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Future of America‘s Electricity Use

by Shelby Mireles


Submitted : Spring 2013

As Americans grow as a nation and prosper from our electrical innovations, so does our use electricity to fire up our new lifestyles. From the ever evolving electric car industry, from new home appliances we get, to the new smart phones we use every day, we use electricity 24/7. Even with the greener technologies being invented our electricity use has drastically increased in the past 6 decades thanks to technology.

The world does not possess an abundance of Non-renewable fossil fuels to generate our ever expanding nation and renewable energy is not progressing at a fast enough paces. So the purpose of my project is to use several distribution functions to diagram out the use of our different resources and try to predict their future contribution to society. In my findings I have learned that even though the United States is shying away from fossil fuel use, they are not progressing fast enough in renewable energy use to replace fossil fuels.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Metzger, Geography
Suggested By :
Shelby Mireles
Future of America‘s Electricity Use