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Time and Growth

by Foday Jaward


Submitted : Spring 2017

Bacteria encompasses everyday life, as it is a major component behind the existence of living beings. However, the importance of bacteria comes into play when it is harmful and/or hazardous to the community and the biodiversity surrounding it. In order to combat such hazardous bacteria, it is imperative to develop powerful antibiotics. And before producing antibiotics, it is essential to understand certain factors that hinder or promote bacterial growth. Therefore, the problem statement arises: with the assumption that extraneous variables are controlled, determine the impact of time regarding the rate of growth in a bacterial culture.


Through the utilization of logarithms and the exponential model, I can appropriately model the growth or decline of the bacterial population. In my estimation, the following results will indicate that time fluctuations play a significant role in the rate of bacterial growth. Furthermore, bacterial growth will begin to subside and plateau after a long duration of time compared to that of a short duration of time. These possible findings can be instrumental in medicinal advancements pertaining to treating infections and diseases. 

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Elicia Kimble, Anthropology
Suggested By :
Foday Jaward