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Converting Three VCG Component Signals

by Alexander Aguirre


Submitted : Spring 2015

One of the powerful tools that have been produced through the use of calculus is the Least Squares Method. It has allowed for many new innovations in engineering. One specific way it has helped is in the development of an integrated wireless Vectorcardiogram (iVCG) that will allow for cardiologists to monitor their patients’ hearts over a 24 hour period. The ones responsible for converting the iVCG signals to the orthogonal subset of the Electro Cardiogram (ECG) are Calvin A Perumalla, Thomas P. Ketterl, Gabriel E. Arrobo and Richard D. Gitlin. The issue they encountered was that the standard ECG utilizes a 12 lead system while the iVCG utilizes a 3 lead system. The way they decided to solve this problem was to utilize the least squares method to help transform the three lead system of the iVCG to that of a three lead subset of the original ECG and compare if the data that is derived from the iVCG is the same as the ECG(Permulla, Ketterl, Arrobo, Gitlin). This was only possible because there was a linear transformation between the 3-component VCG and the 12-component ECG (Permulla, Ketterl, Arrobo, Gitlin).Their future plans include utilizing the same method to help generate the same results for all 12 leads from the iVCG. 



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Daniel Capecci, Electrical Engineering
Suggested By :
Daniel Capecci