A Collection of Reviews of ANKOS
and Links to Related Work

Below you will find links to more reviews than you will care to read of Stephen Wolfram's book A New Kind of Science and links to some related articles.

SOME HISTORY AND RELATED LINKS.   Who first had the idea that the universe is a cellular automaton? Konrad Zuse? Edward Fredkin? Certainly not Stephen Wolfram.

After reading the book you may appreciate some related HUMOR.

Skeptics on Wolfram at Caltech  This is a usenet posting on talk.orgins of a story to appear in e-Skeptic. It includes summaries of a talk by Wolfram at Caltech and Q&A after the talk by David Naiditch and Michael Gilmore's.

You may also want to know more about the LEGAL ACTION taken by Wolfram regarding the proof by Matthew Cook of the universality of the rule 110 cellular automaton.

The Reviews

The reviews are in neither chronological nor alphabetical order.  However, you may use your browser's Find mechanism to locate reviews by author or publication on this page. If you know of any substantive reviews that are not on this list please let me know. W. Edwin Clark eclark@math.usf.edu

Review by Yves Pomeau taken from MathSciNet ( MR1920418 (2003i:37002))


A Note on Minimal Boolean Formula Size of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata by Evangelos Georgiadis (Journal of Cellular Automata, Volume 4, Number 2, 2007 ) This paper disproves 44 claims in ANKOS.

A Rare Blend of Monster Raving Egomania and Utter Batshit Insanity by Cosma Shalizi 21 October 2005

Comments on a review of NKS Unlike most of the reviews below this is a defense of the book written by
Kovas Boguta, Wolfram Science Group, in the NKS Forum .

Review of A New Kind of Science
by Rudy Rucker, American Mathematical Monthly, November 2002,  851-861.
(This will be available also at the MAA Book Reviews Site eventually.)

In Search of a Scientific Revolution
Controversial genius Stephen Wolfram presses onward
by Peter Weiss Science News Online, Aug.16,2003.

A Thirty-five Year Old Kind of Science
by  Juergen Schmidhuber, based on a letter to Intl. Journal of High-Energy Physics, vol 43:5, June 2003.

A Mathematician Looks at Wolfram's New Kind of Science
by Lawrence Gray, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, February 2003.

A Reclusive Kind of Science
by David H. Bailey, to appear in Computing in Science and Engineering.

Critical Review of  "A New Kind of Science" and Notes on "A New Kind of Science"
by David Drysdale

The World According to Wolfram
by Brian Hayes , American Scientist, July-August, 2002

Book Review: 'A New Kind of Science' (original PDF) (latest version PS)
by Scott Aaronson to appear in Quantum Information and Computation, September, 2002.

Book Review: "A New Kind of Science"
by Ray Girvan, Scientific Computing World, August 2002.

A New Kind of Science?
by Leo P. Kadanoff , arXiv.org e-Print archive, May 30, 2002
Essentially the same review appears In PhysicsToday.org

A revolution or self-indulgent hype-The Daily Telegraph May 2002 : comments by Michael Berry, John Ellis and David Deutsch

A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram
by Henry Cohn, The Mathematical Association of America Online book review column

Review of Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science,
by John Kadvany, Foundations of Mathematics Mailing List, June 5, 2002

Reflections on Stephen Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science"
by Ray Kurzweil, KurzweilAI.net

Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science -- A Complexity Scientist's Reaction
by Ben Goertzel, Dynamical Psychology, 2002

Haven't I seen that pattern before...? (trial subscription needed to view)
by Philip Anderson, The Times Higher Education Supplement, July 3, 2002

Review of A New Kind of Science (PDF)
by Steven G. Krantz, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society,  Vol. 40, Number 1, 2003.

Is the Universe a Universal Computer
by Melanie Mitchell, Science Magazine, October 4, 2002.

Review of A New Kind of Science (postscript file)
by Hassan Masum ACM SIGACT NEWS, December 2002.

