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Perpetuity Calculator

by Mohamed Yassin


Submitted : Spring 2016

I found a geometric series function that could easily be used with any generic programming language to calculate the net worth of all clients’ annuities from a excel database file (.csv). To find the formula I had to first write some of the first values of the series using hypothetical data, and then I simplified it algebraically, and converted the date into custom variables that I could use with any numbers. Once I had the simplified equation that could be expressed in a normal programming language, I used past experience with databases to convert each row into a separate client, and applied each equation to each client independently exporting the value and saving it to the database. I found the resulting program to be impressively fast and much more convenient than manually calculating each infinite series separately by hand. For this report, I used the programming language Java, but any generic language could be used with only simple syntax differences.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Michael O’Rourke, R&R Associates (Sarasota)
Suggested By :
Michael O’Rourke