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Colored Television Made Possible due to Mathematics through the use of Fourier Series

by Dominic Apugliese


Submitted : Fall 2014

The motivation of this project is to find an answer to the proposed question how a Fourier series creates the opportunity for colored television to exist. The television is important to society because it creates a source of news, entertainment, and globalization, which is important to both science and engineering.  Back in the 1960’s, a popular problem with switching from black and white television to colored was the bandwidth. People believed that the bandwidth had been all used up, but through the use of Fourier series they found out that the six MHz bandwidth had not been completely used. This project will show how the Fourier series made colored television possible as we know it today.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Paris Wiley, Electrical Engineering
Suggested By :
Paris Wiley