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Applications of Calculus in Computer Science

by Daniel Barrientos


Submitted : Spring 2015

My projects goal was to find out how you can use calculus practically with a computer science degree. I was able to find out through research that you can use calculus to analyze algorithms in computer systems. I did this by using limits to compare two algorithms rate of growth and in turn find which algorithm was faster by finding the one with the smaller rate of growth. For lots of algorithm in computer science they use logarithmic functions so I had to use L’Hopital’s Rule in order to compare the derivatives of the algorithms. After that I was able to compare the limits and figure out which algorithm was faster.


            Being able to find out the speed of algorithms is important to programmers because knowing the speed of the algorithm can be important in making major business decisions. For example, if you’re a programmer that runs a computer system for a company and your boss comes and informs you that the company just bought out a major competitor and asks you if the system will be able to handle the influx of extra transactions. You can use algorithm analysis in order to find out how fast the system is and answer your bosses question. 



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Philip Fullone, Information Technology and Services
Suggested By :
Daniel Barrientos