From: Jan Willem Nienhuys (
Subject: Natural numbers start with 2.
Newsgroups: sci.math
Date: 1993-04-14 06:44:33 PST

The natural numbers start with 2 (TWO).  The name "counting numbers" make that clear.  If there's only one item of a certain kind, one doesn't start counting.

Moreover, for most mathematicians, counting stops at two as well, as anything larger than 1 is denoted by `n', which is synonymous with `many, I don't care how many'.

Consequently, 3 must be supposed to be infinity.  The symbol for infinity is two 3's on top of each other.  This explains the mystery of Trinity.

I hope this simple solution will stop the silly discussions about 0 being a natural number. My hope will be in vain, I know.