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A Different Grading Method

by Angbeen Moghal


Submitted : Fall 2013

The item response theory studies the ability of students and their likelihood to achieve or answer a test question correctly. Using item response theory you get a s shaped curve where the x axis represents the ability of the students and the y axis is a representation of the probability of a correct response of a given question. This could then be used to determine how many points that question should be worth. For example, questions that have a lower probability of being answered correctly are more difficult thus should be worth more points and questions that have a higher probability of being answered are more easier and thus should be worth a less number of points than those questions that are perceived to be harder. We can find the rate of change at a given by using derivatives and tangent lines to better assess how the question should be scored.



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Advisors :
David Kephart, Mathematics and Statistics
George MacDonald, USF: David C Anchin Center
Suggested By :
George MacDonald