Thomas Sanocki, PhD

We like to explore the edges of our knowledge, gradually (!).


Sanocki Lab

My lab benefits from the effort and learning of many students. We have openings for a number of students, from basic lab assistants to students wanting to design and conduct their own research (within our broad interests). Contact me if interested! TS


I received an excellent public education which I am thankful for. As an undergrad at Northern Michigan University (NMU), I was given the opportunity to design and conduct research and found interaction between vision and mind, within the problem of how people read. Thanks to a great advisor (Greg Oden), I was able to study reading, from letter perception to comprehension (among other things), at the U. of Wisconsin (UW); another excellent program. I was given a job and a lab in the once-growing economy of Florida (USF). Thanks to inexpensive computers, I examined how the mind perceives objects and scenes, with the wonderful help of many students. Thanks to tenure I can continue to expand my basic research while applying knowledge to do good — e.g., teaching children to read and trying to design our world for humans.