The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is a national resource containing information about the workplace. Much of it is of interest to I/O psychologists and students, as well as to people in a variety of fields. For example, there is information about m any topics covered in your textbook, including absence (chapter 10), accidents (chapter 11), pay (chapter 10), training (chapter 7), and work schedules (chapter 11). It also has information about careers, which is a valuable resource to students contempla ting the future. Of course the bureau has a website.

1. Go to the links page and go to US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Browse the site and see what topics are covered.

3. Be sure and go to Surveys and Programs. You will find a list of reports, which are a gold mine of information about the US workforce.

4. Choose a topic and prepare a written report about it. Use your textbook for background information about the topic.

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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