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Using Calculus To Model Fish Growth

by Samantha Powers


Submitted : Spring 2017

This project focused on the application of calculus in a biological setting, centered on the von Bertalanffy growth function, which has been found to accurately describe the growth of many different fish species over a span of years. In this problem, using the set parameters for an Atlantic Chub Mackerel, the length of the fish two years after being born was found using the von Bertalanffy growth equation, L(t) = L∞ - (L∞ - L0)e-Kt. The result was 13.7 cm long after a time span of two years, which accurately coincided with the biology of the mackerel. The Atlantic Chub Mackerel grows rapidly in its first few years of life until reaching sexual maturity, upon which its growth rate decreases greatly.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Osovitz, Integrative Biology
Suggested By :
Samantha Powers