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Observing Survival Rates of the Quarantine Process in Aquarium Fish

by Caitlin Sanders


Submitted : Fall 2014

The primary goal of this project is to observe the negative impacts of the quarantine process in comparison to the benefits it provides. In this report, the average mortality rate of a quarantine tank system is determined by observing the number of deaths over a 41 day period using the expected value equation. The calculations show that the average number of mortalities on any given day is. This low value illustrates how the positive impacts of quarantine on fish for the treatment of infections are not offset by the number of deaths that occur over the 41 day period of isolation and treatment. The data also showed that certain species proved to be more likely to experience mortalities than others and that the highest number of deaths occurred at the start of the quarantine period raising questions on the significance of the state of individuals going into the quarantine system on their overall survivability.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Cristy Barrett, Animal Health & Husbandry at The Florida Aquarium
Suggested By :
Caitlin Sanders