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Science Simulation Project

by Jeffrey Miller


Submitted : Fall 2010

     With the growth of Computer Engineering simulation programs have been developed allowing for scientists to predict possible results of very expensive experiments such as space travel. Through simulation the conditions a space shuttle must undergo in order to land on a planet can be found if certain variables are known. Simulation was used in this project allowing the descent time and final velocity of the fall to be found. The given information was that the mass of the planet was 48 * 1024 Kg, the Mean Radius was 10,000 Km and the mass of the space shuttle was 1,500 Kg. Galileo’s equations were used in order to calculate position and velocity and the topics of drag force and terminal velocity were applied when the conditions of density and temperature varied.



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Advisors :
Thomas Bieske, Mathematics and Statistics
Mayur Palankar, Computer Science & Engineering
Suggested By :
Mayur Palankar