Email: Sergey Lisenkov
(813) 396-9220
ISA 5103
Mailing address:

           Department of Physics
           4202 E. Fowler Ave,
           University of South Florida,
           Tampa, FL 33620

    I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at University of South Florida, Tampa.

    My research activity focuses on the development and application of first-principles (based on Density Functional Theory) and atomistic computational techniques to model, predict and control the physical properties of various materials. Our activity encompasses a broad range of different systems and applications, mainly based on ferroelectric and multiferroic compounds and III-V group semiconductors.

    The aim of our work is to build the necessary knowledge to tune and optimize their performance through appropriate design. Systems of interest include graphene nanoribbons (GNR), perovskite oxides, multiferroic materials, ferroelectric superlattices, thin films, nanodots, nanowires and nanotubes. A brief description of the main projects presently under development in my group is provided in the Research section.