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Estimating the maximum capillary spacing (RL) for which anoxic regions will not form

by Robert Tobar


Submitted : Spring 2015

The purpose of this project was to estimate a value of RL for which anoxic regions will not form. Anoxic regions will not form if r (radius from the venter of capillary) is greater than or equal to RL. This can be written as Rc ≤ r < RL. The strategy for estimating a maximum value of RL involved the use of integration and derivate to create a graph that be used to relate concentration of oxygen and radius of tissue, r. While creating a graph, different values for RL can be inserted to come up with a value that touches the x-axis. This value is represented as RL. The estimated value for RL was 23.7 µm, so r can be slightly less than that (23.6 µm) to allow a maximum capillary spacing RL for which anoxic regions will not form.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Ahmad Jafari, Physics
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell