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Smart Headphones

by Heather Woodyard


Submitted : Fall 2014

Our goal is to make a pair of “smart headphones” for individuals with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Using data from the right and left ear found on an audiogram, an area of deficit can be calculated using integral calculus. When sound waves fall into the area of deficit the “smart headphones” can make adjustments as necessary, like increasing volume (decibels) or frequency (pitch) depending on each individual’s loss.  These headphones are not intended to replace hearing aids, they are meant for listening to music or perhaps a lecture on TV or the internet. They are intended for enjoyment purposes only.  Our conclusion is that calculating an area between functions that represent a loss in each ear would enable the “smart headphones” to make adjustments to improve each individual’s listening experience.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Alex Ault, E.A. Sports
Samantha Thomas, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Suggested By :
Samantha Thomas