As we discuss in Chapter 11 of the textbook, accidents and injuries at work can be a major problem for both employees and employers. It is one area where the interests of employee well-being and organizational efficiency come together. The US gover nment keeps track of accident statistics, which can be found on the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It helps the government in its efforts to encourage safety. The US Occupational Health and Safety Administration is charged with overseeing this effort. A visit to their website might prove interesting. There is a link on the links page.

1. Read the section of your textbook on accidents in Chapter 11.

2. Go to the links page and go to US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Go to Surveys and Programs. You will find a list of reports, which are a gold mine of information about the US workforce.

4. Find reports on both fatal and nonfatal accidents, and see what's here.

5. Decide what aspects of this topic you wish to cover, and write a report about it. Obviously with all of this information, you cannot cover everything. You must compare and contrast these two types of accidents, fatal and nonfatal. Things you might i nclude are comparisons according to characteristics of victims and of their organizations.

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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