Is the Universe a Computer?
by Steven Weinberg, The New York Review of Books, October 24, 2002

Blinded by Science Explaining the media's obsession with Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science.
By Jordan Ellenberg, SlateTuesday, July 2, 2002

Life, the Universe and a Game of Chequers
By Philip Ball, The Guardian, July 13 2002

The Science of Everything
By Michael J. Behe, First Things 127 (November 2002)

A New Kind of Science
By Tom Georgoulias,  frontwheeldrive.com

How the cheetah got his spots
By Chris Lavers, The Guardian, August 2, 2002

Interview with Stephen Wolfram on A New Kind of Science (inReal Audio)
By Joe Palca , NPR's Science Friday, July 5, 2002.

The Book of Revelation (viewable via temporary free subscription)
By Robert Matthews, New Scientist, July 6, 2002

What kind of science is this?  (apparently a subscription is required)
by Jim Giles, Nature 417, 216 - 218 (2002)

Science is a computer program (apparently a subscription is required)
by John L. Casti, Nature 417, 381 - 382 (2002)

Not Quite Copernicus
by John Derbyshire, National Review, September 16, 2002

Copyright & Wolfram's A New Kind of Science
by Kelly Truelove, O'Reilly Network Weblogs, June 4, 2002

Stephen Wolfram's Science
by Greg Egan,  Greg Egan's Home Page, July 23, 2002

Cosmic Computer -- New Philosophy to Explain the Universe
by Keay Davidson San Francisco Chronicle, July 1, 2002.

Wolfram and logic/foundations of mathematics -- discussion on the mailing list FOM (Foundations of Mathematics) for more threads on this topic in FOM go to query = Wolfram

The Man Who Cracked The Code to Everything ... But first it cracked him. The inside story of how Stephen Wolfram went from boy genius to recluse to science renegade -- not a review, but a lengthy article on Wolfram and NKS by Steven Levy, Wired,June 10, 2002

God, Stephen Wolfram, and Everything Else
by Michael S. Malone, Forbes ASAP, November 27, 2000 (Not a review, but an account of a mysterious middle of the night meeting with Wolfram while he was writing the book.)

Barnes & Noble's Customer Reviews

Amazon.com's Customer Reviews

Slashdot Discussion of A New Kind of Science, May 21, 2002

The Big Rewrite--Stephen Wolfram explains everything but the perfect cappuccino
by Margaret Werthheim, LA Weekly, June 7-13, 2002.

Stephen Wolfram's Simple Science by Michael Arndt, BusinessWeekOnline, May 17, 2002

Is this man bigger than Newton and Darwin?
British physicist Stephen Wolfram tells Graham Farmelo why his new book, already number one on Amazon.com, will revolutionise science, Connected telegraph.co.uk, May 15, 2002.

A Man Who Would Shake Up Science,
by Edward Rothstein, NYTimes, May 11, 2002

A New Kind of Science: You Know That Space-Time Thing? Never Mind
by George Johnson, NY Times, June 9, 2002.

Did This Man Just Rewrite Science?
by Dennis Overbye, NY Times,  June 11, 2002

What's So New in a Newfangled Science?
by George Johnson, NY Times, June 16, 2002

Questions for Stephen Wolfram -- Complexity Made Simple
by Loch Adamson, NY Times, July 7, 2002

The science of everything: The emperor's new theory: A self-published book is being touted as the greatest step since Newton. Is it?,  The Economist print edition, May 30th 2002

The next Newton? Recluse, maverick physicist and Mathematica developer Stephen Wolfram claims to have revolutionized science with his new, computer-based theories.
by David Appell in Salon.com, May 15, 2002

A challenging view of the universe--Scientist's tome draws notice, critics.
by Gareth Cook, The Boston Globe, June 19, 2002

The Code of the Cosmos --A genius to some, a crackpot to others.
by Charles Piller, latimes.com, July 9, 2002