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Computer Simulation/Modeling: Dam Design

by Michael Hamant


Submitted : Fall 2010


For my project I had to calculate many different factors that are considered to make sure that a dam proposed to be built will be durable.  I had to calculate the pressure at the bottom of the reservoir, the net horizontal force on the dam by the water dam, the dimensions of the dam, as well as the factor of safety against sliding. The pressure is 2.94*10^6 Pa and the force of the water on the dam is 1.1*10^11N. Using this information I calculated the base thickness of the dam to be 837.85m and the dam had a factor of safety against sliding to be 3.92.

            After making these calculations different factors were proposed to me for which I had to account for. I had to recalculate the base thickness with a new given factor of safety against sliding. Given a factor of safety against sliding to be 2, I calculated the new base thickness to be 1670.99m. I also had to calculate new dimensions of the dam which had to withstand a terrorist attack of 4*10^12N as well as the force exerted by the water. I calculated the dimensions to be a top thickness of 111.54m, bottom thickness of 32155.2m, a height of 300m, and a width of 250m.




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Advisors :
Fernando Burgos, Mathematics and Statistics
Mayur Palankar, Computer Science & Engineering
Suggested By :
Mayur Palankar