(August 30, 2002)

The Student Edition of Maple 8 can be purchased from the University of South Florida Bookstore for  $129. This is the full version of Maple 8 and has not been limited in any way. It is a great bargain. The undiscounted price is over $1000. The Student Edition can only be licensed to full-time, registered students. So you may be required to show student ID when you purchase it. The program comes on a CD which contains versions for Windows (95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP) and Linux. The Macintosh version of Maple 8 is not available yet. (August 30, 2002). Go to

Maple 8 System Requirements

for more details about systems requirements. You may also purchase a copy directly from the online purchasing site

Maplesoft Sales for Maple 8

Go to

The Maple 8 Student Center

for information about Maple 8. This includes links to free tutorials and worksheets.  If you scroll to the bottom of that webpage you will find download links for

The Maple 8 Getting Started Guide


The Maple 8 Learning Guide.

These books are not necessary for my course Symbolic Computations in Mathematics. The lectures in the form of Maple worksheets will be self-contained and will be made available free of charge.