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Work Performed by an Engine

by Brian Vazquez


Submitted : Fall 2010

Using the pressure vs. volume diagram of a small 2-cycle engine, we are able to calculate the peak effective power output of a given engine.  In this report I will discuss the calculations for interpreting the data from a pressure vs. volume diagram from a 2-cycle engine, and I will be using calculus to do this.  Conclusions that I have drawn from this project is that power is increased with lower volumes and higher pressures at high rates of speed.  Small engines can make a considerable amount of maximum power if the compression ratio is sufficiently high enough, and the engine cycle is moving fast enough. The engine that I will be working with is a 3.45829 cubic centimeter displacement, single cylinder engine moving at 18000 revolutions per minute, with a compression ratio of 15:1.



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Advisors :
Thomas Bieske, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell