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Aerodynamics: How do Airplanes Fly?

by Alexander Walker


Submitted : Fall 2016

After investigating the aerodynamics and history of flight, the four forces of flight will be shown in a free body diagram. The free body diagram of the airfoils illustrates Bernoulli’s Equation, and how lift is generated. The history of aerodynamics and airfoils is explained to supplement the significance of flying. Bernoulli’s Equation was then used to calculate the lift on the airfoil. In conjunction with the equal time transit approximation, Bernoulli’s Equation will show that increasing the length of the top surface will result in higher velocities, lower pressure; while, the lower surface results in lower velocities, higher pressure.

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Advisors :
David Milligan, Mathematics and Statistics
James Olliff, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Suggested By :
James Olliff