COP 4313 Symbolic Computations in Mathematics -- Fall 2000

Final Exam

Course Meets: TR 6:00PM - 7:15 PM in SCA 216
Prerequisites: ALL of the following courses are REQUIRED prerequisites :MAS 3105 Linear Algebra, MAP 2302 Differential Equations, MGF 3301 Bridge to Abstract Mathematics, MAC 2283 Eng Calculus III or MAC 2313 Calculus III.
Instructor: W. Edwin Clark
Office: PHY 326 A
Email: ( I read my email frequently.)
(This information will be on my homepage in case you lose it. You may also go there if you are curious about my research and academic genealogy.)
Office Hours: TR 2:30-3:20 and 5:00-5:50. (Also, immediately after class or by appointment.)
TextbookThere will be no textbook. Notes of all lectures will be distributed in class or electronically.  Maple has extensive documentation and examples of use built in to the program. Instructions will be given on how to access this information.

See Maple Links on my home page for information about Maple access at USF, a special deal for purchase of the program, and numerous other sources of information on the internet.

Homework, Quizzes, Exams, Course Grades:

   1. Homework Assignments:  (40%)  Assignments will be due at the beginning of class on the due date.  If an assignment is x days late ceil(x)*10% will be deducted.  Discussion of the homework between students is  permitted;  however copying another student's work is not permitted.  University rules will be enforced.  It is a university policy that copying of computer programs and presenting them as one's own merits an F in the course.
   2. Tuesday Quizzes: (20%) On each Tuesday, unless there is a holiday or exam, a quiz will be given at the beginning of class. The quizzes will cover topics covered in previous lectures. Usually, but not always, they will concentrate on the lecture of the previous week. There will be no makeups for student who are late or fail to take a quiz. However, I will drop the lowest  2 quiz grades .
   3. MidTerm Exam: (20%) Tuesday, October 17.
   4. Final Exam: (20%) Thursday, December 14, 6:00-8:00 PM.

COURSE GRADES: Your course grade will be based on the weighted average of the grades on the Homework, Tuesday Quizzes, MidTerm and Final.  I will use the following scale to assign plus/minus letter grades

98-100 = A+, 93-97 = A, 90-92 = A-,
88-89 = B+, 83-87= B, 80-82 = B-,
78-79 = C+, 73-77 = C, 70-72=C-,
68-69 = D+, 63-67 = D, 60-62 = D-,
0-59 = F.

Class Mailing List:

It is important for students to have email accounts from USF or a private Internet Service Provider and as soon as possible join the class mailing list,  SymComp.  To join the mailing list send the following message to (Put your own first name and last name in the places indicated):

subscribe SymComp  Firstname  Lastname

You may leave the subject line blank or just put a dash if a subject line is required. To send a question to the list after you are subscribed use the address:

I will use this mailing list to communicate with the class so it is very important that you subscribe as soon as possible AND read your email frequently.

Obtaining a USF e-mail/internet account: The proper place to go (bring a picture ID): depends on which college you are currently in: College of Engineering: College of Engineering Computing (ENB 118) Arts and Sciences Graduate Program: College of Arts and Sciences Computing (SCA 210) College of Medicine (any branch): Medicine Computing/Info. Services (MDC 51) ALL OTHERS (including if you are not in a college yet): Academic Computing Help Desk (LIB 608)

Technical Support for connecting from home, using email, general computing problems may be obtained from the Help Desk, in LIB 610a on the 6th floor of the library.

For more help getting email go to Help@Academic Computing whose URL is

Thanksgiving Holiday: Thursday and Friday,  Nov. 23 and 24.

The last day of classes is Friday,  December 8 , 2000.

Below are links to the lectures in this class: To open using a Mac with Netscape:  hold down on the mouse when you click on the link and select save file as text.  Then you will be able to open the saved file from within Maple V or Maple 6. The same method (more or less) works with Unix or PC's except it may require a right click.  And a similar method works with Internet Explorer.
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Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Lecture 7
Lecture 8 (a)
Lecture 8 (b)
Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Lecture 11
Lecture 12  [end of course~]