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Global Warming Impact on Alligator Population

by Alyssa Alers


Submitted : Fall 2014

In order to predict the alligator harvest for 2014, I used the 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation alligator harvest summary. I calculated the population by taking into account the number of alligators in the breeding age population, percent of female breeding alligators, percent of breeding age females that nest, eggs per clutch and the hatch rate of wild eggs. The number of hatchlings calculated was less than the 2013 alligator harvest summary. The number of female alligators is decreasing therefore the population will keep diminishing. Global warming is causing temperatures to increase causing a decline in the female alligator population because alligators base the sex of the hatchlings on temperature. Therefore harvesting alligator eggs is vital to maintain the alligator population. 



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Brittany Sears, Integrative Biology
Suggested By :
Shayna Smeltzer