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Spring 2013 (current)

♠ PHZ 5405: Solid State Physics I

Overall Course Objective:  To understand fundamental properties about solid materials. Topics covered include Crystal structure, x-ray and electron diffraction, mechanical and thermal properties of solids, electrical and magnetic properties of metals, band theory of metals, insulators, and semiconductors. This course is the prerequisite for Solid State Physics (II) (PHZ 6426) and Topics in Material Physics (PHY 6938).

Course prerequisites:

1). Quantum mechanics, 2) Thermodynamics; 3) Statistical mechanics/intro to quantum statistics; 4). Electromagnetism (I)/optics; 5). Mathematical method for undergraduate

For students whose undergraduate major is non-physics, the minimum requirement is two semesters of physical chemistry; or modern physics, thermodynamics for engineers and intro to quantum mechanics, and statistics.

Class time: 12:55pm to 2:10pm, WF

Classroom: ISA 4010


Fall 2012

♠ PHY 4424: Optics (3 credits)

Prerequisite: PHY 2049 or equivalent; CR: PHY 3101. Experiments in modern physics, including the areas of atomic, nuclear, solid state and wave phenomena.

Textbook: Introduction to Optics (3rd edition) by Frank L. Pedrotti, publisher: Person Addison Wesley

Schedule: TR 11:00am to 12:15pm

Classroom: ISA 3048

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