Practice Datasets For Readers of SAS Programming For Researchers and Social Scientists


You can download the practice datasets by clicking on the links. You may have to hold down the shift key while clicking to initiate the download. Some browsers add hidden end of line characters to datasets, so it is best to read these with a fixed format. The hidden characters will not show up with all text editors. There are additional datasets in the assignments from the online SAS course.


Employee Turnover


Source: Spector, P. E., Dwyer, D. J., & Jex, S. M. (1988). Relation of job stressors to affective, health, and performance outcomes: A comparison of multiple data sources. Journal of Applied Psychology, 73, 11-19.


This is the example dataset used in Chapter 9. It contains data from 156 university clerical employees about their job attitudes and turnover. A survey was conducted among clerical employees at time 1. Approximately 1 year later the university directory was used to determine who had quit the job.


Columns in data set




ID number

Cases numbered 1 to 156.


3 items for work frustration scale, one digit each

Three item work frustration scale. Total score is sum of items.


3 items for job satisfaction scale, one digit each

Three item job satisfaction frustration scale. Total score is sum of items.


Intent to quit

1 to 6 scale with high numbers indicating high intention to quit the job



1 = person quit the job within a year of the original survey. 0 = didnít quit.



In years


Tenure on the job

In months


Note: Items 1, 3, and 4 must be reverse scored. The frustration and job satisfaction scales were 6-point, so these items must be subtracted from 7. See chapter 7 for a discussion of reverse scoring.


California Crime Statistics


Source: FBI website:


File: califcrime.csv


This dataset contains 1999 crime statistics for all cities with populations of 10,000 and more in California. The file is a comma delimiter format, which is a text file with commas placed between each variable. Below is a list of the variables in order.


City name


Crime index (All crimes except arson)

Total crime index (All crimes including arson)

Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter

Forcible rape


Aggravated assault



Motor vehicle theft



Note: This file requires list input in SAS as explained on pp. 38-39 of SAS Programming For Researchers and Social Scientists 2nd ed.