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Wood Materials Used for Construction of a Hardwood Dining Table

by Michael Vascimini


Submitted : Spring 2015

Any custom furniture or cabinetry that is developed at my father’s woodworking shop first goes through a designing stage. This stage consists of four steps. First, a draftsman draw the item requested by a customer. Then the customer views the drawing and either agrees or makes adjustments to the original drawing. After the customer is satisfied with the design, a contract is signed. Finally, the cabinetmaker figures the materials needed for the job. The goal of this project is to find the volume and surface area of a predesigned hardwood dining table to obtain the quantity of wood and finishing materials needed to construct the table. The volume of wood in the table was found by using the disk method and washer method. The amount of finishing materials needed was found by using arc length and surface of revolutions. These methods gave a very precise measurement of finishing materials needed and the amount of wood that was used to make the table.



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Advisors :
Catherine Beneteau, Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Vascimini Sr., Vascimini Woodworking
Suggested By :
Michael Vascimini Sr.