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The Properties of a Vase

by Cameron Wallace


Submitted : Fall 2015

The vase used for this project had a shape where half way up the vase it protrudes inward and then begins to protrude back out again as it gets closer to the top. In order to get the measurements, the circumference of the vase and also the height were taken. By using the circumference, the radius was found. After taking the measurements, regression was performed twice in order to get a function for the bottom half of the vase and one for the top half. The volume and surface area for the bottom and top halves of the vase were then calculated and then added together to get the total volume and surface area.

           Based on the results, it can be said that the volume found was slightly less than the actual volume. One reason for why this could have happened could be because of rounding decimals.



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Advisors :
Kanakadurga Nallamshetty, Mathematics and Statistics
Jonathan Burns, MUG Specialist
Suggested By :
Jonathan Burns