17) Fall 2011
112.   Loutfi, Danya Impact of Insecticide Resistance on Malaria Control Fall 2011
113.   Ranxha, Spiro Diverse Physiological and Environmental Means May Influence Life Expectancy of Different Species Fall 2011
114.   Abu Aouf, Nahla Cardiac Output Spring 2010
115.   Barat, Natasha Marital Status and Hospital Stay Spring 2010
116.   Burgess, Jessica Mathematical Relationship between Albumin Level and Average Braden Scores Spring 2010
117.   Davito, Peter ICU Stay vs. Overall Stay Spring 2010
118.   DiRenno, Jason Medicaid Transportation Analysis Spring 2010
119.   Etienne, Menocca Effects of Arrival Method on Hospital Length of Stay Spring 2010
120.   Huynh, Jimmy Formulating Relationship Between Age and Number of Patients Spring 2010
121.   Lee, Valerie Productivity of Nursing Paid Hours Spring 2010
122.   Nersian, Nikita Applied Calculus in the Emergency Room Spring 2010
123.   Rosales, Nelson Correlation with the Age of a Patient and Time of Stay Spring 2010
124.   Russell, Kaitlyn The Graphical Relationship Between Age and Braden Value Spring 2010
125.   Silva, Guadalupe Intensive Curve for the Intensive Care Unit Patients Spring 2010
126.   Trenkova, Violeta Approximating Hospital Stay Based on Race and Age Spring 2010
127.   Acharya, Shiva Comparing Human and Bacterial Genome Fall 2010
128.   Cook, Nanci Comparison between E. coli and Human Genomes Fall 2010
129.   Jahnke, Kelbe Dosimetry Calculations of Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine Fall 2010
130.   Kinsey, Allison Pharmacokinetics Fall 2010
131.   Kokkinakis, Nicholas Using the Mutation Rate of E. Coli to Predict Human Evolution Fall 2010
132.   McDougal, Brittney Determining the Half Life of Technetium through Nuclear Medicine Technology Fall 2010
133.   Metzen, Samuel Genetic Sequencing Fall 2010
134.   Nguyen, Thai Model for Total Number of Synapses in a Human Brain Fall 2010
135.   Perez, Gloria DNA Comparison Study: Comparison between the Human Genome and the Mouse Genome Fall 2010
136.   Tonjes, Emily Quantifying the Mind: Investigating Units of Memory Fall 2010
137.   Tu, Yaping Nerve Cell Deterioration Functions of Alzheimer’s Patient Fall 2010
138.   Cargo, Ryan Predictors of Patient Length of Stay Spring 2009
139.   Cook, David Decreasing Readmission for Heart Failure Patients Spring 2009
140.   Fisher, Melissa Correlation Signifigance between Various Nursing Unit Scores Spring 2009
141.   Garton, Gabriela Relationship Between Care Measures and Post Op Complications Spring 2009
142.   Jarvis, Sean The Effects of APR-DRG Classifications on Medicaid Patients Spring 2009
143.   Pastorius, Eugene Krogh-Erlang Tissue Cylinder Model for Capillary Diffusion Spring 2009
144.   Patel, Minal Patient Safety Culture Using Statistical Analysis Spring 2009
145.   Peesapati, Ratna Correlation between Age, Albumin, Braden, and Skin Integrity Spring 2009
146.   Rasmussen, Heather The Impact of Sepsis Protocol Variables on Patient Survival Spring 2009
147.   Stawkowski, Lawrence Demographic Characteristics of a Typical Fall Patient Spring 2009
148.   Tatum, Autumn Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Trends Spring 2009
149.   Vestal, Grant Transporting Patients Efficiently Spring 2009
150.   Cafiero, Juliana VAP Bundle Compliancy Fall 2009
151.   Cottrell, Benjamin Relationships to Mortality and Health Complications Fall 2009
152.   Cureton, Tyler Rapid Response Teams Fall 2009
153.   Flores, Carlos Percentage of Certified Nurses vs. Number of Pressure Ulcers Fall 2009
154.   Haider, Shaher-Baano Rate of Infection after Use of Pre-operative Antibiotics Fall 2009
155.   Kannan, Nitish Effects of Care and Comfort Rounds on Patient Satisfaction Scores Fall 2009
156.   Leandre, Sabrina Treatment times following a Canalith Repositioning Fall 2009
157.   Matar, Khaled Trends in Hospital Acquired DVT and PE Fall 2009
158.   Petroccelli, Kayra Impact of APCLs on the Frequency of Nosocimal Pressure Ulcers Fall 2009
159.   Pham, Nhan Statistical Analysis: ICU Tracker Patient Variables Fall 2009
160.   Rivera, Christian Strongest Predictors on a Patient's Length of Stay Fall 2009
161.   Sears, Jill Hospital Acquired Conditions in Uninsured Patients Fall 2009
162.   Shoben, Julian Hospital Acquired Conditions Fall 2009
163.   Sibal, Ed Hospital Readmission Rate Statistics Fall 2009
164.   Sison, Alyssa Team Member Satisfaction Scores vs. Patient Care Technician Fall 2009
165.   Webb, Erik Impact of Secondary Psychiatric Diagnosis on Length of Stay Fall 2009