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Thrust of a Rocket

by Renato Paoli


Submitted : Fall 2014

After determining that the proper equation to start with was Newton’s second law of motion the equation was generalized and manipulated until it could provide the proper variables to create the thrust equation. After the thrust equation had been constructed, it was applied to the calculation for thrust of the Orion service capsule that was attached to the Delta IV Heavy rocket. After calculating for the thrust it was clear that there was a considerable amount of error. Although there was error, the number was not completely unreasonable so the number was only inaccurate due to rounding errors and estimation errors in the given values. Despite the error, it was still clear that even in upper-level engineering, such as rocket science, basic physics principles and calculus tools are used every day to solve for variables like rocket thrust. By proving that the basics are used at high levels, the objective was met.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Zhimin Shi, Physics
Suggested By :
Zhimin Shi