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Alternative Typing Learning Curves

by Marcel Kreuzer


Submitted : Spring 2017

Typing today is a part of many of people’s everyday lives. Many people do not have the capabilities for their hands to function properly and have difficulty typing. For example people with carpal tunnel, cerebral palsy, and even someone that are blind would have a hard time with a standard keyboard. In such cases, a standard keyboard would not be an effective way to type. There are many alternative ways to type, such as, voice recognition or many keyless keyboards. One example of a keyless keyboard is orbiTouch keyboard. It has no keys, only two knobs you place your hands on. With different motions of these knobs allows a person to type without having to key. The decision to be made is which alternative way of typing would be the most effective given a person’s condition and why it would be the most effective. 



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Peter McAlindon, Rollins College
Suggested By :
Peter McAlindon