Curriculum Vitae

General Data:

Name: William Edwin Clark

Initial Date of USF Employment/Rank: September, 1970/Professor

Present Rank (effective date): Professor Emeritus (May, 2003)

Tenured (effective date): September, 1972

Department: Mathematics


Sam Houston State University, Mathematics, B.S., 1960

Tulane University, Mathematics, Ph.D., 1964


Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida, 2003-present
Professor, University of South Florida, 1970-2003

Associate Professor, University of Florida, 1968-1970

Assistant Professor, University of Florida, 1965-1968

Postdoctoral Fellow, CalTech, 1964-1965

Military Service, U. S. Army (Japanese Interpreter), 9/53-6/57

Honors, Awards:

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (1960-1961)

Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (CalTech 1964-1965)

Teaching Award (TIP) from USF 1996

Professional Organizations:

American Mathematical Society

Mathematical Association of America

Institute for Combinatorics and Its Applications

Research Publications: (All Refereed Journals)

1. Affine Semigroups over an arbitrary field, Proc. Glasgow Math. Assoc., 7 (1965), pp. 80-92.

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3. Weakly semi-simple finite dimensional algebras, Can. J. Math., Vol. 18, (1966), pp. 433-442.

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21. Equidistant cyclic codes over GF(q), Discrete Math. 17, (1977), 139-141.

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25. Cyclic codes over GF(q) with simple orbit structure, Discrete Mathematics, 60 (1986), pp. 1-14.

26. Remarks on the Sharma-Kaushik metrics for error-control codes (with Gur Dial), Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences, vol 13, Nos 3-4, 1988, pp. 74-78.

27. The construction of some bit and byte error control codes using partial Steiner systems ( with L. Dunning and D. Rogers). IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IT-36, Nov. 1989, pp. 1305-1310.

28. Prime cyclic arithmetic codes and the distribution of power residues (with L. Lewis). Journal of Number Theory, June 1989, pp. 220-225.

29. Binary set functions and parity check matrices (with L. Dunning and D. Rogers), Discrete Mathematics, 80, 1990, pp. 249-265.

30. Blocking sets in finite projective spaces and uneven binary codes, Discrete Mathematics 94, 1991, pp. 65-68.

31. Partial partitions of vector spaces arising from the construction of byte error control codes (with L. Dunning), Ars Combinatoria 33, 1992, pp. 161-177.

32. On the complexity of deadlock free programs on a ring of processors (with W. R. Stark and G. L. McColm), Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 16, 1992, pp. 67-71.

33. Bounds on a class of partial partitions of a vector space over GF(2): A graph theoretical approach, Linear and Multilinear Algebra 32, 1992, pp. 225-235.

34. Matching subspaces to complements in finite vector spaces, Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, 6, 1992, pp. 33-38.

35. Sum-free sets in vector spaces over GF(2). (with John Pedersen), Journal of Combinatorics (Series A) 61, 1992, pp. 222-229

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52. An Inequality Related to Vizing's Conjecture, with Stephen Suen, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 7 (1), (2000) N4.

53. Tight Upper Bounds for the Domination Numbers of Graphs with Given Order and Minimum Degree, II, with Larry Dunning and Stephen Suen, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics Volume 7 (1), 2000, R58

54. Inequalities Involving Gamma and Psi Functions, with Mourad Ismail, Analysis and Applications, Volume 1, Number 1, January 2003, 129--140.

55. Application of Upper and Lower Bounds for the DominationNumber to Vizing's Conjecture , (with Mourad Ismail and StephenSuen),  Ars Combinatoria  69 (2003), 97-108.
More Recent Publications

Grants and Contracts

NSF research grant (GP-7623) entitled: "Algebras of finite global dimension" (1967-69)

USF release time grant (1973)

NSF research grant (ENG 77-00436) entitled: "Algebraic coding over Euclidean domains" with J.J. Liang (1977-1978)

Department of Defense (National Security Agency), Special Assignment, 8-96-9-97.

Doctoral Dissertations Directed:

C. K. Martin, Distinguished rings of linear transformations,
University of Florida, 1966.

J. M. Kellet, A torsion theory for modules,
University of Florida,1968.

W. T. Spears, On categories of diagrams,
University of Florida, 1968.

B. P. Brooks, Jr., Co-rings in the category of rings,
University of Florida,1970.

S. J. Maxwell, Certain well-factored categories,
University of Florida, 1970.

T. Y. Chang, Domination numbers of grid graphs,
University of South Florida, 1992.

M. Q. Rieck, M, Pseudo-orthogonal complementary subspaces and hyperbolic partner subgraphs,
University of South Florida, 1996.

Masters Thesis Directed:

K. L. Moss, The category of rings,
University of Florida, 1969.

Jean M. Dickson, Perfect Dominating Sets in Graphs of Tilings,
University of South Florida, 1993

List of Courses and Seminars Taught at USF

Regular Courses:

Abstract Algebra for Teachers
Abstract Algebra I and II
Advanced Calculus I and II
Algebraic Automata Theory
Algebraic Coding Theory
Applied Matrix Theory
Calculus (Elementary, Engineering and Regular)
Combinatorics I and II
Differential Equations
Discrete Mathematics
Elementary Abstract Algebra
Elementary Linear Algebra
Elementary Number Theory
Graph Theory
Majors and Honors Seminars
Number Theory
Set Theory
Symbolic Computations in Mathematics

Special Topics:

Applications of Linear Algebra to Combinatorics
Applied Number Theory
Catastrophe Theory
Clifford and Grassman Algebras
Combinatorics of Finite Sets
Concrete Mathematics
Finite Metric Spaces
Introduction to Combinatorics
Introduction to Maple
Linear Algebra Over Finite Fields
Special Relativity
Tensor Analysis on Manifolds
Tensor Geometry


Artificial Intelligence
Algebraic Coding Theory
Uniform Subset Graphs and Their q-Analogs